Medifast food taste gross, What can I do?

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Got a question... Medifast food taste gross, What can I do? Looking forward for any response. 2nd question I got is.. After more than two weeks of thinking that I had an intestinal bug, it's finally settled. It's my gallbladder. The darn thing needs to be yanked..

After having a full-blown attack two nights ago, I couldn't be more ready for this surgery. I *never* want to go through that again!.

The dr said that it was the diet. Not MF, specifically, but any time one loses a lot of fat, there's the risk of the stones forming. He has no problem with me sticking with MF. The stones are already there, so it wouldn't help anything for me to stop now. One way or another, the weight has to come off..

I've been really miserable lately and it's been very hard to stay OP. I keep looking for *something* that will kill this nausea and I'm just stuck with it. I was worried that I might be having a problem with Medifast (like a soy intolerance) and it did shake my confidence. So two weeks ago I made the decision to hold things here until I felt better..

Hearing that gallstones are a common problem (especially with middle-aged women) with any effective diet was seriously reassuring. Now I can plunge ahead and know that I'm not hurting myself. (An added bonus is that I've been well-nourished for almost 2 months and I'll probably do better with the surgery!).

For the last two weeks I've stalled myself at the 161-162 range and I haven't regained any weight, so it should be pretty easy to move forward now that I know that it's safe. That also made me more confident about transition. I made the choice to hold my weight at this point and I was easily able to do it!.

I'm so relieved that I don't have to give up MF!!..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can help you..

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Had mine out 8 years ago... right at the tail end of doing the Atkins diet for many months. Strangely, DH had his out pretty much right after doing the Atkins diet too. The gallbladder attacks were nightmarish and, like you, we were ready for the surgery!.

Good luck and we'll think good thoughts for you..

Comment #2

I had my first gallbladder attack August 2009 when I was still fat (250lbs) and not dieting at all..

I tried to manage the attacks by eating a low fat diet (I did not lose a single pound) but gave in and had it out before Christmas that year..

I did not lose any weight as a result of the surgery but I did enjoy the pain meds.

Best of luck to you and take care of yourself...

Comment #3

I had a GB attack in the summer of 08. I didn't know it was an attack at the time, but later on I read online the symptoms of a GB attack and they fit me like a "T". Thankfully I have not had another, and it has been almost 3 years so I'm going to leave it in for now but be aware of the potential for another on down the line. At least I know how to recognize it now and if it happens again I'll get it taken care of because you don't want to mess with those! They can turn into Pancreatitis and be potentially deadly!..

Comment #4

I had mine out years ago. The surgery and recovery were no biggie for me. Get that sucker yanked! Gallbladder attacks are TERRIBLE!..

Comment #5

You may have had gallbladder issues regardless. My super-morbidly obese mother (who has rarely lost weight in her life and eats plenty of fat) had her gallbladder out, as did my very slender MIL and godmother (both are really thin, but eat healthily.).

I'm sorry you are dealing with this, but it's a very common problem for people of all weights, so please don't beat yourself up about the diet..

I hope you feel better!.


Comment #6

I am confused, but maybe one of you GB experts can straighten me out. I thought one of the purposes of the healthy fat is to protect the GB, but you guys are making it sound like it's the opposite and too much fat is what led to your problems? Okay..set me straight...

Comment #7

By all means we can't give all the medical causes of Gall Bladder Disease (stones, back-up, inflammation etc). And, I'm not a medical Doctor and cannot give medical advice. I can, however give a bit of information, and if you google Gall Bladder you will be able to find much if this yourself..

But sometimes when someone is on a VERY restrictive diet with not enough adequate healthy fats their gall bladder does not get a chance to fully empty (or constrict) throughout the day. If this happens regularly, there can be a back-up in the bile duct and a potential blockage because the gallbladder isn't getting used enough..

Gall stones can be caused by cholesterol, or formed out of bile. There are many causes for stones to develop..

Medifast has adequate healthy fats in order that the gall-bladder should be able to fully contract at least once per day. In order to ensure this, I do take steps to make sure it happens, like not splitting my healthy fats. I consume my healthy fats with my lean and green. I also use creamer in the morning, but I count it as a condiment..

It really is just hit or miss as to who will develop gall stones and who won't. Some people are prone and others aren't. No way of telling in advance!.

That's all I know about it!..

Comment #8

Thanks Stacy, I had a feeling it would be you who would have a good explanation...

Comment #9

I think it's something like this: Your body uses bile to digest oil/fat. Your liver produces bile (among other jobs), and your gallbladder stores some of it and squirts it out..

Eating healthy fat helps your body to digest vegetables, and causes your liver and gallbladder to shoot out some bile to digest the fat; and the bile kind of "rinses" out the area it goes through while it's passing..

If "gunk" that the liver has been cleaning out of your blood settles and collects in the gallbladder, it can form stones. Then, when the gallbladder contracts to squirt bile (to help digest the fat), it can be painful if there are stones there...

Comment #10

Stacy beat me to it. And she used better words than "gunk"..

Comment #11


, I kind of like the term "gunk". Very descriptive...

Comment #12

I had my first gall bladder attack about 1 month after my 17yo son was born. I had lost 35 lbs that first month (of course some of that was the baby) and was driving home with my son in his infant seat when it hit. I had a couple more and then nothing for years. Finally had my GB out more than 11 years after the first attack..

My cousin's wife is a WW leader and she's seen many women, especially 40+ women have their GB's removed after a month or two of starting WW...

Comment #13

Stats show that people who are too heavy suffer high incidence of gallbladder issues,,,,on the other end of that spectrum,,,,,those who lose weight quickly,,especially if done lowfat also,,,are high risk also. Crazy how our bodies work. The extra weight though, is probably a much bigger health risk, than having the gallbladder removed..

I think extra fats(nuts, peanut butter) were added back to Medifast program just for this reason, but of course, nothing is a 100% preventative. Just my opinion..

Best wishes on your surgery!..

Comment #14

Well, damn...I know what you are going through because I have been dealing with this pain from my GB for years and years and just a BIG BABY to get it taken out LOL....

I had an attack few weeks ago and WOW it through me in for a loop!..

Comment #15

I have been feeling like I have some issues with my gall bladder.. what kind of syptoms are you all having?..

Comment #16

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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