Medifast free for 3 weeks question?

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My first question is Medifast free for 3 weeks question? Many thanks for any answer. Another quick question... So, as a 29 year old woman in a pretty serious relationship that is inching closer and closer to "the big question," I can't help but think about how I'll look when that comes around. (I freely admit that engagement & wedding pics are two of my biggest motivating factors right now!.

) I feel like I'm in need of a little extra motivation and encouragement, so I thought I'd pose this question to you guys: How did you feel on your wedding day and how does that compare to how you feel about yourself now??..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

Comment #1

I did not feel good, to be honest. When I married, I was at my highest weight ever. :P I don't even like to look at my wedding album because of how I look, though everything else was lovely. The honeymoon photos are even worse, because the wedding dress was a lot more forgiving than my swimsuit!.

Right now, I'm about 30lbs less than I was then. I feel so much healthier. I'm not at goal yet, but I can see a big difference..

Wishing you the best!..

Comment #2

Ive been married before and well then divorced LOL...and Im not sure how much I weighed when I got married....but imlike you and ill be getting married within the next couple years I'm assuming heehee.

I know by then ill be at my thinnest ever and hopefully we can get that ceremony over with as quickly as possible lol......

Comment #3

I was 215lbs, my dress was too tight - during try on it had fit, day of, not so much - I had a zip up issue and I was holding onto my maid of honor, trying not to cry and having a serious panic attack - praying it would zip.... and it finally did but boy was it tight! I sat ramrod straight all through dinner! I wish I had found Medifast before my wedding... now I have to wait for the do-over/renewal - I'm negotiating for 10yr but that's still puts me 6 years out!..

Comment #4

I got married 7 yrs dress was a bit loose. So I felt good... I tried it on the other night and it's tight across the middle...I am attending the Mad Hatters Tea Party on May 21....i WILL wear that dress...I am the White Queen so it must be done....i know I would wear that dress again one day ha ha..

Comment #5

I was 140 and had a strapless dress and I felt great.... Then I went and had kids and look what happened. LOL.

But my wedding day was wonderful and I am hoping to get back down to my wedding weight..

I hope you get a ring soon. It sounds like it. :0)..

Comment #6

Pregnant. We were planning our wedding for 9 months before I got pg 2 months before the wedding. My dress fit fine and I loved it though. I was heavier than I would like to have been but it was a ball gown and very forgiving...

Comment #7

I felt horrible on my wedding day (sorry to be Debbie Downer - will end on a positive note though.

). I wasn't at my highest, but I definitely wasn't at my lowest either. I hate my image in the pictures, but absolutely love the background (married on St. Pete Beach in FL).. This year is our 10 year anniversary and I am excited about the changes we have both made since starting Medifast. I am down 160lbs and the hubby is down about 170!! We are still trying to decide what to do for the 10 year anniversary vacation. However, I am happy to report that even he has mentioned doing a recommitment ceremony in our new bodies!!!..

Comment #8

I was probably around 225 lbs when I got married. At this point, I am probably at the lowest weight that my husband has ever seen me at at 208.4 lbs. Honestly, I felt self-conscious. I have never really liked dresses, which I think is related to being overweight. I feel good about myself now and the progress that I am making. My husband is extremely supportive - although he has always been supportive of me.

I still have a ways to go, but I am almost at the point where I have lost more than I have left to lose!..

Comment #9

I was about 194 when I got married and will be celebrating my first anniversary next month about 55lbs lighter from that time. Sure it would have been nice to be skinny then, but I looked friggen gorgeous that day I cannot lie! I quickly gained a bunch of weight when the honeymoon period hit. lol, am I much happier and proud of us as a couple to be a combined almost 160lbs lighter? HECK YES! DH is on Medifast too and getting closer to his goal every day. I look back at those pictures and I feel so joyful, not even my excessive weight takes away from it...

Comment #10

I was about 160lbs for my wedding day. I really don't know. I did not own a scale then. My dress was a size 16 due to being big breasted. The waist was that of a 10/12. That was almost 21 years ago.

I do not fit into it yet. I'm still working on the back fat. Otherwise I'm almost there size wise. I may have to open the box the dress is stored in. It's been sealed for 20 years.

I did feel great! Six months of going to the gym 3 days a week for an hour or more each time. Ah, things we did before having kids..

