Medifast Bread Recipe?

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I hear a lot of reference to the bread recipe but can't seem to find one..

If someone could post one for me I'd appreciate it..

Also does anyone know if you can make the muffin or pancake recipes with the drink mixes vs. the oatmeal? I have a lot of add'l drink mixes laying around..

Thanx in advance...

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Here is the Medifast Bread recipe....I use the vanilla milk shake instesd of soup...slice while hot and toast and then use ICBINB spray and WF fruit spread (0 cal, 0carb, 0 fat).

MF Bread.

I used the cream of brocoli soup.

1/4 cup egg beaters**.

1/4 teaspoon baking powder (BP).

1oz low fat mozzarella cheese or 1 laughing cow cheese wedge (lower calories)**.

Amount of water will vary depending on consistency, pour in slowly for BEST results!.

Mixed soup, BP, egg beaters in a glass bowl (pyrex or corningware - the size of an english muffin) - makes a thick paste, may need to add water. Microwave in same bowl for 90-120 seconds. Then let it cool, sliced in half and put in toaster. Melted the 1 oz of low fat mozzarella cheese/laughing cow and put it in.... whala, I am a happy happy MFer!!.

Good luck-Vickie..

Comment #1

Thank you SO much Vickie.

I really appreciate the fast response..

I'll have to try it tomorrow as I'm done eating for today.

Have a great week, and thank you again!!..

Comment #2

I did this and I had large holes in my bread. Is that normal?..

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Hey CherBear87! You can pretty much use any of the Medifast meals in the recipes. Shakes/oatmeal/soups...they all work in the bread recipies. Just change what spices you add to them. I really hated the strawberry shake until I used it in the bread recipe. Turned out like strawberry cake! Wonderful!..

Comment #4

That does sound yummy. I'm gonna have to try that too. I also am not a big fan of the strawberry shake...

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I know this is the bread receipe thread, but for the strawberry shakes, I make mine with 8oz cold water, 1/2c SF/FF pre-made strawberry jello (or orange shake w/ orange jello), ice, mix in Magic Bullet and put in freezer for about 1/2 hour - 1 hour. Get's really thick and is yummy with the jello...

Comment #6

Thanx for sharing Toodles..

That sounds AWESOME..

I'm gonna have to try that one too...

Comment #7

I made the bread with the bannana creme shake today and it was amazing. I am going to make some and put in the fridge for breakfast!!..

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