Medifast recipe for Maryland Crab Soup?

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I just received an order and there is a sample of the Maryland Crab Soup. Has anyone tried this? If so, any suggestions for enhancing the flavor or is it good out of the package like the chicken and wild rice soup (my personal favorite.).

I'm going to have this for my lunch at work tomorrow... I'll report my findings...

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I had my free sample today and I loved it. The only thing I added was a little cajun spice, I like things spicy and a little dried onion. Delish.....

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I loved it too!! It's one of only one or two Medifast foods I can eat "as is," although a little cayenne doesn't hurt either!..

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I added some salt and pepper and that was all it needed it was to die for!..

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Were my veggies supposed to disintegrate?.

I soaked it all day and then nuked it the way I make all my soups. By the time I was done, the veggies were no longer intact. Heh. Still tasted pretty good though..

I think I'll try making it on the stove next time...

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I had it a couple of days ago & it was pretty good..i put in some tabasco. however, it looked like vomit & was pretty unappetizing (same with beef vegetable)..maybe I mix them wrong?..

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I liked it right out of the box! It's one of the few soups I can eat without tweaking it!..

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It didn't look pretty, but it tasted good. I was really surprised. I didn't even add anything. It reminded me of an etoufee. All I could think about was adding shrimp to it. I will definitely be ordering a box with my next order...

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Had my free sample's ok. I always add spices to my soups but it doesn't taste too much like crab soup. I wouldn't spend the $ on an order......but that is only my opinion! Nice try MF.....

Pat in So. Cal...

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I like it as it is also, which is amazing as I don't like many of the other soups. I posted a recipe the other day of how I use it to make crab cakes! Good Stuff!..

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Just tried the Crab soup today and was quite pleasantly surprised..It really tasted good just the way it is and has a zing to it already....


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This is a great diet for me since I'm not picky. That's how I got fat and it's sure helping me to get thin on MF. I liked the crab soup...

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