Medifast help with being Underweight?

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Got a quick question: Medifast help with being Underweight? Thanks in advance for any response. My 2nd question... Hi all,.

I'm in Washington state and was wondering if there is anyone here from the area. I could use the support to stay on my program. I started Feb. 1st and I've only lost 17 pounds because I don't always stick to my plan..


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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1

I'm in Washington...not far from Leanna!! Stanwood.

I started Feb. 13, I'll subscribe too!..

Comment #2

I usually am not all that bothered by the rain, but this year it really is getting to me, seems that we get one or two days a week where the sun makes an appearance, always on my work days, and then on my days off it is wet and dreary again. I want spring sunshine!!!!..

Comment #3

I've lived in this part of the country...first Portland and now here.... most of my life and this winter is definitely getting loooooonnnnnngggg. The rain has been relentless and when the sun does peak out for a few minutes, it's gone again...just a tease. However, it is nice to be reminded now and again that there IS still a sun up there somewhere and I hear a rumor that it is supposed to be cold and sunny for the next few days...

Comment #4

Remember that winter we had 70 days of consecutive rain? I think it was about 5 years ago. I like a little moss between my fingers and toes and get a little irritable when the temp goes above 75 degrees. I would NOT do well in Arizona..

However, I will want a bit of warmth this summer to wear shorts (something I haven't done in years) to show off off my ankles (something else I haven't had in years) and my pedicures...

Comment #5

I'm in Battle Ground, which is pretty much a suburb of Vancouver now...

Comment #6

Don't live there any more but originally from Battle Ground.....

Comment #7

I grew up pretty much in downtown Vancouver, bought a house in Battle Ground about 10 years ago. It has grown a lot the last few years...

Comment #8

Mom was born and raised in Battle Ground. I don't live there, but have lots of family and friends in that city. I also lived in Davenport, which is a tony little town about 50 mk miles west of Spokane. I miss it there. Want to go back...

Comment #9

No, you must be seeing things, fell asleep under the sun lamp again? I work in a building without any windows so the only time I see it is on my way to work if it's out, I go home at 11 pm so it's not gonna show then...

Comment #10

Tacoma/University Place here...I am convinced that our state is the only state where you can experience all 4 seasons the SAME day!.

I started on 7 Feb & so far, so good!..

Comment #11

I am not too farlive in Oregon City, Oregon.Our weather is pretty much like WA- I have a dear high school friend by Seattle, and she loves it. AngieBYour quote is so true, and I like it a lot. I am finally going for the wear what I want hopefullyand that will be my wedding dress on July 4th!! I am on the countdown.....

Comment #12

Hi Girls!.

I'm in Vancouver. I didn't grow up here - I moved here from DC and grew up in Ohio - but I've been here for just over 5 years and LOOOOOOOOOVE it!.

I'm doing VancouverFit (.

) this year... anyone else?.


Comment #13

There are a few of us in this area, thats great!.

Angie - I grew up here so I am very used to all 4 seasons in one day, I also know the difference between partly cloudy, partly sunny, and showers with a chance of rain lol..

Michelle - the link you posted looks interesting, but my work schedule doesn't allow for much that is actually structured, and I am not medically able right now to do something like that, now maybe next year I would be up for the walk part, but I have NEVER liked to run so that is out lol...

Comment #14

Sweet, it looks like you just joined recently too? I do my week 4 weigh in tomorrow, a little nervous and kind of excited all at the same time lol...

Comment #15

Hi Clara and Fellow Washingtonians! I work/live in the Seattle/Bellevue area - looks like so far I'm the only one in the big city (raised here). What do you call three days of rain in Seattle? A holiday weekend.(2010 Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day - ALL RAINED OUT). Fortunately, I'm rather fickle when it comes to our depressing weather. All it takes is one nice sunny day and I'm recharged for the next round of dark, rainey days.(and I'm fortunate to spend time in the CA desert a few times a year.).

Angie's right! All within a few hours one day last week it poured, then blue sky and sunshine, then pounding hail with wind sending it sideways against the window (pretty white ground for 5 minutes), blue sky and sunny again, then time to head home - and of course it's pouring rain again..

Leanna - Yes! Do you remember the great heat wave of the summer of 2006?.

21 July 2006, Western Washington: An unusual heat wave in western Washington breaks five maximum temperature records: Vancouver at 104F; Olympia at 100F; Seattle at 97F; and Hoquiam at 90F..

As I recall, that year we skipped spring altogether and we had something like 89 days of no precipitation from June into September. So we can hope and dream that this summer will bring some pay back for the winter and spring we've endured..

Clara, what did you have in mind for support? It looks like Angie in Tacoma is about central to all points North and South of the I-5 corridor. She was interested in getting a support group together and we've talked about meeting for a walk some weekend but nothing set yet...

