Medifast Bars-what happened to them??

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I placed a new order of the Lemon Bars and got them last week. opened the box and had one and oh dear, what have they done with the bars? Same thing with the peanut butter, caramel nut, all of them!.

They used to be SOOOO good and actually better than many 'real' desserts I ever had before!.

Anyone else agree?.

Can we set up a petition to get the "old" bars back??..

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I totally agree. I'm jealous of all the newbies who don't know what they're missing with these new, yucky bars. Anyone who started after Jan has NO idea. The lemon is the biggest disappointment in my opinion. The Lemon Fantasy was SO good, the lemon yogurt is horrible. I actually have a stash of the Lemon Fantasy and the old Choco Mints that's I'm rationing...

Comment #1

I agree as well. I don't buy them anymore as they are totally different and don't have a good flavor like they used to. I've found another kind of bar I like and use them occasionally. I really wish they would go back to the old formulation...

Comment #2

Personally, I prefer the "new" chocolate and chocolate mint bars. But I'm afraid to try the new lemon because of all the bad reviews...

Comment #3

I prefer the new chocolate mint bars. They're not as "chewy" and more light with the rice krispie things. I haven't tried the new caramel nut but now i'm scared as it was my favorite!..

Comment #4

I don't like the rice crispy thingies! I think they are a waste of carbs and cals! I have some bars left over from my first order in Dec. I use them only in emergencies...

Comment #5

I have only had a few bars since I started almost three weeks ago. I only bought one box "for emergencies", and usually I hate diet bars, anyway. My husband started Medifast and he bought the variety pack, so we wound up with a few more boxes of bars. I have to say, the chocolate mint flavor is actually pretty good! But I am still trying to stay away from them because of the extra calories and carbs. I guess I'm glad to hear that they used to be betterit would have been extra hard to stay away from them, then!..

Comment #6

The lemon is kinda bitter, I agree, but the rest of them that I have had ARE like having a candy bar every day. yes, I eat them everyday. I am still right at 85 carbs and 1000 cals.

Yum yum..

Comment #7

I never tried the "old" ones, I guess. But what I do with the bars is pop them in the microwave for 8-10 seconds. It gets them nice and chewy...

Comment #8

I guess I'm glad I'm a newbie.

So far I've had the pb and the smores one. I'm not too keen on the smores since it was like a granola bar gone bad. The pb one was good though...

Comment #9

I'm an internet sleuth - and I found a number of sites who sell the older version bars, even by the CASE (not the box). It took about 3 minutes on Yahoo.. if you really can't stand the new formulation, this might be an alternative...

Comment #10

In MF's constant endeavor to help us lose weight, they've decided to make all the bars stink. I just bit into a "new Caramel nut bar-never again!..

Comment #11

I completely agree and have already sent in a message to complain about the re-tooled bars. The chocolate divine and chocolate mint bars used to satisfy my chocolate cravings and were an important tool for my initial success on Medifast. The new bars taste awful and do not satisfy anything, not even hunger...

Comment #12

I have to wonder if Medifast has experienced a decrease in the sale of their bars secondary to veteran MF's not reordering the reformulated ones. Suffice to say, there are plenty of new unsuspecting customers to pick up the slack, I suppose..

Comment #13

Well, I definitely don't buy them anymore. I eat a different bar EVERY day that I buy at the store, that has 20 less calories, 7 or more less carbs than the Medifast bars. And anytime I mention it on the boards, my post gets poofed. I haven't bought a Medifast bar since Jan...

Comment #14

You and me both farrell! Haven't ordered Medifast bars since last year and have no intention of doing so..

They've poofed my posts as well!..

Comment #15

Yeah, I ordered loads of them before I realized they had changed the formulation. Now I feel like I have to eat them because of all the money that would be wasted if I didn't.

Eating them used to be like a reward, now it's like a punishment (except for the oatmeal raisin ones heated upthey're like a million times better heated up)..

Comment #16

I really miss the old bars. Since the bars are sometimes a problem for me (overdoing)..., it is now easier to NOT order. Lemon Fantasy was my favorite, followed closely by Caramel Nut, PB, Oatmeal Raisin.and oooooooooh that Chocolate Divine, hmmmmm I forgot the Chocolate Mint....very yummy. For me, better I don't enjoy them so much. Joking aside.... I wish they would bring them back. For now...more chocolate pudding for me...

