Medifast recipe for Medifast Frappuccino?

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I made a frozen drink, just as good or better than Starbucks!!.

1 pkt Medifast Cappuccino.

1 tsp unsweetened Cocoa (more or less to taste - be sure to log what you use).

1 pkt sweetener (Splenda, Equal, etc.).

3/4 cup water.

3/4 cup ice.

Put it in blender and blend until smooth..

Turned out delicious!!.

I might try freezing it into popsicles next time!..

Comments (6)

I wonder how instant coffee would taste in your recipe? hmmmmm.......

Comment #1

I brew a cup of decaff and put it in the fridge overnight. Then I mix the 1 cup cold coffee with 1 cup cold water and the capp mix. Blend it all up in the MB and YUMMMY! Tastes so good and lots of froth going on. I might add some crushed ice instead of water to make more of a slushy type texture now that the weather is warming up..

I find it is way better to brew the coffee first rather than just add the instant granules...

Comment #2

Can I just say, "I think I love you!".


Guess what I am having this afternoon!..

Comment #3

LOL...I learned this one the hard way today! I don't have much experience with instant coffee (my parents never used it, so I've always been a "real" coffee person), but I thought I would try some to see if it would taste good in a shake. I added a "heaping teaspoon" to 4 oz. warm water and the instant coffee seemed to dissolve satisfactorily, so I dumped the mixture in my blender with a chocolate shake packet, 4 oz. cold water, and a cup of ice. I turned the blender on and in a matter of a couple of seconds the mixture doubled in size! I blended it for a bit longer to make sure the ice was crushed and then put on my brave face and tasted it. The taste wasn't that bad, but the texture was icky! It was super smooth, almost like uncooked meringue.

Blech! Is it normal for instant coffee to make drinks explode like this? Oh well, at least I know not to try that one again!..

Comment #4

I don't have any cocoa, but I think I'll try the Frappuccino with some WF chocoalte syrup this afternoon. mmm, thanks!..

Comment #5

Sounds good...I had something similar....

You blend:.

1 pkt. cappuccino.

6 oz. cold coffee.


-blend and it's almost as good as Starbucks frappaccino!!! YUM!!.


Comment #6

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