Comment #16

I lived in Camas (outside Vancouver) for a 1 1/2 years I miss it very much!! I could see Mt. Hood from my dining room window...

Comment #17

I did notice a strange orange orb in the sky when I went outside today! Wish I worked where there was at least a window..

Tchick - on a clear day I can see Mt. St. Helens from my bedroom window, I know I would miss the PNW if I ever had to relocate somewhere else..


Comment #18

Hi Carol.

I'm not a runner either - I'm with the walking group. It's a great program. You should consider it for next year...

Comment #19

It actually sounds like a lot of fun, just not in the cards for this year, hopefully next year will be a much better year for those kinds of things!!..

Comment #20

I thank You God for most this amazing.

Day:for the leaping greenly spirits of trees.

And a blue true dream of sky; and for everything.

Which is natural which is infinite which is yes.

(and thanks to e.e.cummings for a beautiful poem)..

Comment #21

Nice, I plan to go outside during my lunch and hopefully catch some of that sunshine before it disappears...

Comment #22

And here is the rest of the poem.....

(i who have died am alive again today,.

And this is the sun's birthday; this is the birth.

Day of life and of love and wings: and of the gay.

Great happening illimitably earth).

How should tasting touching hearing seeing.

Breathing anylifted from the no.

Of all nothinghuman merely being.

Doubt unimaginable You?.

(now the ears of my ears awake and.

Now the eyes of my eyes are opened)..

Comment #23

The sun did shine up here on Camano Island. I got outside for some gardening. Did some old fashion weeding. Nice to know I'm burning calories too..

The view from my window is Mt Baker and Port Susan. Never get tired of it..

It is Tulip Festival time in the Skagit Valley. Luckily I get to drive through the fields during the weekdays (hospice social worker) and skip the crowds on weekends. Everything is late so just the daffodils are in bloom now - they are one of my favorites..

Have a great end of the weekend fellow Washingtonians and a wonderful OP week...

Comment #24

I am in Eugene right now but moving to Vancouver, WA soon as our hospital just bought SW Washington Medical glad to get back home!.

Get to gethers would be fun!..

Comment #25

I love your tulip festival! The tulips in the Woodland fields are late too...

Comment #26

Love, Love, Love the Sunshine!! Spent almost 5 hours in the yard today....Soooo I splurged and had a glass of wine! Is that bad!! I had to burn sooo many calories!!! I don't know what it is about yardwork, sunshine, a nice, bbq and a lovely glass of wine to end the day....A perfect northwest day!! I was toasting you Leanna...I have a real nice view of Camano off my deck...

Comment #27

Hey ladies. I live in Edmonds... I would love to subscribe...

Comment #28

I'm in Vancouver.

It was SO wonderful to get some sunshine today!!!..

Comment #29

Welcome Ashley, how was your weather up there today?..

Comment #30

I missed most of it,.

Got a little on the way to work and a little during my lunch break but I am inside with no windows...

Comment #31

He everyone! I am in Tri Cities... Eastern WA is also misisng the gorgeous spring... Today was a little bit better - hoping for gorgeous weather coming soon!..

Comment #32

At least we had some sun today, and hopefully for the rest of the week, but I doubt it lol...

Comment #33

Leavenworth.. the other side of the pass. Plenty of sunshine today!!!..

Comment #34

Ah, Leavenworth. Must get back there for another visit...

Comment #35

Laura, are you still in transition or are you in maintenance now?? How is it going??.

I finished transition mid February and am maintaining. Certainly a new lease on life!!!..

Comment #36

Im in port Townsend where we sit under a gorgeous sunny sky today (and yesterday as well). We moved here about a year and a half ago for my sons health. I must say...we picked well because the rain shadow thing is amazing. It's horrible elsewhere and I round the bend to town....sunny.


We also have a home in Alaska and it's been a very cold winter there so I am feeling blessed even if it's pouring LOL. I'm trying to establish a large English garden so the rain (which has been worse here than normal) has actually been helpful but the bitter cold winds killed off several very old rosemary which was sad. It did convince me not to do the maze in rosemary though. Can you imagine all the work of planting 50 or 60 plants and then to lose them all in one badly timed freeze?.

FYI....EVERY time we have had guests from Alaska this year the temps have dropped and snow flakes fall....remember last week? You can blame that on us....remember November? We has 20 alaskans staying with's my fault lol. Sorry!!!!..

Comment #37

Just wondering if you followed the "new" or "old" T & M guidelines, and did you do any of the phases (besides 4) for longer than 1 week? I just started transition yesterday - I added 1/2 cup baked carrots - I was so excited! ha..

Comment #38

I have never been to Levenworth, almost went last Christmas but family things came up, hopefully I will get there one of these days..

Comment #39

Well it's good to know who is causing all the problems..