My wedding band was enlarged about 10 years ago, now it's time to have it refitted- Smaller-..

Comment #11

I felt FAT! I was about 270 pounds and I was miserable. I wore two corsets under my dress just to make it look like I had a figure. Of course that just managed to push the fat all over the place. LOL! I looked like the Sta-Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters!.


BTW - We got married at a Renaissance Festival in Dallas, hence my husband wearing a suit of armor! LOL!..

Comment #12

Wow great question.........I am married 38 years ago.I wore my sisters wedding gownand it was tiny.All 4 of us and one niece wore the gown. I had 4 children and gained and lost 100lbs+ over the years I would relly love to be close to that size by my 40th Anniversary. If I could just stay on plan I could be. I have found over the years that I never felt small enough.Even at 110lbs and 19 years old I didn't enjoy my youth. My advice to you is do your best ,whatever that is and enjoy who you are on your wedding Day .We are not promised tommorrow only today. Oh and when the day comes enjoy everything in moderation hopefully you will have only one wedding day ENJOY IT. Nan...

Comment #13

Love seeing everyones wedding photos! The one with the palm tree is the cutest wedding pic I've ever seen! Such a great shot!.

I was around 135 when I got married. I was also large busted so they had to put me in a size 12 dress (which I was absolutely mortified about at the time - how happy I would be now to be able to wear a size 12 lol!).

It was your typical early 90's poofy princess dress but I loved it and had a great day..

That was the last time I ever weighed 135...that was over 18 years ago :'-\..

Comment #14

I have been married before (almost 9 years ago) and I was at my lowest weight: 127 and I'm 5'8. A tad too skinny for me but I was under a lot of stress so the weight fell off me then. My size 6 dress which had already been taken in was loose on me on my wedding date. I felt great though. 3 years later, got a divorce. But now I have met the man of my dreams and I'm getting married exactly a month from today! I started Medifast 3 weeks ago at 160 pounds and today I weighed in at 147...

Comment #15

I hope to feel fabulous! I'm getting married October 8, 2011!.

It was important to me that my fiance would love me at whatever size I was. Now I'm the thinnest that I've ever been since we were together. I'm very excited about the wedding day! I'm going to use Medifast the whole time until my wedding day and switch to 4 and 2 on my honeymoon and then back to the 5 and 1 plan when I return..

I have a dress, it's from David's Bridal, an Oleg Cassinin dress that I fell in love with! It is vintage looking and even looked amazing on me at my highest weight! And It was even a size 16 (how that happened, no idea because I was expecting at least a size 20)! I talked with the gals about it and found out that if I lose more than 2 dress sizes for my wedding, they'll order me a new dress in the correct size. That made me feel so much better because I am head over heels in love with my dress!.

Weddings are your most photographed day of your life for most of us. My mom is even going to start Medifast when she gets home from FL at the beginning of May. She is like me, wants to hide from the camera because she's uncomfortable with how she looks..

All I want on my wedding day is to feel beautiful and happy. Isn't that what we all want?..

Comment #16

I wish I had pics to share!! To all the beautiful brides, thank you for sharing your pictures!!.

My first marriage I weighed about 135, and I was 22 years old. I was cute as a button, and I felt shy and a little heavy (!). When I look at the pictures now, I'm amazed that I didn't realize how pretty I was! My second time, to Mr. Goddess, I weighed 230. I have some beautiful pictures of that day as well, but I was sorry that I hadn't taken better care of myself. I plan on taking that dress (not a traditional gown) to the dressmaker when I hit goal and have it altered to wear again.

I've already had my ring re-sized once, and I'll probably have to do it again at goal..

But, marrying Mr. Goddess at 230, I KNOW he loves me just the way I am. He's been amazing throughout my journey to health and has stood by me with courage. It's not easy to confront my habits and deep emotional reasons for overeating, and he's helped me feel secure...

Comment #17

I was married 16 years ago at 208lbs. I remember my weight because I got on the scale that day and I recall how miserable I felt. It wasn't the same buying a dress then as it is now-now they try to find dresses to enhance what God gave you-then it was just finding something white to cover the fat. I was told that the dress I got was the only one they could get in to fit me. I was so disappointed that I did not get that experience of trying on tons of dresses-like I see on tv. In my marriage I got up to 257 then to 190 then to 230 then to 180 then to 220, 210 and then medifast144 and 144 ROCKS.

