Medifast recipe for L&G tonight??

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I'm thinking spaghetti and meatballs... My own garlic-tomato-basil-wine sauce with shirataki noodles, turkey meatballs and low-fat parmesan on top..


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I'm either going to have my leftover from last night seared ahi with soy msutard sauce and roasted eggplant, or eggplant paremsean, or salmon patties. In other words, I have no idea...

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Oh I'm hungry! Would you share your garlic/tomato/basil/wine sauce? Sounds soo good!..

Comment #2

Salmon that I got at Wegmans which has some sort of horseradish topping on it (I'll take most of that off on mine), small salad and mashed cauliflower...

Comment #3

I can't exactly call it a recipe, but here goes:.

Puree a cup of diced tomatoes (canned or fresh) in the blender or MB..

I barely sautee some minced garlic (I like a lot) in 1 tsp olive oil (don't let the garlic turn brown)..

Then I turn up the heat, add the tomatoes it to the pan and cook it down with a little red wine, salt and black pepper thrown in. Cook it down as much or little as you like, I don't reduce it much..

Add some crushed oregano and thin ribbons of fresh basil just before serving... have that with a half cup of shiratakes, and warm meatballs and parmesan on top...

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On the menu tonight....seared scallops and roasted asparagus. Simple and delicious!!.

Love & Peace - Rosemarie..

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Freshly grilled grouper on shredded romaine lettuce with 1/2 tbsp of shaved parmesan cheese and 1/2 tbsp of lo-cal/lo-carb caesar dressing. Some fresh tomato wedges on the side...

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WOW! Thanks for reminding me about Roasted Asparagusfor this weekend..

Tonight, 'sorta' taco salad. Chopped salad greens, olives, seasoned steak cut into stips and salsa. Dear Husband ate the last of the olives or I'd have a few of those..

Comment #7

Broiled sea bass and spaghetti squash with low carb tomato sauce, and parmesan cheese...

Comment #8

I went by and picked up a grilled chicken salad at sonic, used my light dressing here at home..

I thought the amount of ''chicken'' was a joke I guess Medifast did too because when I added it to my food list they didn't show me having any lean for the day...

Comment #9

It is 81 degrees here in Western Washington today, so hubby is grilling burgers tonight. I wanted a big juicy burger so bad, that I am having it with sliced tomatoes, dill pickle slices, lots of lettuce (as the bun) mustard and a tiny bit of fat free mayo to make it taste like the real thing. Oh, and the burger is smaller than 5 oz, so I get a slice of cheddar on it. Yay!! Cheeseburger! Yummmm!!!..

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