Medifast muffin recipes?

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I tried a simple muffin recipe last night (oatmeal, choc shake, sf choc syrup, vanilla extract, baking powder, water) and it was surprisingly good!.

I have a conference to go to and I wanted something portable to take with me. So I tried the recipe last night as a test. Today, I decided to duplicate the recipe again but added 1 tbsp of flax, 1 tbsp of egg white and 1 tbsp of peanut butter powder. I am excited, they smell really good and I know they'll be an easy portable snack for my conference.

The only thing is I don't think I'd make muffins very often, they look a little too easy to eat..

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I live off of the muffins because they are filling and soooo easy to travel with. My favorite uses 3 pkgs of oatmeal ,2 pkgs of shakes, 1 pkg of eggs, add 1-1/2 ts Baking Powder, 1/4 cup of any flavor sugar free syrup, 1 can diet ginger ale, 1 tsp cinnamon, and 2 TBS Flax Seeds. Bake 15 minutes at 350 degrees. I've been calling them 6 pack muffins since they make 6 meals..

Sometimes I use Banana flavoring and make "faux banana nut" muffins, sometimes I use the blueberry oatmeal with vanilla flavoring, allspice and orange flavoring....the varieties are almost endless..

Keep on experimenting and you will find the recipe that really suits you best!..

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OMG....I have got to break down & try these recipes!!..

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My next recipe will be chocolate/zucchini muffins I think or maybe I'll search around for a zucchini bread recipe...

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You might have hit upon a great idea. Adding some of the veg. from L&G into the muffins.... Sounds good to me!..

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They ARE too easy to eat, so I try to do only the 3-meal recipes in case something goes awry, I won't have eaten six meals in a row. ha ha ha. Three-packs are with 2 packs oatmeals, 1 pack shake, a little baking powder, an egg white (or two! now that we can 14 in a day for a lean), 2 T flax meal, a little SF syrup, and I use Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi instead of water...

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Hi Lana,.

Does this make 12 regular size muffins? Do you fill all the way to the top?.

I can't wait to try it...

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I like the zucchini idea. What if you used orange or vanilla shakes with the ginger ale and some pumpkin pie spice. It comes already mixed. Makes me think of Thanksgiving.


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I make a dozen at a time (2 per meal-6 meals total-I eat no more than 1 meal this way per day= 6 days) and put mine in the freezer and take one pkg out the night before and put in fridge for the next day. Out of sight, out of mind. Works for me!..

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Sharon you are too funny..... love that grove you got going..... :-))..

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Help! I'm trying to make the Blueberry Muffiins for the first time. I followed the instructions on the side of the box. When I added the water it turned into soup instead of a normal batter. I thought that was weird but went ahead and put them in my muffin tins and cooked them according to the directions. Well they were still mostly liquid when the 14 minutes was done. I've put them back in the oven several times.

Has anyone had this problem or can anyone offer up an explanation for what I did wrong?..

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This is what I did to make chocolate muffins -.

1 packet of oatmeal.

1 packet of chocolate shake.

1/2 tsp of baking powder.

1/2 tsp of vanilla extract.

1 tbsp of egg white.

1 tbsp of powdered peanut butter.

1 tbsp of flax seed meal.

Dash of salt.

I mixed all that up and then I slowly added water until it was like cake batter. I would add a little water, mix, add a little more water, etc. I then added the batter to the muffin pans and with a wet finger, smoothed down the top of the muffin. I used large muffin pans so I cooked them for about 30 minutes at 350. They were very moist and delicious muffins..

I imagine if you use a similar method (adding water as you go), then you should get a decent batter..

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I just started 3 days ago and don't have any recipes. the muffins sound GREAT! Can anyone share some recipes with me until I can get the recipe book?.



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Thanks Leena but what if I just want blueberry muffins? Do you know how to doctor the box recipe to get it to work?.

Have you had any success with cookies made from the oatmeal?..

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Maybe a similar recipe would work for you. Use the recipe on the side of the box but add water as you go?.

You could also consider additions such as flax seed meal and egg white...

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Most of these recipes have flax seed. I am in small town IA and our Pamida doesn't have flax seed (they have the oil but not the seed). Can I make the muffins without the flax seed? Is there a substitute? I need to bake tomorrow and am anxious to try these. Thanks!..

Comment #15

Flax seed is really an extra. It adds fiber and a healthy fat. You can do without...

Comment #16

Look at you Barb.... Talk about a groove thing goin' 35 1/2 pounds. I needta catch up. Darn that off-plan Saturday!! Rats!!..

Comment #17

Welcome to Medifast! You'll find more muffin recipes than you can count by searching these boards! Everyone has their favorite recipe, so try a few and see what you think! Just remember to count every ingredient, even the baking powder, which does, in fact, contain carbohydrates. Good luck to you!..

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Ok, I'm really not a baker. I have a hard time making a cake from a mix. :-) These recipes sound so good and since I am having a really hard time keeping the oatmeal down, a very good idea. Can anyone break down some of the recipes for a non-baker? I'm not a cook either but I cooked my own dinner for the last two nights so I know that I can learn new things :-) I will be forever greatful if someone can help me make the oatmeal edible...

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