Is Medifast better than Dr. Tabor's Diet?

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My first question is Is Medifast better than Dr. Tabor's Diet? Many thanks for any answer. Another question I got... As you progress on this journey, what things are in the past for you?.

Here are a few for me..

* Friction rubbing away the fabric on the inner thigh area of my pants..

* Knocking things off tables with my rear end when I turn around.

* My thighs, affectionately known as Ben and Jerry, hanging out in two different zip codes. They now reside happily in one...

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Yup, but... you might wanna make sure and wait for another person here to confirm my answer as I am not completely sure. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the Medifast guys because they can give you an answer better...

Comment #1

Wearing *large* scrub pants because I have to, instead of because I like the extra room in them now..

Most of my knee pain, unless I run across a particularly evil stretcher that just won't go straight no matter what. lol.

Super strong cravings for carb-y foods, although now and again I'd kill for a big hunk of cornbread..

Hmmm, I'm sure there's more, but it was a long night and I'm too tired to think straight..

Must get

Comment #2

My belly touching the steering wheel..

Grunting to pick up things off of the floor..

Buying clothes online-'normal' stores carry extended sizes only online..

Sitting like a dude because I couldn't cross my legs (no more thunder thighs!)..

Inner thigh fires from all the friction..

BIF clothes (because it fits)..

Having a belly to use as a coffee table..

L, XL, and XXL shirts (can't wait for single digit pants bottoms!)...

Comment #3

Oh this is a good one. Thanks for getting this going!.

Carrying around Stella. That's what I called all the extra fat that was on my *ss. It's been like toting around another person!.

Having a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear..

Buying cute clothes even though I know good and darn well that they are too small!.

My snoring. The snore train is no longer running; lose the weight- snoring stops. My family is extremely grateful!.

High blood pressure. My heart is no longer pumping through my chest..

Not feeling good very good about myself. Not loving the way I looked or felt..

Looking in the mirror and wishing that I hadn't. Still not totally comfortable but oh so much better!.

My knees aching like an old woman and being swollen all the time. As my doc put it, "Kim lose the weight. Your knees think that you are pregnant." WTH!.

Watching the weight go up and NOT doing a thing about it!.

Feeling younger than I looked or felt..

Teaching my granddaughters to be lady-like and sit with their legs crossed although I couldn't! Well, I could but it didn't feel lady-like..

Not appreciating me for me. I Am Absolutely Fabulously Forty(ish)!..

Comment #4

Staying home because I'm too embarrassed to be seen in public..

Walking WAY around things to avoid hitting them with my large mass.

Being afraid to experience new things because of my self loathing...

Comment #5

Ruining just about every shirt I own because my overly-large boobs end up on my dinner plate!! Eek...

Comment #6

Lol this post made me laugh.

Bye bye to the Herculean effort to put on a pair of jeans that I make up every excuse in my head as to why they still fit (they are still tight from going through the dryer...yesterday, They'll be loose after I wear them for a while, etc.) Those jeans are now almost too loose to wear anymore!.

So long back pain!.

I no longer feel the need for an afternoon nap since I'm sleeping better at night and I have more energy during the day..

I know there is more, but those were what I could think of for now...

Comment #7

I no longer dam the bath tub with my body!..

Comment #8

*Brushing people with my saddlebags or bum as I squeeze by them.

*Not being able to properly reach all my parts in the shower.

*Needing a handicapped stall in order to properly reach all my parts in a public restroom.

*Having my chest permanently reside on the steering wheel as I drive.

*Needing a seatbelt extender on the airplane.

*Needing to get onto my knees first and then use both my hands/arms as leverage to get myself up off the ground.

*My knees aching daily.

*My size 26 stretch jeans getting tight.

*3XXX tops getting snug.

*Lumbering instead of walking.

*Not being able to ride a carousel with a 250 lb weight limit.

*My back rolls having rolls of their own.

*The looks of disgust from others about what was in my shopping cart.

*Feeling very out of place at Whole Foods or Farmer's Markets.