Good luck to all the brideslove yourself no matter your size..

Laura Lee..

Comment #18

[IMG]C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\My Pictures\wedding[/IMG].

I was so excited and happy, and I felt pretty. at least 10-15 lbs more than I weigh now, and wore a shawl to cover a naughty bit of back fat LOL but I still felt great.

Not sure if the picture will come through or not, fingers crossed!..

Comment #19

On our (my) wedding day I felt loved, radiant, beautiful... all the things I was supposed to feel. My dress was probably a size 14 and perfect for me, I would guess I weighed about 174 pounds. I was 18 years old and marrying the most wonderful man who thought I was gorgeous. The man was love blind then and still is! (LOL) He has never 'seen' my weight, emotionally. We lived in Hawaii and I was self conscious about my body in my bathing suit, shorts, tube tops, (lol) etc.

Today, as we approach our 40Th anniversary this June, I am proud of the weight I have lost and saddened by the years I wasted being fat and unhappy with my body. I could go on an archaeological 'dig' and find my wedding dress and try it on for the big day. If it has not turned to dust, I will take a picture! This 40Th anniversary will be a new beginning for us in so many ways, the real adventure is just beginning..


Comment #20

Violet-I loved your post, thank you!.

I just went and unboxed my dress!!! It barely fit in my bedroom to try it on! Wow, it was a very pretty dress, silk shantung and a full train..and a very big dress. I wonder if I could get it alteredI think that would bring it full circle for me-to make it into something amazing..

Laura Lee..

Comment #21

It is interesting to read everyone's wedding stories,,,I was 18 first time. It lasted long enough to get DD. I weighed around 125-130 then..

My second , to my dear darling Mr. Chu,,,has lasted 34 years and produced our son. I weighed about 135 then..

He talks about a renewal for our 35th,,,but he wants it done by Elvis in Vegas,.

Who knows,,might be fun!.

I have loved seeing all the pictures here, and all of you are truly lovely!!.

Remember you have held the love of your DHs through "thick and thin",,,literally, and that is what is the most important thing. Beauty on the inside beats beauty on the outside anyday, in my opinion..

Raise a glass (of water) to long, happy, healthy married lives!!..

Comment #22

Wow, I can't thank you all enough for sharing! When I posted this yesterday, I had no idea some of you would go digging in storage to pull out your dresses! You all are so wonderful and I agree that the pictures are just great the good, the bad, and even the Renaissance!!! How cool and how wonderful of you all to share. You make me so excited about this season of my life!.

Its especially lovely to hear about all of the upcoming anniversaries and vow renewals. Im so thankful you all have found the loves of your life..

For the rest of us, theres still hope!! I am blessed to have a man who met me and fell in love with me at my heaviest weight ever, so I'm super thrilled that he, like IrememberU's fellow, doesn't "see" the weight and loves me unconditionally. That just makes me even more excited to be losing!! Steph, Zyas, Doxierock we are all going to look WONDERFUL at our weddings..

Keep the pics and stories coming ladies!! Im loving it!..

Comment #23

YOU MUST! That's what we did! IT WAS AWESOME! Fun, romantic and easy!.

If anyone would like to see the video and pictures:.



Comment #24

I too thought it would be a hoot to have a renewal service in Vegas and get "remarried by Elvis"! My fiance doesn't have the same quirky sense of humor as I do..

Although I'm very surprised but he's allowing our dogs in the wedding! And if he didn't, well, I think I would have to seriously reconsider marrying him. I am all about our dogs and dog rescue (I do dachshund rescue and have before we even met)..

I just have to tell some fun details about our wedding. It's going to be on a horse farm overlooking the river. Outside of course with horses nearby. It is one of the most beautiful locations I've ever encountered in my life. And my "boys" (dachshunds) will have matching harnesses to my fiance's suits and be walked down the isle by his nieces. I have a feeling that my Oliver (my one doxie) will decide to sing with our musicians.

We have everything planned, booked except for the cake at this point..

And I'm not looking forward to going cake tasting. I'm not going to do it myself but have my fiance and my cousin come and let them decide what to get. Talk about the need for willpower!..

Comment #25

Thanks for sharing your photos/video!! You were(still are) a beautiful bride,,and couple!!.

I just may have to let Dh have his way on this,,,he does a great impersonation of Elvis himself,,,if you can imagine this being done by a Chinese fellow!! Gotta love him!.

