Medifast foods. Any copycat type foods that are cheaper?

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First question I got is Medifast foods. Any copycat type foods that are cheaper? Hoping for any comment. My other question... I think goal clothes are a very important exercise in visualizing your success. Why? Because when you purchase something in a smaller size, you are making a commitment to yourself that you WILL fit into those, otherwise it would be a waste!.

My most recent goal closet purchase is a pair of "True Religion" jean shorts from E-bay in a size 6. I am currently a 12..

What is your most recent goal-closet purchase?..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

Comment #1

I bought a vintage cocktail dress several months now fits! Looking for the shoes now.....

Just arrived today: A pair of Burton Snowboard Pants size Medium! (they run very small!) I met a goal of being in a Large this past winter but can't quite get these new ones up over my thighs/butt! I also bought several pairs of shorts and capris in size 10 for the summer. I'm between a 12-14 now. (I haven't owned a pair of shorts in over a decade!) All ebay buys, by the way! ((HUGS))..

Comment #2

That is awesome, both of you! I began in a 3XXX and size 26 jeans, so let me say how much of a mindblow it is to be a 12 jeans and L top right will both be EXACTLY where you want to be in a little bit of time. =)..

Comment #3

EMT I know what you mean! At first I was thinking "shorts? NO WAY!!" but by the time I will fit in to these, shorts will be as easy for me to wear as my lipstick!.

You will be in those snowboard pants soon...keep trying them on once a month. They will be YOUR pants next season!..

Comment #4

Well, I had a pair of size 8 pants. Which I am wearing to work today! Huge surprise!..

Comment #5

Just a little heads up here,,try the smaller clothes on real often,as you will see sizes dropping rapidly the closer to goal you get. I had several items I just lost right out of and never got to wear them..

You are all doing great, btw...

Comment #6

Thank you! I sure hope so, red is my absolute favorite color and although I doubt I'll be wearing it outside of my house (.

) I still want it lol..

Comment #7

Thank you so much for that link! I've found four tops that are now on my list!!..

Comment #8

Terri time to go get yourself a size 6 in the same style! =)..

Comment #9

Schu1, I cannot WAIT! =) Thank you for the encouragement!..

Comment #10

I just started back on Medifast today after almost a year of being off the program and I bought a goal dress:.

Http:// ctId=43597.

Its form fitting and it's ivory so it shows every curve and bump so I gotta work extra hard!..

Comment #11

I have a shirt my dh brought home for me from vegas that is a medium at best. I took before pictures in it and I can't wait until I can fit into it !It is so pretty ...

Comment #12

I stopped into Old Navy this weekend and grabbed a pair of capris for $7.50. Size 10. I am currently in 14's and some 12's. I look forward to being able to wear them some time in the not so distant future...

Comment #13

SO TRUE! I'm now going through the closet and weeding it out and sorting the Soon, Someday, and Goal piles on a biweekly basis after missing a bunch of outfits I was looking forward to wearing..

My most recent purchases were some 10s that I expect to wear in the next few weeks. I haven't bought a lot of goal clothes, since I have a hard time believing that my top will shrink enough to ever get into a small :P..

Comment #14

Wow - I love this idea! For some reason, it hadn't occurred to me at all to buy something for inspiration. Spazzyhilo - LOVE that red dress! Can't imagine stepping foot out of my bedroom in it, though - LOL. And Isidora - I thought "I won't ever be able to wear a slinky cut like that!" But then I reminded myself that I am getting there - one pound at a time. I don't know that I'll ever feel totally unselfconscious - especially about wearing things without sleeves! But you guys have me looking now for MY perfect motivation clothes. Thanks for putting the bug in my ear (or however that saying goes)!..

Comment #15

This is so funny. I have my pants organized by:.

I can wear these now.

I should be able to wear these soon.

Goal pants.

Seriously I have three stacks of pants in my closet..

And this is an interesting thread because I just bought a bunch of tops that were on super clearance at the Limited. I start teaching this fall and they are all very nice tops - sizes small and I even got really bold and got one XS. It's nice to have things to work towards...

Comment #16

Be careful with buying something expensive for goal. I spent a whole lot on things that are now getting loose in transition. I'm not complaining at all hah, but I wish I hadn't of done it until I was in maintenance. Still, you can't go running up to strangers and start shaking them screaming "GOAL!" so you go crazy shopping instead. Just be cheap about it for awhile...

Comment #17

Im sure at this time you can't picture yourself wearing them but wait til you hit goal I think that might change.

I could never picture myself wearing short dresses the last time I did was back in high school over 10 years ago and lately I have been wearing short dresses ( with tights that is) needles to say I wouldn't be caught in a short dress/skirt years ago and here I am today wearing them and I just restarted Medifast again today!..

Comment #18

Love the links to the dresses. Wowza... both are very hot & sexy..

