Medifast recipe for L&G Idea?

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I modified this as I couldnt get zucchini at the Super Walmart today and didnt want to make a trip to the local grocery... It was YUMMMMM-O!.

My Modified version:.

I thin sliced Eggplant then grilled it on the grill first..

Then I layered it in a pan with the rest of the ingredients like I would my traditional lasagne. I left off the Mozzarella and used whipped 1% cottage cheese and only parmesan..

THIS WAS HEAVENLY!!!! A new favorite for me! Hope you enjoy it too!..

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That sounds really good, I bet the eggplant gets less watery than the zucchini......

Comment #1

Low-fat cheese is a meat alternative for vegetarians using Medifast...

Comment #2

Made it today with low fat ricotta... YUM! I would serve this to guests, proudly....

Thank you!..

Comment #3

Made with the Eggplant, this is actually a great substitute for Eggplant Parmesan! Can't wait to try this! Thanks for sharing!..

Comment #4

I just found out today that this recipe is not medifast compliant. I bought all of the ingredients to make it, too! The cheese portions are fine for a lean option but the tomato sauce is considered a condiment and you can only have 1 TSP! The 3/4 cup is definitely not allowed.

Someone asked about it in Nutrition Support today and thats how I found out. Thought i'd let you all in on the "verdict" lol, so no one mistakenly messes up their progress.

Nutrition Support said that only canned tomatoes, packed in their own juice, could be counted as a vegetable..

IMO, in order to be'd have to cut the tomatoes back to 1/2 cup....or maybe have 3/4 cup zucchini or eggplant and 3/4 cup tomatoes, pureed, to equal your 1.5 cups of green. Add all of that cheese with it and I bet it's still a tasty meal! I'm going to give it a try tomorrow night...

Comment #5

I''ve ,made lasagna a few times, I use a ramiken that makes one portion. I meadure 1/4 cup spagetti sauce (lite Kind) and add 2 tablespoons petite diced tomatoes and garlic. I put 1 tablespoon in bottom and thinly sliced zuchini ( not cooked) then mozerella and low fat ricotta, mozerella and zuchini. A little bit more sauce and mozerella. Bake at least 1/2 hor to 45 mins. Make sure you use the measurements in the lean and green.I only use 1/2 cup ricotta and make the rest up with the mozzerella.

Hope you enjoy this version...

Comment #6

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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