Comment #17

I just received my first order for Medifast a week ago and I just tried the bars yesterday. I am not certain if I got the last of the old bars or if my standards are just low, but I LOVE THEM! I have never had any diet bar (and I have eaten a lot) taste even close to as good as the pb and cn bars! I sure hope that my standards are just low and that I will not be extremely disappointed when I get my next order!.

I agree about putting them into the microwave for a few seconds...I did this last night and yummmmmy!..

Comment #18

Well, I'm a re-doer so I remember the older version. I've ordered the PB and Choc. mint. I like the choc. mint with the chewy crunchys. Makes me eat it slower.

Funny how we all have different tastes..


Comment #19

Ohmigoodness!!!!! I totally agree! I just got my 2nd 4 week shipment and was SOOOO disappointed! I LOVE the carmel nut and was looking forward to them, but YUK! What happened!?..

Comment #20

Did the diabetic bars get gross too? I can only have those and I haven't for months. I used to love the PB...

Comment #21

I LOVE the chocolate mint and oatmeal raisin. The old caramel nut bars were definitely better but the new ones aren't disgusting or anything...

Comment #22

As a Medifast veteran 1.5 yrs - I feel the pain of new formulation of bars. I have heard it was due to removing the transfat from the original formulation. All in the name of healthiness!..

Comment #23

I'm new but I think the diabetic bars are very good!!!..

Comment #24

I ordered the Lemon Bars thinking it would be wonderful to sit down in the afternoon with a nice pot of tea and cut up a bar and make believe I was having a tea party. Major disappointment. In fact I was going to start a thread looking for ideas to use it in a recipe just to get rid of them and not throw them out!!!!. I don't like chocolate mint anything but I have to admit the choco/mint bars are okay with me. Those Carmel Nut ones taste like Reese's PB Cups to me I never craved them in the old days but I am okay with them. It also seems you need to take tiny bites of these things to be able to enjoy them at all.

The S'mores are a little weird I think I will try the heating them up idea. I think Medifast needs to go back to the lab and work on these bars or they won't be selling many..


Comment #25

I agree with many, that the new formulation of the bars lean more toward the negative than the positive. OK! They are awful tasting to me, but individual tastes do vary.

I have begun buying a few Pria 110 bars to keep on hand, in case I am on the go at a mealtime. Cannot be bothered carting supplies, and mixing a shake up in the car. Not sure about leaving an RTD in the hot car, either. Bars so much easier to take along, especially if one doesn't always carry a purse along. Pria bars are a lot cheaper, less carbs, less sugar and less calories, and they certainly taste better, than the current Medifast bars. Not for an everyday bar, but good for me, as an emergency substitute.


Comment #26

I don't know. I know I am new, but I love the caramel nut. I was telling my future hubby that they taste like I shouldn't be allowed to eat them. I don't know that I would getting something other than the new formulation in May, so I'm guessing it's all a matter of tastes. I even ordered the lemon and the smores today, because I like sour bitter lemony stuff and I like the prospect of nuking the bar to get ooey gooey marshmellowy goodness. But I like that stuff...

Comment #27

Ok - I tried the new Caramel nut bars and I have to admit those are pretty good. I'm placing a huge order for those. But I am still longing for the old Lemon Fantasy and old Peanut Butter bars! Wish they would bring those back .....

Comment #28

Whoo, you guys had me all scared and stuff. I loved the old lemon bars, but based on reviews I didn't order any until this last time. Boy am I glad I did! Maybe I'm crazy or weird, but I think the new lemon bars are just as good as the old. You can all send me yours! (just kidding)..

Comment #29

I had been nursing a box of carmel nut for about 2 months and then got a new box. They just don't satify like the old ones when you really need that candy bar taste...

Comment #30

I've been enjoying the mint, chocolate and caramel nut. I just ordered the pb and lemon ones. I hope I won't be disappointed. However, I know we all have different taste buds. I'm also afraid to taste the oatmeal with all I've read...

Comment #31

I am usually not fond of oatmeal bars or what not but the oatmeal bar heated up is pretty good. I had all the bars in the beginner pack and I like the caramel nut, chocolate mint and oatmeal. I didn't like the chocolate very much and I think the chocolate mint tastes much better. I've only had them heated up because they taste really good that way...

Comment #32

I am a newbie and I love the bars. They're the best thing I received in my first order. I'm glad I never got to try the old bars because if they truly tasted better I would be upset, too...

Comment #33

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