Medifast PB2 Ideas?????

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Finally got my PB2 in this week and it is as awesome as everyone said! Thanks to all of you!! I had a chocolate peanut butter shake that was just to die for. Yumm!!! But what are some other ideas for using the PB2? I'm sure there are many and I can't wait to branch out.

I tried to do a search for "PB2" and I keep getting no results. Not sure why because I know there must be a lot of ideas out there. Thanks everyone!..

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Before I even thought of going on Medifast, I ordered some powdered peanut butter, it is pretty good stuff and I usually just mix it into my protein shakes. I imagine I will continue mixing it into my Medifast shakes..

I have a question though, how many calories is PB2? The stuff I bought is just defatted peanut butter and it is 33 calories per TBSP...

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The PB2 label has 54 calories/3.7 carbs for 2 tablespoons...

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I know you already did the choc/pb2 shake..which I am with you there..awesome...I like it in the banana shake even better.....always liked peanut butter and banana, same with pudding...

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What does PB2 or products like it count as? Are they a fat?.

For mine, 1 tbsp has 33 calories, 2 grams of fat, 1 gram of carb (1 gram of fiber, 0 gram of sugars)..

I made a vanilla/PB shake with it for my lunch and it was soo good...

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I love to mix the PB2 with a bit of water to PB consistency and then add it to my oatmeal... YUM!..

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I use the PB2 with Hot Cocoa to make cookies.

1TLB spoon PB2.

1 pack of hot cocoa.

1 Teaspoon baking powder.

Add up to 4oz of H2O slowly until the battter is just so, thick but not to thick, I don't know how to explain it, you don't want it to run all over the pan. Drop by spoon fulls (I get 4-5) bake at 350 for 15".

Good Luck..

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Tried the PB2/banana shake and it was yummy!!! Will definitely be trying the cookies made with hot cocoa and PB2. Thanks for the ideas. Keep 'em coming!!!!..

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I was mistaken with the amount of water for the cookies, it's more like 2-3 oz. Just add slowly until you have a consistency you like...

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OMG - I tried the PB2 in my Dutch Chocolate shake done in the blender with about a cup and a half of ice and 3 packets of splenda..

I think I snorted it was so good! MMMMmmmmmmm!..

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Hey Puddintame, that is so funny. Yep, it was definitely awesome, I think my eyes rolled back in my head!! By the way, I noticed that you and I have the same start date (4/9/07). Glad to find someone who is making this journey at the same time. Hope you have a great day!!..

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Anyone add PB2 to banana pudding? I take after Elvis that I love PB & Banana sandwiches!.

After reading so much on this stuff, I finally ordered last night. They must've fixed their glitches, cause I got my tracking # an hour ago. Can't wait to try!..

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Has anyone tried to put PB2 into the food calculator here? I have a question in to nutrition support and thought you'd be interested... heres a link:.

BW - That's cool that we both started on the same date, have about the same amount to lose, and have lost about the same amount! ((((bell watkins))))..

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What site do you ladies buy your PB2 from? I am a Newbie forgive me. Thanks..

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I bought a 3 lb jar of peanut butter powder, which is different from pb2 but I think only in that it doesn't have any sweeteners and is a little higher in fat. It cost around $25 with shipping and everything. Of course you have to really love peanut butter powder to buy 3 lbs of it

I think others buy pb2 on ebay...

Comment #14

Leena , what is the amount of calories carbs and grams of fat per serving for the powder you use? thanks..

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I ordered my PB2 on ebay because I read about how the company site has super long shipping times. I got five jars on ebay for about $30 and had the product in hand within a few days...

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Oh yea, I use the PB2 in the icecream recipe with chocolate is sinful!..

Comment #17

Thank you for the help ladies. I will need to order some now...

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Hi All!.

I got my PB2 on ebay (just 1 jar) for $11.90 that included shipping. When you get it from PB2 site I think you have to order 3. Mine came today and I'm so excited to try new things. The ice cream sounds wonderful. Would someone please give me that recipe, I would really LOVE IT!!!..

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I just wanted to say I think the company fixed their shipping problem, because I got my PB2 super fast. Unless it is because I live on the East Coast (NY). However, I received my tracking # the day after I ordered it. This stuff is awesome! I made chocolate muffins with PB inside. Put half batter in mini pie pan, added 1TBS prepared PB, then rest of batter. Yum! Like eating a PB cup!..

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The peanut butter powder I bought is the following -.

A serving is 1 tbsp.

Each serving has.

33 calories.

2 grams of fat - 0 saturated.

1 grams of carbs - 0 sugar, 1 fiber.

So it is definitely fattier than something like pb2 but I like that the only ingredient is peanuts. I also know some companies sell peanut flour which I think is a bit lighter than peanut butter powder...

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I am new, so please bear with me. Where do we find out about these ideas for cookies and pb? Is pb2 actually a part of the Medifast plan? Is it "legal"? There is so much that I don't yet understand, and I am just doing it one powered pack at a time, with no additives. I would really like to make it a bit better to make the journey more pleasant. I started on Tuesday, May 8 and I have a LONG way to go! My short term goal is just to make it 90 days perfectly on program, and so far I can tell that I am feeling better and able to even walk better!.

I am looking forward to knowing some of you!..

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Hi serindipity0,.

It seems like I'm in he same boat as you. I just started on Monday May 8th and it's about 90 days to my brother's wedding so that's my first goal! I would love advice on spices, recipes, etc but I'm just not sure where to go. Hopefully we'll get the answers here...

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I'm new too and I think if you read over the spices and snacks allowed, you will see that you have quite a few options. It seems that those who have been around for a while have developed some really interesting recipes. Personally, I'm not really going to try recipes although I may try the pancakes made out of oatmeal sometime.

From what I've read, PB2 (a partially defatted version of peanut butter), is allowed to those that have trouble staying above 800 calories. I think that is the official answer. The unofficial answer is that you can have up to 2 tbsp (I believe) of PB2 per day but you have to make sure that your carb and calorie counts don't go to high..

I use a slightly different product (powdered peanut butter) which I've been adding 1 tsp to 2 shakes per day for an addition of 22 calories and 2 carbs per day. I love peanut butter so it does help make my shakes taste quite a bit better.

Some people don't have much control with products and it may be safer for them to stay away from them.

I would recommend you read through this forum as well as Nutrition Support's forum. I've been reading both and I've found a lot of good advice...

Comment #24

I just ordered some PB2. Can't wait to try it!..

Comment #25

I ordered from Bell Plantation on Monday, received notice within an hour and received shipment on Friday, same week I ordered. I live in TX. Fast service and it was a wonderful taste treat - peanut butter. I'm going to change my morning from Hot Cocoa to the PB2 Cocoa Cookies. Thanks for the post...

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Mine is so simple...but so good! I simply mix the 2 Tblsp. PB2 with 1 Tblsp. H2O and then drizzle a light stream of WF SF chocolate syrup over the top and it tastes like a reeses peanut butter cup. I have it every night when I finally sit down...

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Diamond337, I have to try this!!!! My favorite candy in the whole world is Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. They have been my whole life. Thanks so much for the idea. Now I'm on a mission today to find some SF chocolate syrup...

Comment #28

What is" WF" in the WF SF chocolate syrup? Thanks!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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