Medifast recipe for Jalepeno Poppers?

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Okay here's my recipe:.

4 Jalapeos.

2 ounces fat free cream cheese.

1 package of medifast multi-grain crackers.

1/2 package of medifast scrambled eggs, mixed well with water but not cooked..

Crush the crackers into crumbs (food chopper works best unless you're mad, then a cup and a bowl work okay).

Cut the Jalapeos in half lengthwise and remove seeds. Put them in food chopper with cream cheese and chop until mixed. Put in freezer until it's firm enough to form balls (30-40 minutes).

Form 4 balls and dip in the scrambled egg mixture, then roll in the crumbs. Place on a cookie sheet and bake at 350 for about 5 minutes, until the outside doesn't look all liquidey.

I've only made this once and it kicked butt, but I'm not sure exactly how to count this. Any help would be appreciated...

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Holy cow, now THIS is up my alley! Nice job!.

I might try it by stuffing the jalapenos with the cream cheese and some spices, then using your sexy breading, too. Great idea, and thanks!..

Comment #1

This sounds fantastic - Sounds like it would count as part of your greens.... with the cream cheese as a fat.... The scrambled eggs would have to be 1 Medifast meal and the crackers as a snack... ??? I think... Thanks for sharing - Linda..

Comment #2

I was so staring longingly at the poppers in the grocery freezer last time I went shopping. Thanks for the recipe...

Comment #3

Thanks for all the feedback! I can't wait to get home so I can make more!..

Comment #4

That works too. I just hate peeling the jalapenos and I don't think they taste the same unpeeled and in whole chunks (I'm so spoiled! I make the best green chili, though, so no one cares! )..

Comment #5

It seems like the fat free cream cheese should count as a protien and not a fat, since there is not fat in it. Sounds like fat free lean at 54 calories, 0 fat, 3.2 carbs, and 8.2 grams protien according to calorie-count website!!.

I cant wait to eat them ,, yum!!..

Comment #6

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