Is Medifast program really effective?

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My question is Is Medifast program really effective? Hoping for any response. Another question I got... Just weighed in for week three on a brand new scale, and just about died when it said I had GAINED 10 pounds. After I was done having a heart attack I got on my old scale, and it said I have lost a pound this week (not great), an 11 pound difference. I know the new scale is far more accurate, so how do I account for this difference in my log and ticker?..

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Of course! but... you might wanna make sure and wait for another commenter to confirm it as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you contact the Medifast guys because they can answer you better...

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Did you make any changes in the admin, add any contributions requiring log in before prices can be displayed?..

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I changed the header and footer in the admin and added this contribution.


Which was working fine and I managed to make a payment through it. I have removed this contribution and it is still coming up with this error...

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That happened to me, but it was only 3 pounds. It took me about 3 weeks before I stopped saying "well on my old scale I would weigh...."..

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This is the iPage site so far -.


Still needs a bit of work...

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As much as it would hurt, I would up your starting weight by the 11 pounds as long as you plan on using the new scale. I would feel better about that than saying I gained that weight...

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Yeah, the old scale was an old, cheap, dial scale that I'm sure at higher weights is not accurate. I got the digital eat smart scale that was recommended here which I'm sure has to be more accurate. Sigh. I guess I will adjust my starting weight waaaaaahhhhhhh...

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Try this. Check your currencies' settings. Your default currency has to be set to 1.0000, depending what your default currency is...

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That seems like a really big difference... Does it have to be I don't know the terminology but calibrated or set up or anything like that? What a bummer..

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I have '0' coming in the front end were the price should be. Does any body have any idea that might be causing this...

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I actually DID recalibrate it just to be sure. And I had me son and daughter get on both scales to make sure, and it really is THAT off. Oh well, I've adjusted my starting weight. I guess lesson learned don't buy a cheap dial scale from Wal Mart if you really want to know how much you weigh!..

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But look at the bright side.....You have lost 14 pounds!!!!! In only 3 weeks!!!!!! Great job!!!!!..

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Thanks! You're right, I'm trying to focus on that..

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When I got my new scale I was obsessed with whether it was accurate! I weighed a few things on my food scale, then held them and stepped on the new scale to see if it would accurately reflect the increase in weight (2 cans of diet soda, 13 ozs. each, and a 3 lb. hand weight). It was accurate to the ounce, but was only off by a pound or so from my old scale..

If you want to make sure, try the soda cans - 12oz cans. should be a standard 13 ozs. (12 ozs of liquid, 1 oz. for the can)...

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There is a 30lb difference between my Wii scale and the scale I bought 3 weeks into the Medifast plan. Luckily I had weighed in at my doctor's office a little before starting Medifast so I had a vague idea of what my starting weight was..

So I used the doctor's weight as my starting weight and started tracking on week 3 with my new scale. It wasn't perfect but now that I have lost 100lbs on the new scale I don't mind as much..

Congrats on your success so far. I promise as long as you stay on plan, it will continue no matter what scale you use..

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I had that problem this morning, but it was reversed! My old scale weighed me almost 2 pounds heavier. I am going to stick with the new one since it is a "balance" the ones in the doctor's office. I balanced it and had my DH check it.......the other is a newer digital scale, but the readout changes everytime I get off and back on! I am thinking the balance one won't lie!! :-)..

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Weight is just a number. How you feel, look, and how healthy you are is what counts! I got a nicer scale halfway on my journey that had a 3 pounds difference. I just upped my starting weight rather than showing an untrue gain...

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I agree... I bought a balance scale last year and I still have my digital one as well which always registers about 1.5 lbs. heavier. I truly do not trust the digital scales, although the one my doctor uses seems to be OK...

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I had the exact same problem, my scale was broken and I didn't realize it until 2 weeks in on MF. So I ordered the digital scale and I weighed a whole lot more than my old scale told me I weighed. I went with the higher weight because it was more accurate AND when I reach goal it will show I have lost even more weight.

Since I was only 2 weeks in, I just deleted previous weigh ins and started a new.

Thankfully I've been measuring this whole time and so that has helped me keep track of my progress as well...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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