Isn't that Medifast commercial annoying? The one with all those stupid sounding women.?

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Got a quick question: Isn't that Medifast commercial annoying? The one with all those stupid sounding women.? Looking forward for any response. Another question on my mind: I've been really good about staying 100% OP. I have found that one of the reasons I USED to eat bad food, and one of the main things that has always derailed me is when friends or family says - "oh, come on, it's a special occasion etc., you can have a good meal" I always gave into this pressure..

Since starting Medifast a few weeks ago I have had two challenges. And I have had a drastic change in the way I look at this now:.

1) I had planned a nice bed and breakfast weekend getaway with my SO, of course this involves a delicious and off plan breakfast (two days of it!) and also, SO and I have always enjoyed sitting in a pub enjoying a beer and some appetizer or other. I really enjoy this time with him..

So in thinking it over I realized something. IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT IS ON MY PLATE, THAT IS NOT THE DETERMINING FACTOR WHETHER I AM HAVING FUN OR NOT. So, my SO, who is actually very supportive, but doesn't understand the whole ketosis and low carb part of this plan says "it's probably ok if you have an appetizer or beer isn't it, just a little?" And I said the following:.

"I've thought about this, and I realized it does not matter if I have a plate of breaded whatever and glass of beer in front of me, or diet tonic water and some veggies. I will have the same fun with you regardless of what is on my plate." And he agreed! The coolest part? I realized that it is TRUE! Food and social stuff for me was so intertwined that I was associating the good times with the food, and not with my surroundings or the company I was with!!.

*also, I talked with the B&B /img/avatar9.jpg and she totally made me a low carb, high veggie meal, so I was able to enjoy OP breakfasts too*.

2) The other event is one coming up with my mom, and she keeps saying "I wish you could eat some real food when we are together" And I told her this, that it's not the food, it's who I am with - and she understands and stopped pestering me!.

This revelation is a big deal for me. Any one else have any earth shattering epiphanies to share?..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

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I needed to hear this today, thank you. I have been hibernating for months from friends, scared to death to go out socially. My husband is getting weary of it. With the weather getting nicer, the bbq's will begin and I need to be at goal! You are right, it isnt about the food, it's the company.....

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Thanks for this, it gives me a good armor for how to answer the inevitable insistence that I gorge at Easter...

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Thanks you guys, I found it really worked well for me too. Lots of times I felt guilty cuz I didn't want to be the party pooper that isn't joining in the festivities. And lots of people seem to want to guilt you into joining them in their food choices..

But when I tell people this, they are also happy and flattered because they know that it's THEM that I am enjoying, and not just stuffing my face!.

Another thing I get, is if there is a salad bar, or a buffet...and you pay what ever the price is for it. You get a lean and a green off the buffet, or maybe a pile of veggies and no dressing off the salad bar. And then the person you are with says - "geez you paid 15 bucks for the buffet and that's ALL you're going to have?".

My response to this is always "Yes, I am not getting any MORE value out of my dollar if I eat to the point of not feeling well. If I choose the foods that I really want to eat, and enjoy the right amount of them, haven't I gotten my money's worth?? I still leave the buffet satisfied and that's the point of it, right? As long as *I've* enjoyed it, I've gotten my money's worth!" (this idea kind of helps be combat that "always clean your plate" mentality too).

I <3 MF!..

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I've learned the hunger is not the boss of me. I don't have to jump when my growling stomach says jump (when jump = head to the nearest drive through to stave off the inevitable blood sugar meltdown). Now if I get hungry before it's time to eat my next meal I know that I can ignore it for a while and I'll be just fine...

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Yes, and knowing we eat about every 3 hours or so, you know that the hunger can wait! It doesn't have that long to wait. Of all the diets I've been on, I never tried the six meal a day thing til recently, and it really works!..

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Great thread. This is so helpful. Thanks for sharing...

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I love this thread! Thanks for sharing! It really helps me since I'm just starting out...

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I am already putting on my armor for Easter's breakfast. Both of my parents will wonder why I am not eating any of the spread I am putting out for others... they know why... but they will undoubtedly say, 'It's a holiday. No dieting on a holiday." Well... I may actually agree with it...

This year is about losing the weight... and maybe next year when I am at goal and working out... maybe then I can share the meal... but I am sneaky... shoving things into everyone's meal to make them more friendly...

Extra fiber... lower sugar versions... stuff everyone should be doing overweight or not. =)..

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Of the dozens of realizations on this path the most recent is I have lost the equivalent weight of a small child. That one still gets me..

As seems to so often happen with this plan the things that are not specific to my actual weight have been brought to light. One of those is these forums & the common goals, mistakes & achievements we all share. It is another awakening to me is how important this kind of support can be. One of those moments of realization that a single thread breaks easily but intertwine several and they are many times stronger..

Heres to everyones health!.

OH almost forgot as to your comments about staying OP and the cycles, I was given this as a screen saver that is too true... (if I knew how to make this image smaller I would).


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Good for you! And, it's eating healthy, not dieting. I've been trying really hard not to use the "d word"..

I've done lots of diets, but I have such a different attitude at this stage of my life. Maybe because I'm 41. I feel like I have so much living to do, yet tomorrow could be my last day. I'm not wasting anymore days dieting. I'm going to spend my days living and food is just a fuel for that. I'm making myself eat the Medifast foods as they are (with the exception of Frank's hot sauce that I'm addicted to, but trying to cut back on that because of the sodium).

I feel like if I make my pancake into a muffin then I'll be eating like I was. I guess it's a mental thing for me...

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My nearly 11 year old is about 65 lbs! So nearly what you've lost! Amazing! Congrats! My initial goal is the same weight she is. Wow, never looked at it that way. I know I need to lose more then that, but it seemed to overwhelming so I went with what got me into a healthy BMI zone...

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Your insights are so wise!.

I have learned that the freedom is not in eating everything I want-but the freedom to not eat those things, my choice-to nourish my life, not the moment. I am thriving on that..

I never skip out on any event. I don't discuss my way of eating with anyone. I just adapt-eat what I can then eat when get home if I need to. No big deal, no drama..

Laura Lee..

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Love Love Love it! And just in time for Easter..

I am so going to use this. And you are so right, on the same note - if I am upset, depressed - going off plan and turning to food/beverage is not going to change the situation or make it better..


I love the screen saver... I hope you don't mind, but I saved it to my picture file..

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That is an amazing epiphany and I really thank you for sharing it with us! I was at a birthday party not too long ago and one of my friends who is also dieting just couldn't understand why I would let myself cheat and was trying to convince me that not having a cheat day would make me go crazy. No, being overweight is making me go crazy, eating something that will cause me to go backwords will make me go crazy, and having real sugar after not having it for so long will DEFINITELY make me go crazy lol.

I've always been aware that I am an all or nothing kind of person, I have never been able to stop at just one bite and that's why I'm overweight in the first place. I'd rather just not eat it then wind up eating the whole thing and hating myself later...

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You are SO right. I think too many of us confuse food and social situations, thinking we can't have fun and socialize without the food that comes along with it. Everything in our culture seems to use food to "celebrate", when we really just need to learn to value good company..

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I think that is a wonderful way to think about it and I am going to remember that. Thanks so much for sharing...

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Love this! I've read about the "inner brat" and like that...but really like your phrase that "...hunger is NOT the boss of me!" Emphasis added. I can totally see myself saying that to myself sometimes. Thanks!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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