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My first question is Is it worth spending money on Medifast? Hoping for any answer or 2. Second question.. A big congratulations! I am SO happy for you! Enjoy your new life...

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Ye, but... you might wanna make sure and wait for another member to confirm it as I am not confident. Better yet, why don't you call the Medifast guys because they can help better...

Comment #1

Very inspiring! I cannot wait to be at goal. I bet you feel fantastic!..

Comment #2

I am so stinking proud of you! Everytime I read about someone reaching goal it just reaffirms my motivation and drive to just get it done! You are amazing and inspiring!..

Comment #3

I don't really know you Kay- (only in Keurig conversations.

) BUT wow, I am so excited for you!!! Your post gave me goose bumps!! FLY ALL DAY LONG!!!..

Comment #4

I'm very happy for you and your success! I hope you have a fantastic summer! Thanks for sharing your story. I love happy endings..

Comment #5

I am so happy for you. Awesome post, awesome journey, awesome new life ahead!!!!..

Comment #6

Congrats!!! You must feel so great. You should be so proud of yourself!!!..

Comment #7


Kay, I am so proud of you and happy for you!!!..

Comment #8

WOW, absolutely amazing and inspiring. What a wonderful accomplishment, you have changed your life one day at a time. As a newbie, and only on day 2, this gives me the proof that this is possible. You have accomplished an amazing journey and should be so proud of yourself! I know that I am!!!!..

Comment #9

God bless you!! Tears of joy came out of my eyes as I read your post this morning! I am so happy for you! I also whispered a prayer to God for you and your life! Yipppeee!!.

Continued blessings,.


Comment #10

I am SOOOO delighted for you!! What an encouragement as I recommit today.!!.

Be Blessed!.


Comment #11

What a remarkable story and journey, and what a wonderful result in a new "butterfly" you! Congratulations, and thank you for serving as such an inspiration!..

Comment #12

Your thread gave me goosebumps!!! Congratulations, what a huge accomplishment, you are so inspirational to not only me but eveyone who reads these posts!!!!..

Comment #13

Dear Kay,.

Tears of joy are streaming down my face as I write this to you. God Bless you on your fabulous success! I hope to keep you as inspiration on my journey...and to never give up!.



Comment #14

Fantastic news! Congratulations on sticking it out and getting things done. Enjoy your wonderful new life!..

Comment #15

Congratulations! Be happy and live the rest of your life without that extra weight!..

Comment #16

That is amazing!! Congratulations on completing your journey!!! You did it!!!..

Comment #17


Comment #18

Yeah Kay!!.

You have BLESSED yourself! Hmmmm,,, God showed you the path and held your hand on the journey. Many congratulations..


Comment #19

OMG, congratulations seems like not near enough to say for accomplishing this! You are an amazing inspiration to me, I have a lot to lose and am only 2.5weeks in. I'm trusting God for my healing as well!..

Comment #20

"I changed my ticker to the butterfly today.. because today, I am free of my old life.".

I think that says it all! Congrats!..

Comment #21

Wow! Cogratulations, Kay! I'm one of those who is tearing up with happiness for you. Thank you so much for posting and being such an inspiration!..

Comment #22


You're simply amazing..

I love to see stories like this, you have me goosebumps! Living proof that success is yours for the taking if you commit and you've done just that. Enjoy yourself at goal and best wishes during transition!..

Comment #23

So happy for you... and for all of us on this journey... we want what you're having!!..

Comment #24

Awwwwwww....congrats!! What a wonderful post..

Hip Hip Hooray for you!!!.


Comment #25

I just couldn't be any happier for you!.

Fly, Sweet butterfly. FLY!!!!!!!!..

Comment #26

Wonderful!!! You should be in awe of yourself! God bless.........

Comment #27

Enjoy your skinny self! Hope you have many happy healthy years with this new body!..

Comment #28

Wonderful job!!! You should be so proud of your accomplishment!!! I admire your determination and wish you continued success on your journey in transition. I can't imagine how you must be feeling right now. Enjoy every moment!!! You truly deserve it!!..

Comment #29

How wonderful for you! Congratulations! Smiles, Hugs, and major PAT on the back. I wish you much success in t&m. Enjoy and Celebrate the NEW YOU!..

Comment #30

*tears* This really touched my heart! This is my FIRST day on Medifast & this has really stirred my faith & motivation! I am a woman of faith & that special relationship is my peace of mind... Thanks for sharing your testimony & I am certain it is going to boost many people to keep pressing forward!.

Many blessings & congrats to you!!.


Comment #31

Congratulations!! Wow, I am sooooo happy for you! And you motivate me to keep going too!..

Comment #32

Hi Kay,.

I don't know you, but your story is so familiar! Congrats on reaching (and exceeding) your goal! You are an inspiration to us all!..

Comment #33

I am speechless at your weight loss! What an accomplishment...congratulations!!!!..

Comment #34

CONGRATULATIONS on your wonderful achievement!!! Love to read success stories like yours! You worked hard for it...enjoy every minute!!..

Comment #35

Kay I am so very happy for you. You are truly an inspiration. Please stay in touch with us on the boards!..

Comment #36

WOW!!!! Congratulations on your weight loss. Inspires me to think I can reach goal too. Thank You!..

Comment #37

What an inspiration!!!! Congrats!!! Yes, God is good!!! So happy for you!!!..

Comment #38

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Very excited for you and I hope you are celebrating in a big way with jewelry, new clothes, massage, mani/pedi, etc.., etc... You're inspiring!..

Comment #39

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