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Inspired by gaolbysummer's ALL ABOUT ME post on the blogs... what are your favorites?.


Lean: Ahi Tuna.

Green: Caesar salad w/ sauteed mushrooms and Galeos dressing.

MF Recipe: Blueberry pancakes or Almond Muffins.

Eating out L/G: Crabcakes (only from good restaurants - no carby fillers!) & asparagus.

Treat: Rita's Ice Sugar Free Cherry.

Snack: PB2 mixed in chocolate shakes..

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Lean: Teriyaki grilled Chicken.

Green: Sauteed spinach and mushrooms with Galeos sesame dressing.

MF Recipe: Crepes.

Eating out: L&G Ruby Tuesdays Peppercorn Steak with broccolli.

Treat: WF caramel or marshamllow dip.

Snack: Adding PB2 to my chocolate shake..

Comment #1

Lean: Grilled Tuna Steak.

Green: Roasted Cauliflower.

MF Recipe: Pizza Bread or Ice Cream.

Eating out: Don Pablos Low Carb Fajita Salad.

Treat: WF Pancake syrup.

Snack: Adding PB2 to my shakes or pudding..

Comment #2


I am wondering how you prepare the teriyaki chicken. Most teriyaki I have had has sugar or sweetener in it? Do you have a recipe?.

Start 5/03/07.

Wk 1- 6 lbs.

Wk 2- 7 lbs.

Wk 3- 0 lbs.

Wk 4- 6 lbs First month 19 pounds.

Wk 5- 1 lb..

Wk 6- 3 lbs.

Wk 7- 3 lbs..

Comment #3

Raves and Faves.

Lean: Seared Ahi with hot mustard sauce; Maple-glazed Peppercorn Salmon (made with SF maple syrup in the marinade, of course); Tuscan Tilapia.

Green: Roasted cauliflower; roasted eggplant; salad with Galeo's ceasar.

MF Recipe: ice cream; bread bars; custard.

Eating out L/G: Mediterrean Mussels (had them two nights in a row when I was in Florida).

Freebie Treat: Canfield's Diet Chocolate Soda; Boylan's Diet Cream Soda;Boylan's Diet Orange Cream Soda (tastes just like an orange Dreamsicle).

Snack: PB2 mixed with Walden's Chocolate Syrup and a drop of Sweetfreeze and licked off the spoon..

Comment #4

L&G: fettucini alfredo (shiritaki angel hair, mozzarella, shrimp or chicken, broccoli).

MF Recipe: ice cream!.

Eating Out: Moe's Close Talker with no shell, no olives, but with chicken, sour cream, and the southwestern vinaigrette dressing..

Free Treat: walmart brand crystal light apple juice or 4C fruit punch.

Snack: sugar free jello with sugar free whipped cream..

Comment #5

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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