Medifast Chicken and Fish Ideas?

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I need some ideas for cooking my chicken! I'm running out of ideas fast....Anything working well for you? Also fish recipes? I don't like fish real well but am trying hard to make it more often. My husband has had a heart attack so it is important we eat more fish. Any help you can give would be so appreciated!..

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Do a search for enchilada chicken someone posted on here. It is delicious. I am making it without the cheese however since I think I'm overdoing it with the cheddar..

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If you dont like fish I would start with Orange Roughy or Halibit. They are both so mild if you buy them fresh. I cook them the same way in the toaster oven. Very quick and easy clean up.

Wash under warm water to get any slime off.

Pat dry.

Rub with a small amount of olive oil, just enough to coat lightly. It keeps the moisture in so it doesnt dry out..

Sprinkle with garlic powder and a bit of pepper.

Put on oven pan lined with tin foil for easy clean up.

Sprinkle with low sodium soy sauce, just enough so it seasons it. Dont over do it or it will be too salty..

Optional, add small pats of fat to top of fish. I cant believe it's not butter light works well..

Bake for about 15 min at 350. Test with fork. If it is soft and flakes it is done. Enjoy with any veggie..

Hope this helps...

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Chicken lettuce wraps are really good and you could switch up the recipe to fit into the Medifast program. Almost like a taco but you use the lettuce for the shell. You can make these either more on the Asian or mexican taste...

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We do that with ground chicken breast cooked in taco seasoning. Then we make tacos with lettuce. My daughter loves when we have this for dinner..

Tilapia is also very mild fish. I had awesome tilapia tonight at Chili's. I am going to try to recreate the recipe at home. The tilapia filet is cooked on the grill on a cedar plank for flavor. The topping (I ordered on the side so I could control portion) was cilantro, lime juice, and wet garlic with a bit of olive oil mixed kind of like a vinaigrette would be. WOW!! It was so good...

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Hey werfeds!.

I'm pretty new to the Medifast plan. But, I like to marinate a chicken breast in a mix of balsamic vinegar, water, and a splash of EVOO. Then hit it with a little spice (lemon pepper, creole, or my favorite mesquite!) then about 8 minutes in the George Foreman grill and - there you go! Happy grilling!..

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Glad you posted this! I, too, can get into a 'rut' by just cooking a boring chicken breast and have a salad.


I had the most amazing dinner on Thursday that I made it again on Friday!.

Italian Chicken.

Heat 1 tsp. olive oil in pan. Add about 7 oz. piece of skinless, boneless chicken breast (it will cook down to about 6 oz.) and 1 T. chopped onion. When you flip the chicken, push onion aside and saute 1/2 cup sliced mushrooms next to chicken and onions.

Turn heat down to low, cover and let chicken cook through. If you aren't having salad dressing, you could have another tsp. of olive oil poured over the top of the tomatoes and seasoning. I tell ya, I was in HEAVEN!.


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Thanks so much! I was wondering what to have tonight. My husband has to fend for himself for 2 meals a day so I try to make the 3rd (my lean and green) good for both of us. But it has been getting boring! I have printed up your ideas and am set for a while. I'll keep checking for more ideas. You guys are great!..

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Tilapia fish on the George Foreman sprinkled with the cheapo seasoning (that you get for 99 cents) "Chicken seasoning" it is awesome on chicken and has a bit of a zip to it...

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I am not crazy about too much fish either, especially at home. Last night I did make salmon for both myself and my husband. He had his with some take out shrimp fried rice from the local Chinese restaurant. I had mine with summer squash done in a non-stick pan with evoo spray, garlic powder and onion powder. I did steam some spinach but was actually too full to eat it. To poach the salmon I put two portions in a covered corningware with 1/4 cup white wine, a bay leaf, pepper corns, onion powder, garlic clove chopped up, sliced lemon and a little water.

It is good cold with a salad the next day if you make more than you need. I like this way of doing fish because it takes away the "fishy" smell. Hope it helps. It really is good for you..


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I love Berettachick's chicken spinach + laughing cow (or cream cheese) recipe. It's basically creamed spinach with chicken and parmesan, it's sooooooo delicious, have it a couple of times a week...

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Berettachick's chicken & spinach sound really good. I'm new to Medifast & still trying to figure out portions. Can you post the full recipe?..

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If you want to have a meaty textured fish like salmon, but don't like the strong taste, you can try trout. It is very similar in texture and does not have the strong taste of salmon..

Also, I was just watching 30 minute meals on TV and got an awesome recipe. What she did was hollow out and stuff fresh yellow and red vine ripe tomatoes. Her stuffing was tuna, artichoke, calamata olives, and a bit of EVOO and pepper and salt. You could easily replace the artichoke with celery, green pepper, zuchini, yellow squash, and/or cucumber to make this Medifast friendly. I think it would work just fine with salmon or chicken instead of tuna too.

I think this will be a favorite summer recipe for our family since it is served cold and our Florida summers are soooooo hot...

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If you don't feel like doing a lot of work and actually cooking, I found a great item (actually posted by Pawp) - Tyson Teriyaki-marinated chicken breasts (in frozen section) - you can either pop them in the microwave for a few minutes or can bake in oven - they are delicious and I've been eating them everyday... thanks Pawp for the idea..

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I'll try (I'm new too)....

Here's the link:.

You have to see her pretty photo..

But here's the recipe:.

6oz Chicken breast, sliced.

1.5 cups of spinach.

1 oz (1 wedge) of Laughing Cow LIGHT Garlic and Herb.

Alittle Salt and pepper to taste.

Maybe some garlic powder!.

Throw it in a pot sprayed with pam or 1 tsp of olive oil.

Let it cook!.

When the chicken is about done, throw in the cheese stir, let it melt into everything real good...Prepare for something creamy and delicious. tada. took all but 10 mins...

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Ken's dressings... They have marinade's too that I found in the marinade section..

I LOVE the Buffalo Wing Marinade. It has 15 calories and only 2 carbs per 2 Tbsp..

I put it on our chicken breasts. OMGosh, heavenly esp if you love Buffalo chicken wings. Our 10 y/o DD even loves it. Then we grill them on the gas grill..

We LOVE the ground chicken breast made with taco seasoning - like tacos. Hubby has his with taco shells and I eat my taco filling in lettuce wraps. YUMMMM and hugely filling...

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