Medifast... Does that even work?

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Quick question... Medifast... Does that even work? Thanks in advance for any comment. My other question... Hey All ~.

Newbie here ... just wrapping up my first week and so far have been 100% OP and loving MF! I still struggle with some of the calculations of the Lean and Green and no matter how much I study all the materials including the Quick Start Guide and all the sheets on Meatless, Condiments, etc., I am still struggling..

So I am looking to some of you experts for a little advice before I head to the grocery store this afternoon. I posted this question on Medifast yesterday, but no answers to any questions today - wondering if they are off for Good Friday?.

If I want to have Egg Beaters for dinner, scrambled, with some cheese and MSF crumbled sausage starters, how much can I use? Say I want to use one cup of Egg Beaters (or maybe a little more?) and then add the sausage crumbles and 2% Kraft Shreeded Cheddar Cheese, how much can I use? And, how do I count it? Is it all lean? Or, any healthy fats? How many healthy fats can I have with this?.

I have looked at the Meatless Options sheet - and myabe I am just stupid, but I am not sure I am figuring it correctly, so looking for a little experienced wisdom to give me some direction!.

Thanks all!!.


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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

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Smiley is right on. Do remember that Medifast works monday through friday. A holiday may complicate that. They answer questions as they come in. In other words, the oldest questions get answered first...

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Molly - I know that this is not going to be a popular idea, but since you are so new, I strongly urge you to start out keeping things as simple as possible for the first few weeks. You need time to get used to and understand the program before you jump in and start getting creative with either the Medifast foods or l&g...

Comment #3

I agree to try to keep it simple. I have did this plan for a 90 lbs loss in 2009 and maintained it for over a year, and I never figured out how to combine leans because I never really tried it. I did split my L&G occasionally, but I literally made 1 L&G and split it in half..

You want to make sure that you don't do anything that will delay you getting into ketosis or kick you out of ketosis once you are there. This can be tricky if you start to tinker. Log everything that you are planning to eat in MyPlan and see how it comes out..

Best of luck...

Comment #4

No offense to anyone, but not trying it because you couldn't figure it out is perhaps not the best plan. The numbers smiley gave were spot on, and Molly is simply combining leans and was looking for guidence. IMHO, encouraging her to not mix leans is similar to saying "you better stick to 3 of the same veg for your green. You don't want to get confused". I know there are 2 schools of thought with the "keeping it simple" or the "recipe crowd", but combining leans is a simple thing that can be done to get some very OP variety if one desires...

Comment #5

Smiley ~ Thank you so very much! I am sure I can make that work..

Yes, I agree with all of you about keeping it as simple as possible and that is what I really want to do. However, my "simple" is usually chicken on lettuce to make a salad for my L&G. But with today being Friday, a no meat day, I needed something different. My stomach has a hard time with fish, so I rarely eat it and didn't really feel like trying tonight and then having issues..

Also, I do need to mix it up a little or I will get bored and I am afraid I will fall off plan. Wasn't sure I could eat 2 cups of plain egg beaters, so just trying to add a little to make it taste better, but still stay on plan..

But, I very much value all of your advice and expertise!! And, I know you are right about keeping it simple! THANKS!.

Have a great weekend!.


Comment #6

I'm a creature of habit so I may spend the next four months (or until goal) with my simple steak burger and sauteed mushrooms every night for my L&G LOL. I'm in love with my George Foreman grill and after working at a stressful job all day I just don't want to think about whats for dinner. Simple is good for me, thats why this works..

Comment #7

Sorry, I didn't mean any offense. And I think Smiley's numbers were probably right too. I just wanted to say to put the info into MyPlan and double check, which when I read back, Smiley had already said.....

Comment #8

No offense taken at all! My problem with the "My Plan" is that unless I am looking at it wrong there is no calculator to figure out how to count something. It it's just ti fill in the blansk with my 5 Medifast meals and then the 1 L&G it doesn't help me much if I am having trouble counting the L & G..

But, believe me, I am all about simple! I have seen some of the recipes on here ... whew! Though I am going to try the mashed cauliflower with LC cheese..

Thanks, all, for the help!.


Comment #9

I didn't mean that you should not split or do recipes. Nor did I question Smiley's numbers. All I was suggesting that you wait until you are familiar enough with the program to understand better how it's broken down and not complicate the learning process any more than necessary. The thought of having to do complicated math just to eat a meal is enough to make me never want to eat again! hehe. I like to jazz my food up with spices and seasoning, and occasionally a little cheese. It's amazing how much you can change something like chicken, just by changing what you use to season it...

Comment #10

I know it's hard sometimes to figure out the measurements, but you did give me a plan for dinner.

I have some left over shrimp, I can add it to some egg whites with some cheese mushrooms and tomatoes, and make a kind of quiche, I will just put it in the oven to cook sounds yummy!!..

Comment #11

Molly, once you add the food to MyPlan, you can click on the little grey gear thing and Edit Food. Then you can change the default amount that MyPlan stuck in there..

So you will have to add 3 leans, then edit them to reflect the amounts you used, then look at the fat, protein and carb totals for the 3 combined items to make sure they reflect the numbers that a Lean should provide..

(I really CAN do the math, I'm an engineer- LOL, I just don't fiddle with it much.)..

Comment #12

Molly, are you having trouble figuring out what the lean and greens are as in, you get three greens and one lean a day? The leanest is 7 oz the medium is 6 and the highest is 5. all you really have to figure is the amount, if you can't eat the full 2 cups of the eggs (I can't either) then if you use one cup you have used half a lean, that gives you another half a lean to use, it just depends on which of the three catagories the chosen food falls under as to how much that serving would be. I know I was making it much harder than it had to be when I started also. For example, both my egg whites and shrimp fall under the leanest catagory so I can have half a serving of each to make up my lean portion of my meal. It took me a while to figure it out but I keep my quick start guide handy to remind me of my portion sizes for each and it does get easier with time. Hope that helps some as well...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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