Medifast food on sale this month??

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Does anyone know if they have any Medifast food on sale this Month?..

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Chocolate for Diabetics and Vanilla for Diabetics are the specials. I've tried both even though I'm not Diabetic and liked them both...

Comment #1

Would have been nice for Medifast to offer one diabetic and one non-diabetic item. That way those who do not need the diabetic items could still benefit from the sale...

Comment #2

How are the diabetic shakes, btw?.

Do they compare to the regular 55 shakes?.


Comment #3

It doesn't say whether these are "Dutch" chocolate and "French" vanilla. I don't care for the "French" taste of the vanilla in the regular shake.I love the vanilla in the new pudding though. Wish Medifast would come out with a "Plain" Vanilla Shake. It would make flavoring it far more simple and no need to try to disguise the taste since I like the plain vanilla flavoring...

Comment #4

Gosh darn it!! I just placed a big order including diabetic shakes! Grrrr!!! Maybe I'll have to make another one to stock up. I like the diabetic shakes due to the lower carb and higher protein amounts...

Comment #5

The diabetic shakes are not "Dutch" or "French" ...they are just chocolate and vanilla. As I am diabetic, I do agree that they could have done one non diabetic item. The shakes are pretty good to me, but what do I know, I like all the Medifast food. I have had the RTD chocolate shakes, and to me the diabetic ones are better...

Comment #6

I love all the shakes and the RTDs are some of my favorites, so I'll probably like these, too!.

Thanks Paula!..

Comment #7

I use the diabetic shakes cause I am insullin resistant and really like them. I think they may even taste better than the regular ones...

Comment #8

It says on the nutritional info for these that they can be used as an occasional meal replacement or snack, so are they not actually supposed to be one of our 5 Medifast meals? I guess I need some clarification. Thanks!..

Comment #9

My understanding is that they are regular Medifast meals, Tammy...

Comment #10

This is wonderful news for me, Paula74. I'll be ordering the diabetic vanilla with my next order. Thanks so much!..

Comment #11

Awhile back I asked Nutrisystem if the diabetic vanilla and chocolat were different since they weren't labeled, 'dutch' and 'french'... I don't like the french vanilla so was looking for just vanilla....

They told me that they were the same even though they didn't say 'french'......

Who knows... I just don't get why if they can make a plain vanilla pudding, why can't they make a plain vanilla shake??? I did read somewhere on these boards that someone puts 8 oz of water in the pudding to make a shake... sounds like I may try it.....

LOVE the vanilla pudding....


Comment #12

I hear you, kazie, as I love the vanilla pudding too!.

Posted this question on the 100+ forum but wanted to ask ya'll also here..

What are the main ingredients for the diabetic shakes?.

They do not have the "" symbol next to them in the Medifast catalog/product guide, and was wondering what replaces the soy protein..

Or do they have the soy protein and are just a different forumulation?.

Really thinking of ordering these as they are on sale and with the holidays around the corner I need to budget my $$$$ for Medifast and gifts.


Comment #13

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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