Jenny craig or Medifast ? best answer 10 points (:?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Jenny craig or Medifast ? best answer 10 points (:? Thanks in advance for any response. My 2nd question... Would like any input on your experiences on being sick while on MF. Reason being, I'm kind of missing OJ, citrus fruit, any fruit really, and my lemon and honey drink. When I have a sore throat and all, that's pretty much all I eat/drink, for the most part..

I was good and stayed OP today. Except, not sure if lemon juice is acceptable, but I put some in my water..

Also have some chewable vit C's that are 2 g of carbs each that I had yesterday..

Thanks for your input...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can help you..

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Thanks, Karen! Great advice! Love the cold mint tea idea..

Hope you're feeling better soon, too..


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Be careful! There's like 93 calories and 19 carbs in NYQUIL.....I learned this the hard way. That said, take what medications you need to feel better because getting well should be a priority over and above losing weight. ((HUGS)) and feel better soon!..

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I never bought into the old wives remedies of orange juice/vitamin C and toast for when we're sick. If I remember correctly, Vitamin C is only helpful if you take it prophylacticly, i.e., every day, so it helps to keep colds away by keeping your immune system up. Once you get the cold, your immune system is already down, so doubling up on Vit C is pointless as your body expels what it doesn't need. So I guess I'm lucky in that I don't instinctively crave those items. Medifast foods, especially the oatmeal, shakes, and soups, as a result, are even more appealing to me as they are bland and boring and don't upset my tummy..

Warm oatmeal goes down easy and smooth, so it doesn't irritate my throat or tummy. The shakes if blended into a thick shake are nice and cold and help numb my throat a little, and again, sooth my tummy..

Avoid taking the OTC syrups. I take the pill versions of Nyquil, for instance..

Otherwise, the best thing for a cold or flu, in my experience, is just staying in bed and sleeping it off...

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I just got over a 3 week bout with pneumonia and like EMTFreakGirl said: "take what medications you need to feel better because getting well should be a priority over and above losing weight. ((HUGS)) and feel better soon!".

Getting well is the priority here! While ill, I tried to keep OP but I could not keep the Medifast foods down. I lived on home made chicken/rice soup & grape juice & (forgive me, oh Weight Loss gods) Oreo cookies. I still manage to lose weight though lol but do not recommend this.

Now getting back to 100% OP. Strange, but I am having a difficult time getting back to drinking ALL of my H2O...175+ozs. Only drinking 100 oz but drinking more each day..

Feel better soon, momof2peanutz and take care of yourself!.

HUGS - Margaret..

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Get well soon! Meanwhile, like others have said, do what you have to to get back to feeling rosey again!..

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Chlorspectic makes sugar free throat drops that are a life saver when you throat hurts!..

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Medifast told me I could have 3 sugar free Cold-Eeze lozenges per day. I think they said to count them as condiments or maybe it was snacks. You could call them and ask...

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Thanks all for the great advice!! I did break and have a little citrus and my lemon and honey in hot water. (honestly the only thing that brings relief for the sucky bronchitis monster or whatever I had).

I have problems w/ bronchial/ throat colds. the stomach thing - thankfully I don't get much of that...

Vit C and eating oranges is very effective for me in fighting colds. Trying to stay OP kind of proved that for me, as I was OP for 2 full days of coming down with this and felt like a horror compared to how I normally feel. :P.

Thanks for the good sugar free med tips.. - I'm sure I'll utilize them and search for them at some point..

And thanks for the support, I kind of came to the conclusion at some point that I needed to just do what I had to do to get and feel better. Tell you what tho, it is feeling like a long time, trying to get back into it. And Margaret, same here. I usually drink half my weight in oz or at least 100 oz, but I've really been having to remind myself to do it. Maybe my body's holding onto water, being sick and probably dehydrated. (I always notice I get sick when I'm a little dehydrated..

Later taters..

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