Medifast Laughing Cow Cheese?

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Where do you find the laughing cow cheese? I have looked in several local grocery stores, both in the cheese dept and the deli dept with no luck. Any suggestions?..

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In my grocery store it's with the deli cheeses, not the normal dairy section. Ask the store manager...they really are good! For a treat once in a while I use one section with the Medifast crackers....yum!..

Comment #1

Mines in the deli section. It's worth the effort to look for it..

Comment #2

I buy it at BJ's wholesale club. I bought two flavors yesterday. it is sooo good..

Comment #3

I bought mine at BJ's, too. I got 3 rounds for the price of 2!! This stuff is great and I like the fact the each piece is wrapped. It keeps me from going overboard!!..

Comment #4

Mine is in the deli section. Walmart stores carry it in their deli section - not with the regular cheese and lunchmeat.

I agree with everyone else here - it is really good and eating it makes me feel like I have really indulged myself!.

Good Luck!..

Comment #5

I find it in the deli section at Harris Teater and it seems to move around between the deli section and the dairy section at the Giant grocery store. They also carry it at World Market, if you have those near you. Keep looking it is worth the trouble!..

Comment #6

I found it in the Deli section at Walmart over where you get them to cut the cheese and meats for you. Hope you can find it..

Comment #7

I have found it at Safeway and Albertson's here in Northern CA for the Lite Original Swiss and Herb & Cheese flavors, and I also found Lite French Onion at Henry's in San Diego..

All in the specialty cheese area - definitely ask your store manager!.



Comment #8

Ya I finally found some last week in the deli section of Wally World where the special cheeses are. Gonna try some this wkend w/ my Medifast crackers...

Comment #9

Do these count as a snack or as part of your Lean & Green? If part of L&G, how do you count it?..

Comment #10

Hi, Munchkin! How do you make Medifast crackers? Thanks!..

Comment #11

The package is a round stiff paper/cardboard type about the size of a large cup saucer and 1.5" tall. I visualized it totally different from the way people talked and thats why I missed it at Wallmart. Mine has it on a shelf by itself between the deli cheeses and the hot food...

Comment #12

It's not a freebie that's for sure. The crackers are bought as a medifast snack product. Remember almost everything that goes in the mouth counts as something...

Comment #13

Don't know if this is what she means, but Medifast sells two kinds of snack crackers...

Comment #14

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