We head to California (Newport Beach) in June for our son's wedding. It is on a yacht, with the reception cruising around the harbor. About 125 guests,,,so should be fun and different too! He is 32 and took his time finding the right girl..

Thank all of you for sharing your pictures,,I love looking at them!..

Comment #26

I've been married for almost 6 years, and was somewhere around 190-200 I'm guessing. I liked my dress, and felt pretty in it, but I've always loved dressing to flatter my figure, whatever it was. A few weeks ago I tried it on and it was way too big, and I'd worn a corset to get into it way back when! That was pretty exciting. I'm the smallest I've been since my husband has known me, smallest since maybe...middle school? I honestly don't know, I'm in uncharted waters..

I would love to get some professional portraits done for our anniversary this summer...

Comment #27

I felt okay on my wedding day. I decided to get married quickly after our engagement with a small wedding, so I didn't have time to diet. It's more important to feel good about yourself and feel beautiful in your dress, rather than fixate on a size or a number on the scale..

There's nothing wrong with using a big event as a source of motivation. From my personal experience, though, I've found that when I fixate on looking "perfect" or being a certain weight by a certain event/date, I set myself up for disappointment and failure. But that's just me..

I'm proud to say that I am 20 pounds lighter today than when I got married, so I feel BETTER about myself now! It's kind of fun to know that 3 years later, I'm a skinnier wife. I sort of hold my wedding day weight as my maximum cutoff. My husband married me at that weight (and therefore must have thought that weight was acceptable) and I think it's my responsibility not to get too much heavier than that during our marriage...

Comment #28

[IMG][/IMG]I love this! Great subject...I was married 19 years ago on May 2nd. I was around 175-180. The dresses where limited back then for anyone over a 12, which I was....but that's really digging into my memory. I don't remember feeling fat, I remember my husband tearing up as I walked down the isle. I've only seen him do that a few other times. With each of my children's births...5 of them, and when our cat died.

Go for the best you can be on that day, because yes, you will look back at the way you looked, but enjoy the journey on the way to the day..


My daughter wearing my dress last summer..

Comment #29

I love this! Great subject...I was married 19 years ago on May 2nd. I was around 175-180. The dresses where limited back then for anyone over a 12, which I was....but that's really digging into my memory. I don't remember feeling fat, I remember my husband tearing up as I walked down the isle. I've only seen him do that a few other times. With each of my children's births...5 of them, and when our cat died.

Go for the best you can be on that day, because yes, you will look back at the way you looked, but enjoy the journey on the way to the day..


My daughter wearing my dress last summer.

Attachment 28409..

Comment #30

You have a beautiful little daughter!! that picture is so cute of her!..

Comment #31

I got married almost 15 years ago at 160ish pounds and it was my favorite day of my life until I had my kids. I felt wonderful, I loved all the music and I had a fantastic time..

Comment #32

I haven't had my wedding day yet, it is coming up this summer- July 22, 2011. I promised myself I would lose the weight during the year of planning but here we are just 3 months away and although I have managed to maintain this year I certainly am not where I had hoped to be. That is why I am here, I just started Medifast yesterday. Although I accept I probably don't have time to make it to my dream weight I hope to lose enough to feel beautiful and like my pictures. Great topic and I loved seeing all the wedding pics!..

Comment #33

MrsB, we're so glad to have you!! You picked a fabulous time to join us in the Mediverse! It seems that there are quite a few brides-to-be who are all motivated by the "big day" but it is certainly one of the most stressful times in a girl's life! When the madness of wedding planning threatens to swallow you up, let Medifast be the one sane and predictable part of your day!..

Comment #34

My wedding day is in exactly 29 days. Freaking out much? Yessiree....


I'm proud to report that I will either be AT or VERY NEAR the weight I was when my soon-to-be husband met. Our first year of dating I packed on 30lbs mostly due to anti-depressants. Spent what seems like the past 2 years trying to take it off but the pills messed up my metabolism bigtime..

Just had my bridal portraits the other night though and my dress (while tight a few months ago) is now a little loose and just how I wanted it.

I'm also looking forward to not feeling like a beached whale on our honeymoon (though I'm sure I'll gain back SOME weight while there.. haha) Will be posting pics post-wedding!..