Comment #40

I live in Shoreline half the week and Port Townsend Thur evening until Sunday evening. We're slowly gearing up for retirement (got years yet but couldn't wait) full time in PT..

Port Townsend is one of the most beautiful places on earth!!!.

BTW, Igloochic, I grew up in SE Alaska. Ha, if the rain isn't coming down sideways it's not really raining in my book. :P.

You know the old joke about the weather: It only rained twice last week, once for 4 days and once for 3 days...

Comment #41

Well, when you come over drop a note and we'll get together for a Chicken Dance!..

Comment #42

Soon??? Would love a meet up with another Medifast fan!..

Comment #43

Ann are you in town or a country girl? I like to say we retired but our five year old surprise sort if put a damper on early retirement.

So we bought a fantasy Victorian to restore.

Insane right? Lol but were having fun. I wish gardening and running up and down stairs counted as exercise..

Comment #44

I'm envious! I would love to find a old Victorian home, of course I would have to win the lottery too.........

Comment #45

Hello from Seattle!.

Recent Transplant from Tampa, FL. loving it! Recently had to visit Tampa - WAY to hot!!! and it's only rained once since I came home - 3 days!..

Comment #46

I went outside at my lunch break, about 5 pm, saw rain drops on the windshields in the parking lot, but it was dry and sunny at the time...

Comment #47

We had snow on the pass... ok what's up with this!!.


Comment #48

Love Pt Townsend, have been there many times!! Are you finished with the remodel? That's quite an undertaking.. you must love it or you wouldn't be doing it.


Comment #49

You've got the moves down girl... time to head over the hill and show the rest of the 206'ers how to do it!..

Comment #50

I think somebody forgot to tell mother nature that it's time for spring in the PNW!!..

Comment #51

Well, today was very spring-like..

Cold, frosty morning..

Fog burning off into a beautiful sun shiny day with big fluffy cumulus clouds, sprinkles, sun, downpour, sun, sprinkles, wind, downpour and more sunshine..

And the PNW Mole People came out of hiding and were momentarily blinded by this big, orange light in the sky...

Comment #52

It is so great to read all these WA Medifast posts! Lots of gals on healthy journeys. By the way, all you gardeners out there, Medifast DOES.

Let you count gardening and other outdoor activities as exercise. You can log it under the exercise tab on MY Plan. Check it out...

Comment #53

You gotta love Seattle! I'm in Burien, sort of a suburb of Seattle, and I love the crazy weather! Mid April and hailing here. All my CA relatives are like, "Wha-?" Lived in CA for a while; lived in Alaska for a while.... nothing and nowhere beats Seattle! jeanie..

Comment #54

I better jump in here and report in from the lovely state capital, Olympia. Hello, fellow Washingtonians!.


Comment #55

My daughter lives in Burien. We go to see her often...

Comment #56

It's a glorious day here in Leavenworth.. clear as can be, the snow on the mountains will be melting today! Spring beauties and glacier lily's are blanketing the meadows. It's a good day to be living in WA State!.

Have an OP day girls and drink up!..

Comment #57

Beautiful here in Tigard where I am visiting my sister too...

Comment #58

I lived in Tigard when I was a kiddo.


We have only been in the Vic for a bit over a year. I've redone a parlor and dining room in the first stage but we will finish this with hand blocked papers which we will wait to put up until we rebuild the windows. It will be a top (literally...we are redoing the fire escapes and roof line) to bottom (basement will have a tunnel into the wine cellar wine room) and we anticipate that taking three to four years. This year was the big garden focus...I'm working in the maze now lol..

If you google the James house port Townsend you'll find a billion pics of it. Before we purchased it the house was a popular b&b..

I have learned that vics are not for the faint if heart and that the lottery is helpful lol...

Comment #59

I spent a month in Burien about 13 yrs ago lol, thats where the Criminal Justice training academy is...

Comment #60

I love the Olympia section of I-5 lol, it's a beautiful area to drive through even on the freeway...

Comment #61

Hey, Cellis.... and isn't Burien up and coming? The new library is wonderful!..

Comment #62

And Carole, I'd bet Burien has changed dramatically in 13 years! In fact, when I count up the time I've been here, it's just about 13 years.... And it's so different you wouldn't even recognize it! LOL jeanie..

Comment #63

Stayed in the James House a couple times.... loved the gardens back then.

Can't wait to see your progress!..

Comment #64

I wouldn't recognize much of it anyway, we stayed pretty much at the acadamy, a couple trips to a bar down the road for dinner but that was pretty much it. And it was really right down the road, we never left the street the academy is on lol...

Comment #65

Yes, the new downtown area is really nice. The library is amazing as is the outdoor space around it. Now if they can just fill up those poor, empty condos that were recently built...

