Is it worth it to start Medifast and join Planet Fitness?

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First question I have is Is it worth it to start Medifast and join Planet Fitness? Thanks in advance for any answer. Second question.. OKmy stuff is on the way...YAY!!!! Now, I am one broke little bunnyfull-time student living off of financial aid and loans. This is not a matter of "you are worth it, so buy what you need"I need to budget the living daylights out of everything that I buy outside of the product to make sure I stay OP and can also pay rent.

I'm taking several units over full-time, and there is no extra allowance for thatso I have to be strict. I will not have a social life, no shoppingetc., but this is important to me. I did end up getting the Ninja on the wootseemed like a valuable tool for the price..

So, gimme your best cheap L & Gs! I wish you could do the three hard-boiled eggs whenever. Figure I'm going to find out who sells the biggest, cheapest cottage cheese tubbut, would like a little variety if possible..

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Yes sir! but you might want to make sure and wait for another member here to confirm this as I am unsure of myself. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the Medifast guys because they can help better...

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I buy a huge bag of spinach at Costco for $3.99 and can get salads out of that for a few weeks and it doesn't go bad... although you would need a Costco membership for $50 a year, so that might not be helpful for you..

I always think things you can buy in bulk are cheaper, like big bags of frozen chicken breasts. You can always cook a whole bunch up at one time then measure out 6oz portions and freeze individually for quick l&g's later..

Stick to the basic proteins and vegetables, cottage cheese is a good idea as well. I buy that at walmart. It's the veggie burgers and pre-cooked, pre-packaged stuff that is more expensive. It will get much easier to shop as well once you figure out the l&g's that you like, I spend very little at the grocery store these days..

Good luck as you get started!!!..

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Wal-Mart is the cheapest place to shop, from what I've seen. By far..

What about egg beaters? Don't know if they'd be on sale or cheap?.

Sometimes broccoli is reasonable, as well. a big ol' head of romaine lettuce is cheap. You could probably get a few salads out of it. I've found, though, that green leaf lettuce (a different kind) goes bad real quick even though it doesn't get moldy. Also, a key is just looking for what's on sale or cheap @ the time..

One idea is to go to a diff. store for produce if you find they have some good deals. Wal-Mart produce doesn't tend to be the best. Cucumbers sometimes aren't bad..

As far as proteins, if you know someone w/ a costco? or sams club card.. - buy a couple bulk items. Or buy a big bag of chicken breasts or bag of low-fat shredded cheese from wal-mart and melt it over veggies...

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This may sound weird, but where do you live? If you are near an Asian community, try going there for fresh veggies. There may be things you aren't familiar with but there are a lot of recognizable items there for cheap. I visit a Korean supermarket and walk out with a head of cauliflower, 3 eggplants, 3 heads of red leaf lettuce, 2 cucumbers, 2 or 3 heads of napa cabbage, green beans, red bell peppers, and asparagus for less than $15. Usually the red/ green leaf lettuce is 3 for $1!!!!..

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Agree with the above - international markets for veggies and Walmart. Target is also a great place if you have one nearby. I can get big bags of frozen chicken breasts or shrimp for around $6 each..

Buy in bulk, and when you see something like chicken or shrimp on sale, stock up & freeze it. Or thats one of the things I do. I watch the sales fliers at all the different grocery chains in my area then hit which ever one is cheapest that week. Buy in season too - those veggies tend to be slightly cheaper...

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Watch the Frozen veggies sale. My local store will run a sale on 10/10 on the store brand. I love green beans and so do my dogs..

I also buy cauliflower & broccolli..

Buy bulk chicken breasts at the stores that are frozen. I buy the family pack sometimes if the prices are under 10.00. Than I cook them or spilt them up into individual servings & freeze..

Use coupons...

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Canned tuna! It is often on sale for less than 1$ a can. I find watching for sales and stocking up is probably the best way to go. The Asian markets are a great suggestion. Also if you live near any produce stores (such as a Produce Junction here in PA) they often have very cheap produce. It isn't always high quality, but the price makes it worth it. You can definitely make it work. I am a student too! It was hard at first, but once you get the hang of it you might be spending less overall!..

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I buy a large bag of chicken ($6) and a large container of salad (10oz - $5). That will last me 4-5 days...most of the time I run out of salad before I run out of chicken. That adds up to about $2.75-$2.20 per day (or less...depending on how long the bag of chicken lasts)!..

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Thanks. These are really great. There's a wonderful Asian market right by my school (that I had forgotten about-so thx for the reminder)I happened to discover it when I was looking for a pork belly for a dish I was cooking for my Chinese Culture class, but I think I can put blinders on.

And grab their yummy veg. I'm taking Mandarin, so it will keep me in the groove (eat Chinesespeak Chinese?). I really try to stay away from Walmartpersonal choice. I love the farmer's markets here. I'm sort of ot sure what to do when they openI usually feel like they are SO worth it, because when I get the fruit and veg there, they for some reason are so satisfying that I eat much lessguess it's the flavor and compact nutrition (??!!???). Really discovered this when my son was living at homehe could eat 4 peaches from the grocers, or he'd have one from the farmer's market and be satisfiedbut, I'm looking at the amount of green (I know I'm not doing fruit) and the since we have to hit quantity, it makes me think I'm back at the grocery store...

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Check out wal mart for the frozen bags of chicken breast and check your local sales for canned tuna in water. Some Wal marts have a grocery store in them called super walmart. Check weekly sales as far as proteins and veggies. Buy on plan veggies that ate in season and take advantage of farmers markets this summer...

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Someone mentioned Canned tuna on sale $10 for 10. Starkist tuna puts out a coupon on their facebook page every friday for 50cents off. If your grocery store doubles coupons, it is really easy to stock up for free. There are OP recipes for Tuna salad...

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While tuna is a great L&G option, please remember that fish with higher fat content like tuna and salmon also have higher levels of mercury. I limit myself to fish two to three times per month...

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Don't know if you have a farmers market near by for veggies. I love to by rotisserie chickens. Usually about $5.00 but I can get several meals from it. I also buy ground turkey and use low sodium taco seasoning. Even my picky eater husband loves that!..

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Not sure where you are? I go to Kroger around 6pm and they cut their sale meat down for final markdown. I usually get nice lean filet dirt cheapthe sirloin kabobslean pork chops, etc. I freeze it right away excpet the kabobs with the veggies-we will have those the day I buy them..

Good luck-.

Laura Lee..

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If you like salad - I would start a small garden - even in a pot... doesn't have to be in the ground. You can grow lettuce, spinach, carrots, etc. in a pretty small space. Buy the seeds for a dollar!..

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Bjourney are there 99 cent only stores in your area?.

Here in Los Angeles the 99 cent stores carry produce..

I have a larger family so I completely understand the need to budget and save where you can.

The garden idea is a good one and clip coupons like crazy...

Comment #16

Nothing more CHEAPER than cheese stix AND SALAD LOL..

Comment #17

I can't believe no one's mentioned ALDI yet!!! By far the cheapest fresh GREEN!!!..

Comment #18

Gosh! Who speaks mandarin? Besides..... ME! It's what I did in the ARMY! It's a fun language. That is so cool!.

Some great replies here to your Original Post....

I buy the large package of frozen chicken breasts from walmart and make them up in the crockpot with a can of low-sodium chicken broth. I shred it then portion it out and freeze it. I make fajitas, stir-fry, buffalo chx salad, etc....there's so much to do with chicken that you won't get bored! Just my $0.02..

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