Medifast recipe for Iced Tea and cold drinks?

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Any suggestions for making the cold drinks taste good?.


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Have you tried blending in a blender or magic bullet with lots of ice? Maybe a tiny squirt of lemon juice?..

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I could never stand the iced teas until I added some crystal light tea mix and ice and zapping it in the magic bullet for a few minutes...

Comment #2

I just ordered the Peach Ice Tea and was pleasantly surprised. Just blending it with cold water was very tasty...

Comment #3

One of my favorite meals on this is taking the fruit punch and using diet 7-up instead of water. I mix it up the 7-up (in the amount of the recommended water,) add ice and then fill the cup the rest of the way with 7-up. This also works with the other fruit juice but the fruit punch is my favorite...

Comment #4

I like both the Fruit Punch & Cranberry Mango drinks mixed as follows:.

1 pkt of Medifast Fruit Drink.

12-16 oz water.

1 pkt Crystal Lite: any of the lemonade flavors (reg, pink, raspberry).

I found the trick for me to improve the flavor was using more water, the lemonade CL, plus making it as a "slushy". I usually make these ahead. I mix everything together in a water bottle & freeze it. I move it to the refrigerator in the morning so it can begin to thaw. When it has thawed to a slush I will have it for one of my meals. I do it this way so I can take it to work, the stables, or when out running errands. If you don't want to make ahead & freeze, you could blend the ingredients with ice in the blender & make it slushy...

Comment #5

I have a box of the cranberry mango drink and someone on here suggested to mix it w/one cup diet hansen's tangerine lime soda and one cup water and several ice cubes in the blender...This is SOOO yummy! I have been having this every night b/c it has been so hot. It is cool and frothy. Yum.

Something to try...

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