Medifast Galeo's is in more stores!?

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Check out their site:

They are in some Chicago area stores and also at a little grocery where I live in Santa Cruz, CA, so I am thrilled! THRILLED! No more shipping, woo-hoo!!!.

For the newbies who haven't tried Galeo's salad dressings, they are the best (and I HATE bottled dressings, so that is saying a lot)...

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Yes, I agree that Galeo's is the best. My favorite is the original Sesame Miso flavor and it makes me look forward to salads! They are also great as a dip for raw veggies and as a sauce on most "lean"s. Haven't found them in the stores here in the Dallas area...

Comment #1've convinced me to make the trek to Whole Foods (my Albertson's still doesn't carry it) and try Galeos. Which flavors should I get??~..

Comment #2

Girlnate, call first if you're not sure they have it, because not all Whole Foods carry them!.

I like them all, but lately have been loving the Dijonnaise and the regular Sesame flavors best..

I serve them as dips for roasted veggies at parties and my non-dieting friends just hover over the bowl!..

Comment #3

The whole foods in Overland Park, Kansas does not carry them. I drove all the way over there only to discover that SO call and ask before you make the trip. No use wasting expensive gasoline! I am going to San Diego, California at the end of the month to visit family, anyone in that area know where I can buy them while I am there???..

Comment #4

Bummer, Joyce!.

They say they are at Albertsons, Ralph's, Whole Foods in Southern Cali, but yeah, CALL FIRST!.

If you can get up to the LA area, you can go to their actual cafe in Costa Mesa the source!!!.

Dang, I'm starting to sound like a Galeo's missionary...

I bought up all the Sesame at my local store, I hope they re-order soon. Somebody else bought all the Dijonnaise so I'm not the only maniac LOL..

Comment #5

Gatita, I did not realize Galeo had a cafe in Costa Mesa! I live 15 minutes from there. I'm definitely checking it out. Thanks! Patricia..

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