*Having the cashier ask "Do you want a gift receipt with that?" at "normal" stores..

Comment #9

Oh h*ll! Too damn funny and I can so relate...

Comment #10

LOL, pretty much what everyone has posted here !..

Comment #11

This is a great thread!.

Being able to give my friend her uniform pants back because I can wear my own again..

Being able to walk up a flight of stairs without my heart pounding..

Sleeping better and only waking up to use the bathroom 15 times because of all the water I'm drinking..

Comment #12

Lol I can totally relate! This is why I have a strictly enforced cut off time for water intake, I stop at about 6 or 7 pm so that by the time I go to bed at 11 the most of it has been umm flushed out and I sleep through the whole night!..

Comment #13

I have only been on this for one week but I don't have headaches anymore and I don't have to feel like taking a nap at 2 p.m. while I still have to be at my office for a few more hours yet...

Comment #14

I cannot wait to reach a point where my jeans arent ruined because of my thighs rubbing together!! Disgusts me that I buy new pants because the bumbles start showing - embarressing!..

Comment #15

1.) bye Bye 7 day Period!.

2.) good buy to the Back fat, thigh rolls, and muffin tops, Double Digit and Double Alphabet Bras (42DD!).

3.) gone are the days of napping and sleeping all night but waking up still tired..

4.) good bye Monthly Reward club to Dairy queen, Hello 5 day a week gym member!.

5.) Good Bye High Blood Pressure.

6.) good bye low self worth.

7.) Good bye to the embrassement of thinking no one will ever love me because I am not worth it because of the way I look. (BTW what the heck was I thinking on that one).

8.) No more sitting down Breaks while shopping.

9.) No more Foot Pain!! I can wear any shoes.

10.) Good bye to the old me, and Hello to the new me who is determine to be healthy and fit for fitness for the rest of my life...

Comment #16

1 - snoring.

2 - not sleeping.

3 - borderline high blood pressure.

And the best so far....

I can easily remove my wedding band and engagement ring!..

Comment #17

1. Migraines (still AMAZED at this one!).

2. Heartburn and heartburn meds..

3. huffing and puffing to reach down and tie my shoes.

4. Lane Bryant..

Comment #18

Ah. Heartburn. I totally forgot about that! An amazing thing of the past for me, too...

Comment #19

Bad skin..

Horrible chainsaw snoring..

Pulling the seat belt allll the way out in the car..

Feeling ashamed and embarrassed just to be. Constant despondency..

Going to a thrift store and not fitting in the very largest men's shirt they had. That was ugly..

The bed was harder, the car was smaller, every day efforts seemed so much larger....

I may not be there yet, but I'm soooo grateful to be here now...

Comment #20

I forgot heartburn, too! As long as I go easy on the raw red bell pepper I don't have heartburn at all...

Comment #21

I can totally relate to so many of these! Especially the difficulty getting up and down off the floor and reaching all of the parts in the shower. A biggie that I was just realizing since I went on plan is that I've not had to use Mylanta at all! I used to wake up at least once a night with horrible indigestion and had to keep the Mylanta on my nightstand..

I know that my family is hoping that my snoring goes away or lightens up significantly...

Comment #22

OH Lots...

1. Having to shop in the non-existant plus sized department at some stores, and shopping at Lane Bryant..

2. Having to shop around to a bunch of stores to find horse show clothes, and not like them, but having to wear them..

3. Showing in a coat even when it is 100 degrees because of how I looked without a coat..

4. Spending a lot of $$ on chiro treatments for my horse becuase of my weight..

5. Getting into the back of my truck feeling like a moose, and being afraid to jump out due to not wanting to get hurt..

6. Sweating all the time in the summer just sitting still..

7. Ugly bras & panties.

8. Getting the look when at the grocery store when buying junkie food..

9. Hearing nasty comments from FIL about my weight issue, but yet the man has his own issues (weight, smoking like a chimney, and drinks LOTS of coffee).

10. Not running from the camera..

Comment #23

Buying clothes because they fit...not because I liked them...

Comment #24

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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