Medifast Galeo's Dressing!?

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OMG- I cannot believe how good these are..

After reading this board, I immediately placed an order online and got sesame, ginger wasabi and dijoinaise..

I use the dijonaise on my chicken salads and it tastes just like a chicken salad sandwich minus the bread of course.

I just got some broccoli slaw and put a tsp of the toasted sesame dressing on it and it made a delicious coleslaw substitute..

I wasnt fon of the ginger wasabi UNTIL I grilled some salmon and dipped it into a tbl of the ginger wasabi and it tasted just like sushi. MMMMM..

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I LOVE them too. Will never use any other kind of dressing EVER...

Comment #1

Me too... it's LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! All my non-dieting friends love 'em too...

Comment #2

Me, too! I order 4 of the casear every time because I go through it so fast. I most often do salads for my L&G so finding such a goldmine of low calorie/lowfat delicious choices was a big win. I like all of them...

Comment #3

I could not survive with out the sesame seed!!! Whoever first recomended them Bless You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #4

I have been reading about these dressings for weeks now. Before I realized you can't get them on the east coast, I was searching every market for them..

I finally ordered them yesterday. I ordered all four flavors. They have shipped and now I am waiting for them.!!!!!!!!.

Can't wait to try them...

Comment #5

Oh these dressings are the BEST!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!! They have been wonderful on everything I have tried them on! I can't wait for them to come out with the ranch!!! Thanks to all of you who recommended these!.


Comment #6

I just went on their website to order and the shipping came to $12!! For just 4 bottles! I'm going to have to scour the stores...

Comment #7

Hi! They are worth the $12 shipping cost.

I just love them and they sent me an email saying they are trying to get their dressings into more stores throughout the country. So if you have a favorite store, tell them about this dressing maybe they can get it in soon. I am trying to get Wegmans here on the East coast to carry the Galeos Dessings!.


Comment #8

Does anyone have any suggestions on where to get these? I went on their website and it says that they sell them at Albertsons. I went yesterday, but no can do. I live in Wa state and we have...Albertsons, Safeway, Winco and Walmart. Has anyone had any luck at any of these markets?..

Comment #9

Ok Ok you all convinced me...I ordered four bottles Saturday. Does their shipping take long? I put a message on the comment section of the order form and told them they would make MFer's deliriously happy if they would offer us a discount!..

Comment #10

Diane1, What is the Galeo's dressing everyone is talking about? I cant find it on the Medifast site? Am I looking in the wrong place?.



Comment #11

Galeo's has their own website where you can order the dressings. I live in Southern California and found all the flavors at Whole Foods Market. Ralphs and Vons has just the Seasame one. I heard Albertson's carries them too, but I haven't been there so I don't know that for a fact..


Comment #12

I want to order them but they will not ship to APO address. I've asked family members to look for them but they can't seem to locate them...

Comment #13

My order just came today, I placed it last Saturday night and they were.

Delivered to the door on the East Coast today via UPS..

The website says that they are at Whole Foods, but the 2 Whole Foods.

In my area doesn't carry them so I ordered after reading for months.

All the reviews. All I can say is OMG!!!!!!!! I just had a Grilled Chicken.

Caesar Salad with the Galeos Caesar dressing.

All I can say is that shipping cost was worth every penny. I have never.

Tasted a better low cal/low fat dressing, EVER!!!..

Comment #14

You can only find them in stores in Southern Cal and I think I heard Hawaii. I went to 4 Whole Foods before I figured that out. I think I heard they're working to get them out to the rest of the states. For now, I'll pay the expensive S&H because they are totally worth it...

Comment #15

I just got my shipmment. We only tried the sesame (we ordered all four flavors). It is really good. Reminds me of an asian dish in a restaurant.

Can't wait to try the other flavors...

Comment #16

How much can we use? I went to Albertsons yesterday and saw them there and they are low carb/ low cal.... I'm thinking of getting them... I just want to know how much to use.. since very one is madly in love w/ them I want to give it a try...

Comment #17

I think it's just 2 tablespoons per day for condiments...

Comment #18

They are attempting distribution to all over, but it takes the customers to push for products. On Galeo's web site they have a download, a letter that you can take to your store managers. I have done thisI live in Central Ca. and the products arent here. The Co. is in Southern Ca.

Ask for the manager, tell them about this product, And hand him the info, from the download, then keep bugging them about it. Persistence will win in the end............Supposedly the customer is always right. I have even gone to administration of the Sav-Mart stores here in Modesto. So if any body else lives here, please request this product in the local stores.. The more requests, the better the chance of getting it..............

Comment #19

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