Medifast Muffin Storage???

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Question for those of you out there that make muffins using the Medifast oatmeal - How do you store them to keep fresh?.

I have been putting mine in a plastic glad container and keeping it on the kitchen counter. By the time I get to the last muffins - on day 4, since I make a batch - they are edible but so fresh..

Should I put them in the fridge? Will that make them soggy?..

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I put them in individual zip lock bags so I can grab and run. I usually put them in the fridge just so my dog doesn't get them LOL.

They're fine in the fridge.


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I have found that in Florida it is too hot to keep them (especially the blueberry) on the counter for more than 2 days. I bake using all my bread and muffin tins once a week I store mine in the fridge in ziplocks and they are usually gone by 5 days. I do wait until they are totally cooled before putting them into the ziplocks because the heat condenses to water if I don't...

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I keep mine in the freezer and pull one out the night before I want it...

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Thanks everyone. Sounds like individual zip lock bags in the fridge is the way to go..

It is probably too hot here in GA to leave them out on the counter...

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I took mine on vacation a couple weeks ago- I lost two packages (meals) of muffins because of mold- I had them in air-conditioned hotel room for only 5 days- So, my advice is to keep them refrigerated. I freeze them in individual snack baggies and take out night before I plan to eat them- that way they are always fresh- I always make a lot at one time so I don't have to bake as often- Good Luck!..

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I put mine together in a large ziplock freezer bag and freeze. The first time I did this, and didn't wrap them individually, was only because I was in a real hurry.but it works just as well. I make sure they're cool, too, and press as much air out of the bag as possible. I've kept them in the freezer for as long as 2-3 weeks. When I take them out, I either let them thaw at room temperature or wrap them in a paper towel and zap them in the microwave for 20-30 seconds if I want one right away.


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