I guess I never thought of a goal size. I just think/focus on the number on the scale and whatever size number that happens to be, I'll be grateful. As a big girl, I realized clothing makers, at times, their sizes aren't all the same..

However, I did just buy a size 4 capri from Salvation Army. I tried them on before I left. They fit!! :-0.


So I guess I'll be happy with a size 4. Being only 6 lbs from goal, I figure, that's where I'll end up!!.

Happy "OP" Monday everyone!!.


Comment #19

I'm not buying goal clothes until I get to goal. I bought a pair of size 14 jeans when I was a 20 to shrink into, but they ended up being too long once I got there since there wasn't more chunk to hold them on. Every time I start shrinking into the next size both my pants and shirts get too long...

Comment #20

Yeah, I thought about buying "smaller" clothes to fit into when I get there..well guess what..I did and my smallest I have waiting right now in my closet are a 1x...and let me tell you I tried them on this weekend and before I couldnt get them over my thighs and butt well now I can wear them kinda snug but they went on with a little bit of strings snapping sounds lmao!.

But I'm going to wait maybe two weeks or maybe this coming weekend to try again...but either going to look forward to buy smaller clothes eventually right ok thus far but I know I'm going to be "melting" pretty quickly!..

Comment #21

Too true, I stick to E-bay and crazy end-of-season sales at Ann Taylor Loft and Banana Republic, and buy in anticipation of next year. =)..

Comment #22

Yes, Steph, the sizes will start going faster now. It is so exciting!..

Comment #23

Your size loss will get faster the closer you get to goal. I dropped 2 sizes between 150 and 140. The last 10 lbs took the longest, but that is when the inches really dropped. And in places that I didn't expect....

Comment #24

I've got a pair of goal boots myself. Clothing sizes I have no idea on - I've never been a healthy weight. But my pair of sexy knee-high boots that I'll fit in one my calves shrink are waiting in my closet. I can't /wait/ to be able to buy normal shoes again!..

Comment #25

I bought a vintage Edwardian period diamond ring in a size way too small..

Got it sized when I got to gaol...

Comment #26

I am noticing the same thing - it's taking much longer to lose weight now but every pound dropped makes a much bigger difference. When I first started it took a 30 pound loss until it really seemed like I was actually losing...

Comment #27

I found a brand-new with tags pair of Calvin Klein jeans in a size 10 at the Goodwill for $10. Those are my current "goal jeans." Like others have said, I have no idea what size I will be at goal, so I don't want to buy too much...

Comment #28

I bought a size large top this past weekend for $4.99 originally $64.00 at younkers... it's a cute top and almost fits but for the first time in a looonnnnggg time I wasnt upset that it was too small...i know I will be in it sometime soon!! I also bought my first pair of size 12 jeans that do fit me now!! whoo hoo!! It's weird because I had button down tops that were too small to button so I would wear them as a jacket-like with a baggy tank those tops are all way toooo big!! I have absolutely no summerwear because they are all too big...and I don't care!! it's so exciting!!..

Comment #29

I finally got the nerve to dig deeper down in a trunk tha theld onto size 28-30's "Lucky" and "Silver" brand jeans...and to my suprise, I fit into quite a few of them! I was hiding STILL in my larger clothing..why????..

Comment #30

Yay! I just picked up a size 28 Lucky at Goodwill...

Comment #31

I used to wear wear a lot of bias cut 30s and 40s gowns to events. I still have a few which are part of the goal wardrobe (I'm planning a big big big shopping trip for the size six and smaller wardrobe)...

Comment #32

I have a leather skirt that says a size 12, but it more like a 6. Seriously, they mismarked it or something. I have held it up to some shorts that are a 6, and they are exactly the same size..

I also have a pair of Docker shorts in a size 6 waiting. I can pull them up, and they sit in the right place. Buttoning..never, zippering not even close but they go up over my hips...

Comment #33

Mine were my size 12 American Eagle jeans that my mom had sent to me over 2 years ago. I kept looking at them thinking that NO WAY was I EVER going to be able to fit into them. I walked into Murdochs (a western store in the area) and told the sales girl that I needed jeans because the size 12's were WAAAAY too big. She put me in size 7's!!!! Considering that I started in tight 18/20s this was more than completely shocking...

Comment #34

KB, I love Ann Taylor Loft. I just bought a nice dress at an outlet. Now, I'm under the gun to go somewhere I can wear it before it gets too big. Now where's my hubby, "Oh honey, take me out to dinner this week cause I might be a size 12 next week!" LOL..

Comment #35

Isn't that the truth?!.

I honestly have to go through my closet once a week and try stuff on because I don't want to miss the "window of wear" opportunity!..

Comment #36

I have a cute XL tee shirt (and it's cut small) from and that is my first clothing goal..

I'd love to be able to fit into my wedding dress, we'll see once I get close to goal...

Comment #37

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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