Comment #35

I'm sorta sad writing this, but looking back...I was insecure, overweight and depressed with the way I looked on my wedding day. Everything was perfect...except me...

Comment #36

Thanks for the welcome! I was hoping to find some other brides-to-be to connect with. You are right, at least decisions about food are one thing I no longer have to worry about with all the other decisions that still need to be made about the wedding! Thanks again for the encouragement, I appreciate it!..

Comment #37

Alicia, I have the same type of motivation that you do...I'm 28 and thinking engagement is coming up rather quickly. We have talked about getting married next summer ('12) and I KNOW I don't want to look the way I do now for my wedding photos. I can't even fathom trying on a wedding dress either because I just feel gross when I look in the mirror right now..

I have been OP for one week as of today and I am really loving the changes I am already seeing in my body. My hope is to go home at Christmas of this year and be very close to my goal weight so that I can try on wedding dresses. Good luck to you with your journey!..

Comment #38

I got married ummmm gad nearly 30 years ago to my starter husband at a whopping size 2 in pink knickers by a slightly drunk wonders why that didn't work out lol (we were married nearly 20 years so it wasn't a complete failure). I'm now married five years to the keeper husband and can still remember my wedding clearly. I hope to god I never fit in that was burgundy velvet and the only gown in town that would fit my very very pregnant body. I had my hair touched up the day before and my normal gal wasn't there so the replacement felt she could tweak my highlights (I have red hair but in Alaska you have to supplement that during the dark season). Anyhow, she screwed it up big my preggers body sat in a chair for over five hours while they tried to fix it...and I was married with burgundy hair that matched my dress! I had sadly chosen wine roses and white for e decor so there was a horrible burgundy The time in the chair made my oreggo body so still that I had to ask my groom to help me get my nylons romantic lol.

I still felt good. Sure I was chubby (about 40lbs overweight when I got pregnant) but it wasn't really about the size of my **** or how big my stomach was....we both smile when thinking of it, sometimes because looking bcd it was funny as he'll...but also because it was a special day..

Ds came two months early, so we were married a month and a day before he graced us with his presence..

I'd never redo a wedding myself. Good or bad, fat or skinny, that day is about something bigger than your ****.

Enjoy it, and I will say from experience, that my size did not matter at either event..

For our six year anniversary we will probably be in Thomas land lol. Life changes you immensely and all of a sudden putting in a big dress and reciting vows does not seem as important as making different memories with your family...

Comment #39

Now that I'm only 26 days away from my wedding, the anxiety has set in so badly that I can't eat hardly AT ALL. I'm lucky if I can gag down some Medifast food and KEEP it down..

So needless to say, the weight is still falling off..

Any suggestions to help with the anxiety??..

Comment #40

CMB, I can understand the anxiety but remember to keep yourself well fed! Your body needs those calories... 800 to 1000 a day is super low, so missing meals can get dangerous. Not to mention that all those vitamins and minerals in the Medifast meals will make your hair shiny and keep your nails extra strong so you will look your absolute best!.

Do you do yoga or Pilates? I find working a class or video into my schedule helps me calm down and helps me get in a great workout, too!..

Comment #41

I remember my wedding day pretty clearly, as it was only 5mos ago. My dress was EXACTLY what I wanted, it couldnt have been any more beautiful if I had paid someone to make it! And the greatest part about my perfect dress is, I got it at a David's Bridal $99 sale. *Thank you Lord!* I felt beautiful on my wedding day. What topped the cake was looking into my fiances eyes and him mouthing to me "you're perfect". My heart was flying. I dont remember much of the ceremony, except thinking "Goodness preacher will you hurry up!" Hahaha.

I cant help but notice my arms, which I have always been unhappy about. But I dont think I look fat. The day and occasion were so perfect and wonderful, I wouldnt have changed it for anything...

Comment #42

TxNaeNae - $99 dollar wedding dress?!? Awesome! I think almost any woman can look at her body, no matter her size, and find flaws. I think it's great that your now-husband looked at you and saw perfection. How wonderful!..

Comment #43

Ya, he is pretty wonderful! He's my absolute best friend, idk what i'd do without him..

And $99 was a heck of a sale! I figure it was meant to be since it was the EXACT one I wanted AND it was on sale the same day I happened to be in the store while shopping for my best friend's wedding dress! Miracles happen everyday!..

Comment #44

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