Medifast Delicious Enhanced Shakes?

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Maybe I am a little slow, but I just recently discovered Diet A&W Rootbeer and Creme Soda. Both are delicious and taste like a dessert by themselves!.

I started modifying my shakes by using 12 oz. of Diet A&W RB, French Vanilla Shake Mix, and loads of ice. I mix it all in the blender, pour in a 32 oz. glass and sip on it all morning for a very satisfying breakfast that taste like an old fashioned rootbeer float! I do the same thing for the fruit flavored shakes, except I use the creme soda. Equally delicious. I haven't experimented with the chocolate yet, but I bet either one would taste great.

Also, for a no carb-no fat hot afternoon or evening treat, pour the soda in a glass, put in freezer just long enough to be slushy and eat with a spoon. It's a great alternative to a snowball (which we are famous for here in Louisiana). You can even freeze solid for popsicles, if you prefer. Oh and FYI, last night at Wal-Mart, I saw Popsicle brand makes a combo box of Diet A&W Rootbeer, Diet Orange Crush, & Diet Dr. Pepper Popsicles!.

Hope this helps to make at least one person's diet journey a little more enjoyable...

Comments (6)

I do the same - I love to mix diet 7-Up with a frozen orange cream - tastes like the creamsicles from when I was a kid!!!! (a long time ago :-)..

Comment #1

Wow thoses shakes sound great. I will have to try those combos..

Comment #2

Oooh! The 7-Up alternative sounds yummy. I'll try that!..

Comment #3

That sounds really tasty! I've been looking for something to perk up the shakes. I love root beer and creme soda, so I bet these will hit the spot..

I just got a magic bullet and I LOVE IT! Can I mix up a shake with a carbonated soda in the magic bullet safely? It won't explode or anything? Or do I need to use a regular blender?..

Comment #4

: > While I love adding fizzy liquids to the shakes, I always have trouble with all the foam filling up the glass. I have become an expert at the slow pour!..

Comment #5

The French Vanilla is AWESOME in Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper!! OMGosh I could drink it everyday but alas, I can no longer have the soy MF. BooHoo. Enjoy!..

Comment #6

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