Medifast Buffalo Recipes?

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I picked up some ground Buffalo meat. About a pound of it. I'm going to half it and season it. Does anyone have a recipe I might try. thanks in advance..


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Just a note... in case you didn't know, we can have 7oz of buffalo, probably because of how lean it is..

I personally, would just make lettuce wraps with it. I would brown it up with seasonings and then make little tacos with some sliced tomatoes and mushrooms and radishes, but instead of tortillas, I use Iceburg lettuce leaves.


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Sounds good. I think for tonight I might go ahead and make a little meatloaf with it. Add some onions and green peppers to it w/ seasonings. I noticed that to about the 7 oz. I can't weight till I finally get my scale..


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I eat it as burgers a lot. I get the patties at trader Joe's and I eat 2 patties - 1 with cheese (makes 7 oz). On the one with cheese, I put ketchup and mustard and on the other one I put Trader Joe's Southwestern Salsa with Jicama. It's really good. Sometimes I wrap them in lettuce but if I have no lettuce, I eat them with a fork and knife. They're one of my favorite meals.

Also, in case you've never tried it, I also really love ostrich burgers...

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Sorry buffalo makes great burgers...I'd make s huge burger with sauteed mushrooms...yumm we have a restaurant outside Canton in East Texas called "The Dairy Palace" that sells buffalo burgers...just ask for it without the bun! Its great..

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Have you tried the buffalo steaks yet? They are great. They are very lean and the ones I have gotten didn't even have any marbling thru them, no fat to cut off, just all meat..

I get mine at Walmart for about $7.00 a piece...

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I'm so glad I read this thread. There is a restaurant near me that sells buffalo - burgers, steaks, meatloaf, etc., and I've been hesitant to try it. I'm going to do so now!..

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Oh - I've never seen buffalo steaks. I will have to check Walmart next time I go to get my water flavors...

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