If you tried either ALLI or Medifast did they work for you?

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Got a quick question: If you tried either ALLI or Medifast did they work for you? Many thanks for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind: I'm a blond yeah yeah yeah... So I didn't order enough food on my last order and my next order has just barely shipped. I have 8 meals left. Not sure how I'm going to make these last for the rest of the week until my order shows up. You'd think i'd have figured out by now how to order enough food to last a month.

150 meals woman! Good grief! So now you see my deliema. Any expert advice on what to do? Should I go to 4 and 2 for 2 days but then what?? Or maybe 3 medifast meals... but again then what? It's my own dumb fault for not ordering enough so I guess I get to suffer for it. So back to my point. I need some advice here..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can answer it..

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Is there a center any place near you? They might sell you some meals in a pinch. Or maybe post and ask if there's anyone in your area who might be able to spot you a few?.

If you can't scrounge up anymore, I would maybe go ahead and call Nutrition Support and see if they have any advice for the best way to stay healthy and not fall out of ketosis, if you can avoid it..

There ARE people who use other brands of shakes and bars in maintenance, and in the T&M section there's a thread about thatthey are NOT equivalent in nutrients, and you need to watch the carbs carefully, but in a pinch, those might help fill some of the gaps, if there are any you can buy locally, and if you do a lot of logging and maybe add a multivitamin, you can try to keep your numbers in check. There have been a lot of threads in the dietician's forum lately about stretching out Medifast on a budget, so maybe look those up, too..

Eta: you could also check on your local craigslista lot of people get Medifast meals off of that...

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I think I would do 3 Medifast meals a day and 3 little LG a day...i think that what they say LOL..

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FWIW: My local center will not sell food to non-center program members under any circumstances. You have to pay their super high program price to get food from them..

To your question, from the Medifast FAQ:.

If you are completely out of Medifast Meals, have three smaller Lean & Green Meals (4 ounces of lean and 3 servings of approved vegetables) and one serving of low-fat or fat-free dairy (e.g., milk, yogurt) each day. Choose dairy products that are about 100 calories per serving and unsweetened or no sugar added (to keep carbohydrates to a minimum)..

If you are running out, but still have a few Medifast Meals left, you can make your Medifast Meals last a little longer by stretching them out and adding another Lean & Green Meal. For example, if you have 10 Medifast Meals left and your order is scheduled to arrive in five days, you can stretch out your Medifast Meals by eating two Medifast Meals and three smaller Lean & Green Meals each day, instead of five Medifast Meals and one full Lean & Green Meal each day...

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Where do yo live ?? I live in Md. so my order gets to me in 2 days....................

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Unfortunately I live in very rural Safford, AZ. I'm 3 hours from Mesa and Tucson. So no center. My orders take at least 5 days to get to me. You'd think if they came from Texas is would only take 2... thats just my thought.

There is one for Mesa and Tucson so I guess I could check those out, but I'd still have to figure out how to get them. I work full time and have school so my travel time is super limited. I'm going to try and have just 2 medimeals and 3 super small LGs. I'm going to try to keep my calories carbs and protiens at the right amount. Hopefully it works.

I feel like a dork. I haven't been showing my brightest colors lately, Steph you know what I'm talking about. Scale Fail!!..

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If you could find something in Phoenix, Mesa or Scottsdale, I could work out a way to pick them up and get them to you if you do find something on Craig's list. I live in Scottsdale and work in Phoenix...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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