Medifast cookie recipes

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...and the recipe made so many more cookies than last Christmas!.

Must have been that brand new can of baking powder.....

...or maybe the fact that I didn't eat half the cookie dough, like I did last Christmas!.

Seriously, though, the funniest thing happened. I was worried that I'd be tempted to taste the dough, because cookie dough has always been one of my biggest weaknesses. But as I began to roll it out, a memory came to me: I was a young girl in Sunday school and the teacher gave us some home-made play dough to play with. I put a taste of it in my mouth, and yuck! It was salty and horrible!.

Don't know where that came from, but it sure worked! As long as I didn't taste the dough and prove myself wrong, I was able to convince myself that it was salty and horrible just like the play dough I'd tasted all those years ago. Sounds crazy, but it really worked!.

I'll have to find that Sunday school teacher and thank her!!.


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Cookie dough is scarey, one of my old problem foods. Really ran into trouble when they started selling it by the bucket at my local warehouse store. Not sure I can convince myself it won't taste good so I am leaving the cookie baking (an eating) to others this year. Maybe I will be that strong next year. Good for you Deb!..

Comment #1

I am facing this little task in the next few weeks too. Having a heck of a time this week losing any of the 3 pound gain from a planned vaca this weekend... and am just not willing to nosh on these.... The plan is to make about a dozen of these cookies, the week of Christmas, with the boys and let them enjoy them and have tradition.... but no need to make more than that... my husband is usually the one who decorates with them.......

But, so what? I guess I'll just miss them.... and I'll miss them showing up on my ***** too.... LOL Sorry, I know... but I want to see that trend downward.... =)..

Comment #2

Good for you!! I had to banish cookies from the house this year. I just don't have the strength yet. I commend your play-dough mind trickery!! Way to go!..

Comment #3

WTG! that is a great idea.... I LOVE this time of year, and baking treats for everyone, I will have to envision the yucky playdough (even the smell of it - ugh!) my usual mind trick (warning - graphic yucky) is envision whatever i'm making in the litter box and it usually derails any cravings IMMEDIATELY hahahahaha!..

Comment #4

That's funny...I have 3 loaves of artisan sourdough bread in the oven right now. I've been working on it for 3 days to really coax the "sour". I haven't baked in many months, and it's SO fun to bake! I had to decide which I enjoyed better, the baking or the eating. Obviously I need to choose the "baking". I have a painter working here and thought it would be nice to send homemade bread home w/ him. The house smells great. SO...I'm learning to enjoy the creative process of bread baking, the sensual smell, and not need the eating aspect of it...

Comment #5


Congratz to everyone who is baking and staying OP. Y'all have my bountiful admiration! I'm with those that just can't do it this year..

My sister and brother usually gift me cookies and they've been put on alert not to add me to their cookie list this Christmas!..

Comment #6

Nice idea on the salt dough memory I will have to keep it in mind since I need to bake for a cookie swap this weekend..

My hardest part of baking is that I'm bad about measuring and have a number of recipes that are done by taste, and instead having to trust that what's written down is going to be good enough. And it's instinctive to just taste it. Someone in another thread mentioned wearing a face mask lol. I might actually try that one for when I start the serious baking!..

Comment #7

Something that I do when I bake is have my family taste test for me. I figured it I'm not the one that will be eating them, why should I be the one tasting them? I still do this and it works great. If you set your mind to it, you can do it...

Comment #8

That is a great idea and looks like it worked. Ill try that next time the kitchen is going!..

Comment #9

Nice visual and great NSV! Thanks for sharing. There are only a couple of things that I miss as someone who can't eat wheatfresh baked sugar cookies is one of them. Good job on resisting...

Comment #10

I LOVE baking during Christmas, but I'm really bad about eating the dough/batter of whatever I'm making. This is such a horrible trigger for me that I have decided I cannot bake at all this year. I am sad about it but will look forward to baking next year..

I thought I could handle it at Thanksgiving and made sugar cookies at my sister's house. I "snuck" licks from the spoon a couple of times and felt that furtive guilt that comes with binging. No thanks. On to different habits please!.

Thank you to the poster who gave me the litter box imagery. That helps!.


Comment #11

LOL - the face mask might do the trick!.

I have some recipes like that too, where you really have to taste. I haven't made any of them since I started MF, but I've already decided that when I do I will still taste, and then I'll spit it out. Sounds kind of gross, but why not?.

This is great advice, De!! At Thanksgiving I recruited my daughter to be my taster, and everyone raved that they were the best I'd every made. Who'd have thunk it?..

Comment #12

You can also dab a bit of Vicks Vapor Rub under your nose. It really helps overpower the scent of the cookies...

Comment #13

My husband isn't enough of a critiquer to give me proper feedback on whether or not a little more vanilla or a pinch more salt is in order, particularly since the only cookies he likes are chocolate chip (which I can fortunately do by memory).

And we're expecting a blizzard tonight, so I have a few more days reprieve...

Comment #14

You really need to learn to trust the recipe you're working from. Most recipes are formulated exactly so by changing any of the ingredients you could change the outcome and quality of the product. Baking really does require exact measurements for optimum results, unlike regular cooking where you can wing it to taste. If he's not too picky about his cookies, and YOU aren't going to eat them, why not just let the tasting go and trust in a proven CC recipe, like Toll House?..

Comment #15

Good job! Whatever works I say!!.

I decided this year I won't do my usual bake extravaganza...with me just re-starting MF, I KNEW that I would not be strong enough to handle that, so I went to my local Panera bread and bought already wrapped and sealed yummy holiday bread and am delivering to my usual friends, etc, over the weekend...Felt so good not to even have to deal with it and was sure easy as well...My daughter's always make Christmas cookies on Christmas Eve as our tradition, I will let THEM do it and I will stay out of the way...My staying in control is my motivation, VERY empowering! Besides, I LOVE the Medifast brownie and when they are having a cookie, I can have that. I also make mini "scones" out of the pancake mix and spread with LF cream cheese, so yummy!..

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