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Hey Everyone,.

I'm on the go a lot, so I'm always looking for ways to make my Medifast foods portable (and lpalatable!). Yesterday, I was out ALL day and survived with scones made from oatmeal, crackers made from soup (that weren't all that great) and a bar for the three Medifast meals I had to have on the go..

I love the scones from oatmeal recipe and I've also tried making granola and cookies from the apple cinnamon oatmeal (neither turned out very well).

Does anyone have any other favorite portable food recipies? I have a ton of social events coming up next month and I want to be well-prepared with good, portable Medifast food.


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Any of the muffins work great.

I also make brownies or pudding ahead of time and take them in small tupperware containers.

Of course, the RTD shakes are good for that too.

Or soup or hot drinks in a to-go coffee container, if you have a place to nuke it, you can just drink it from the mug. Love the Magic Bullet for this because you can blend soups or drink right in the to-go mugs and later heat in the micro. You can do cold shakes this way too if there's a fridge around..

I also make the oatmeal/egg beaters pancake, slice it and fill it with LF cheese or PB2 to make a yummy sandwich to go!..

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I am on the go every day and always somewhere different at different times. In my job I can't just stop and eat. I don't get the choice. I'm a court reporter and there are days that we only take a five-minute break here and there in an 8 or 9 hour deposition. So I always carry a Medifast bar and the ready-to-go shakes are my mainstay. Sometimes I throw some pickles and bag of Medifast crackers and maybe an ounce or two of slice chicken in a lunch bag, just in case we do get a lunch.

If I'm in trial and we get a lunch, I bring a salad with chicken. I have to keep my brain fueled or I'm in serious trouble with concentrating and all that good stuff. I know I personally could not do this program without the ready-to-drink shakes, they are my mainstay. In order for Medifast to work for me it has to be simple and easy to grab and throw in a bag or quick to down. I haven't made any of the recipes as of yet and maybe some day I'll get around to it, but for now this is what works for me.


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I fixed a sandwich out of the bread recipe, a wedge of laughing cow, Low fat, and some sugar free bread and butter pickle. Cut it in half, put it in a sandwich bag and off I went! Muffins are my on the go staple though...

Comment #3

Until recently muffins were my on the go food, but rljaegers posted a bread recipe (thanks!!) that I have been using. I put a little mustard and a slice of low fat cheese on it, and it's a cheese sandwich. I like it warmed up if that's possible, so the cheese melts..

I also take the pudding along and a plastic spoon. If you can find a small paper cup and 4 oz of water you can mix that on the spot and it firms up nicely..


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I used to carry an extra shaker jar in my car with shake packets, but I'm hooked on the pudding, so I've got a bag of plastic cups, spoons and pudding in my car at all times. I'm always carrying around a big bottle of water, so I'm good to go. I've also kept the S'mores bars in my glovebox. Even in the Texas heat they don't melt like the others, so that's my back-up. I did the oatmeal cookies a few times but like I said, I love the pudding, and it always makes people curious when I make it, which gives me the opportunity to pass on program to others. I can say the kids in my class love it when I put the sugar-free syrups in my pudding, because it makes the whole room smell good (it's usually caramel)...

Comment #5

Thanks for your suggestions. I might try the bread recpie and taking puddings...I hadn't really thought of doing that.

What do you think of the brownies? Are they worth making? Any good cookie recipies? I tried the shake cookie one, but it didn't turn out too well...

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We are making our muffins using 3 oatmeals and 1 Medifast egg and adding a tbsp of flax meal (per serving) now. They are much more hearty with the whole grains instead of shakes and puddings and fill you up well. We cook them in batches of 4 meals. The possibilities are pretty much endless with all the oatmeal flavors and spice combinations you can try. My husband (wbshaw) posted our basic recipe a few weeks back in the recipe thread if you want to search back for it...

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I make muffins with 3+2+1 combination so I make 12 muffins per batch. (2 per meal) I use 3 Oatmeal, 2 shakes and 1 egg. Add 1-1/2 tsp of backing powder, 2 Tbls of Flax seeds, and 1 can of diet soda and get creative with spices and SF syrups. I love to use the Banana Shakes, add banana extract or use Blueberry Oatmeal with extra vanilla. Try diet Ginger Ale, or maybe Orange soda with lots of allspice.....

I have had NO luck at all with chips or crackers, but have several cookie recipes that are really good. My favorite is Chocolate Shake with P2B Peanut Butter. I am not much of a milk drinker so I really don't like the shakes but the ready mixed seem to be really popular with our fellow MFers on the go..

Good luck. Keep trying some different options and you will find what works best for you...

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