Jenny Craig/Medifast is TOO expensive....?

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My question is Jenny Craig/Medifast is TOO expensive....? Hoping for any response. Second question.. I was very bad last night. Don't want to put what I had, as it is food porn, but let's just say I had meat & veggies, and cheese that were not OP, dessert, and 1 alcoholic drink. This am, weighed my self, expecting my punishment, and find I had.


5.1 lbs!? Rechecked, and yes, the scale is correct! Does this ever happen to any of you? You bump up your carbs, and fats, and the next day, you lose a few. Now I.


That the weight + a few pounds more will come back on for tomorrow's weigh in. But how weird! Not recommending anyone this, as it does and will backfire on me tomorrow. Just wondering why my body does this...

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you help..

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The scale might not show the damage immediately, however, you kicked yourself out of ketosis and you will most likely crave the sugar.... restart 5&1 today and realize the next three days might be just like your first three.. I know this from experience!!!.


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Good for you! lucky... but no, unfortunately I'm having the other problem. scale going up from being good..

Maybe you're on to something there (just kidding)..

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Well....I'm starving this am. The next few days will be difficult..

Did it to myself...

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Alcohol can cause a temporary water-weight loss and that can fool you into thinking that you can get away with it..

It took a full year for me to finally accept that I cannot drink (anything) and lose weight. It wasn't just that I was in denial, a lot of it was the immediate "reward" on the scale the next day. I couldn't understand how it appeared that alcohol was my friend "the morning after", but ended up being my enemy two days later...

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Yeah, when you have alcohol, it always looks great the next day, then for a week after that, you are 2-4 pounds higher than you were..

Trust me, it catches up, especially if you have foods that aren't on plan...

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Ah, so alcohol is a mean trickster. A cruel joke. How strange. Not looking forward to weighing tomorrow!..

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I don't know why the body does this but my professional fighter friend has a large calorie meal in the middle of a low cal/carb diet and it kicks up his losses as well. Not saying it should be done by most people here. I know there are fragile people with real food problems around...

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This isn't a real loss-you'd have to have burned 17,850 calories yesterday or this week to lose 5.1 pounds. It's probably that you're dehydrated from the alcohol...

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Yup! That's what I did! I burned 17, 850 calories.

But surprised I could be that dehydrated from one drink to lose 5.1? Maybe because I haven't been drinking on MF, my body was like OMG alcohol! Maybe I was due to lose weight anyway, and the cheating made it more?..

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No, it's highly unlikely your cheat made you lose more. It could be a combination of dehydration and a loss already showing for the week. You might have the unfortunate gain in a few days to a week. Generally my weight gain doesn't show up for a week after I've cheated. I don't cheat anymore because I realized that I was cheating myself, both out of weight loss and health, but in the past the gain or loss wasn't instant...

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I'll let you guys know my weight this week! And then we can all tell me "told you so!"..

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I did this a couple weeks ago...had a couple no loss weeks and had a day where I let it get the best of me and had more then I should have. Lost three the next day...and I didnt even have alcohol! I dont drink but I was expecting a gain and it stil hasn't happened and I kept the three lbs off so I dunno. Weird stuff but hoping you have a good week!..

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I do carb cycling at times. Sometimes eat more carbs (closer to a 100) and than start eating lower end (80) and the gets losses going. I also will have some fats (salad dressing) and that makes things go..

Today is a 4-2 day because I had a good amount of activity yesterday burned 700 calories riding horses (activly) for 2.5 hours. I was STARVING this am, and made my pancake for breakfast..

OH I see a gain usually about 3 days after I slip...

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I gained. 2.4 lbs this am..

Oh well..

I'm not changing my ticker though!..

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Live and learn! I won't say I told you so because for many people part of this journey is learning through mistakes so that they can decide they.


To stay on plan rather than they.


To. I'm a teacher and it makes me really, really happy to see people learn.

It'll come off-just stick to plan!..

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Katie you'll be OK. Sorry for your little gain but it will go away just stick to the plan. That darn alcohol is indeed a tricky trickster!..

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Thanks for sharing your slip ,it is a good lesson for all of us!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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