Comment #66

Igloochick - Love your weight loss ticker. You are a brave-heart taking on the remodel of a vic. I bet some of the work you do on it will count as exercise!..

Comment #67

I grew up in Federal Way, WA. Most of my family are in Bothell and Seattle area. I am currently living in Anchorage, Alaska. Lived in Ketchikan, Alaska for 13 years. I used to complain about the rain in Seattle until I lived in Ketchikan. Seattle averages around 40 inches of rain a year, whereas Ketchikan it is over 200 inches a year.


Comment #68

Lol Janine, everyone has slept in my house.

I'm changing the gardens to something that will be more old world Victorian but still as beautiful or more so than before..

Leanna, I clicked on someone else's ticker so I can't take credit for it. My son is a train lover and I'm in the midst of procrastinating about doing his room in antique trains so I'm using it as inspiration on many levels lol...

Comment #69

Hi ladies!!.

How is everybody this evening? I'm doing great and feeling pretty good. I'm happy I stayed on my plan today and I used both of my 15 minutes break to walk with a co-worker. The weather was nice for a change..

I'm going to be on vacation from April 28-May 4th. I'm going to Atlanta for the first time with my 2 sisters and my mom!! So any tips on how to stay on plan while I'm away will be much appreciated!!.

Ciao for now!!..

Comment #70

Wow this is so cool. I'm in Ridgefield. I see that some of you live in Battleground. I also have my parents and sister in Tacoma. My parents live a stone's throw from the Tacoma Mall...

Comment #71

There are a lot of us on the I-5 corridor..

Comment #72

My brother lives in Ridgefield. I'm up I-5 in Longview...

Comment #73

Everett area here. work a week ON, week OFF. message me if your up for an outdoor walk or run sometime. good luck everyone on your weight loss journey. I'm in the process of transitioning. ive gone OFF program for a few weeks, but realized that ive got to keep up with the HABITS OF HEALTH, or ill balloon back up in pounds...

Comment #74

The next time you're here for a visit give me a call. It would be fun to meet. I'm on Pioneer St. close to downtown!..

Comment #75

Good Morning Washingtonians!! It's going to be a nice day in the "neighborhood"!..

Comment #76

It'll be an OP day over here in Leavenworth... a little cloudy and front on the ground this morning...

Comment #77

Pt is gorgeous this morning. I'm taking mom shopping in sequin then have to get the house ready for the housekeeper tomorrow so I won't get to play in the yard.


Any other gardeners in the group? I have to admit, to call myself that makes me grin because I swore when we bought this house the garden would be the death of me! I didnt mind puttering but it was huge!!!!!! So a year later to be excited about playing in the dirt is funny!.

I got six new hydrangeas in the mail yesterday lol. I have a part time gardener and if I don't post tomorrow it's going to be because he killed me heh heh. He never should have encouraged me to collect rare BIG plants. I have very little room left so I'm going to either have to start decorating the neighbors yard....or buying bonsai hydrangeas...

Comment #78

Good Morning Ladies,.

Wow, lots of Washingtonians on the road to health here..

I am in La Center, (way NE of) Beautiful morning here. I must say COME ON.....snow a week and a half ago, and having to scrape my windshield every morning is getting OLD!!! I am so ready for summer..

Off to Disney world this weekend. I can't wait. Sunshine. The most exciting part was having to shop for some new (smaller) warm weather clothes.

I Look forward to connecting and sharing support with all of you in the area...

Comment #79

Carole (ceejaa1),.

Based on where you were 13 years ago, I'm curious what you do for a living??..

Comment #80

Hey Cellis, I grew up in Longview. Lived there until I graduated from high school and then came down to So Cal for college and have been down here since. My family all still live there (well and in Kelso too.


Comment #81

Cheri, in Kelso/Longview doesn't that mean the live across the street from each other?..

Comment #82

Wow, having a rough day, I hate tooth aches, makes my whole face hurt, but I am trying to stay OP for the day...

Comment #83

I have been up there a few times, always thought it would be cool to live in one of those houses by the lake, it looks so peaceful...

Comment #84

OMG! Just had my first Carmel Crunch Bar, I think I'm addicted already!..

Comment #85

Wait till you try the Smore Crunch Bar - Yummy!.

Gardening question was raised. We live on three very rural acres and are constantly battling the blackberry and nettle. We have been landscaping with NW native plants as much as possible. For color we use hardy fuchsia (my favorite) and 1/2 wine barrels full of tulips and daffodils in the spring followed by annuals in the summer. Limited water availability (live on an island so salt water intrusion is a BIG issue for wells) so have to use drought tolerant plants...

Comment #86

Hi ladies!!.

Ceejaa aren't those caramel crunch bars to die for?!! I love love love them. Hi Cutterblue in LaCenter! You're not too far from me. I'm in Ridgefield...

Comment #87

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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