Medifast Low Carb Dressing?

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How many carbs per tablespoon is considered "low carb"? Also, does anyone have any favorites they would like to share?.


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Hi Bethie My personal favorite is the Galeo's dressing... The Sesame, the Caesar, and the Dijonnaise. I've also heard good things about South Beach Diet dressings, and the Walden Farms dressings.

Try doing a search (click on Search on the orange bar above) and type in dressing, I know there are posts somewhere that give you the guidelines of what to look for carb/calorie wise....

Good Luck!!..

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I agree with Farrell. Galeos is the best dressing ever! To me, Walden Farms has a slight aftertaste as does South Beach dressings. Still good but Galeos tastes like regular dressing with no aftertaste whatsoever. SO delicious and full of flavor!..

Comment #2

The good thing about Walden Farms is no anything!, calories, carbs, fats. I use Newman's Own Light Balsamic Vinaigrette. Great stuff and if you get a salad from McDonald's, they have it! If I make a big salad, sometimes 2 T. of dressing just isn't enough for me so I add some of the no anything Walden Farms but I have to admit, I like most of them just fine...

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I am VERY picky about salad dressing.

I'm also a bleu cheese freak..

MF reccomends a dressing which has 6g or less of carbs in it..

I use 2 brands, which are not fake, diet, low carb, etc. They taste real and amazing!.

WishBone Just 2 Good Bleu Cheese - 6g for 2T 70cals.

Litehosue Lite - Bleu Cheese - 2g for 2T 70cals.

I have tried the WF Blue Cheese and was unimpressed. I love the idea of free/free/free but I couldn't get passed the chemical smell/taste. If you like it, that's definately the way to go though!..

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I like to ask for extra packets of the Newmans lite Balsamic dressing and stash them in my purse for when I go out to restaurants. that way I can count them accurately and I know it will taste good!..

Comment #5

Whoops I forgot to say that I get extra at Mcdonalds. you can buy extra for 25 cents...

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