I finally tried the Medifast Eggs this morning?

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...and they were awesome!.

I took JamiKRN's advice and let them sit for 10 minutes before pouring them into the skillet. I added a few grams of low-fat cheddar (and logged it, of course ) and a sprinkle of salt and they were super tasty. If you haven't tried the eggs yet, check them out! I haven't tried them in the microwave, and I won'ttoo many people have said how gross they are that way. The key, apparently, is to let them sit for several minutes before cooking them.

Yum, yum, yum....great breakfast today!..

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I love the eggs too, and they only have 10g of carbs! Woot!..

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Thanks... I have been debating on ordering them. Last night I dreamnt of eggs, cheese and salsa. I have always been a breakfast person so I would love eggs and not have to take away from my L&G. I am going to place an order for eggs and Chocolate Mint bars today!!!!..

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I made an omelette with the eggs yesterday. I used pam, fried a few mushrooms and added a sprinkle of grated cheese. It was delicious! I'm having some more today...

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LOVE the eggs, too. I made an omelette and used 1/2 salsa on top (subtracted that from my veggies for the day, hope that was ok)...

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Man I can't wait to make my next order! so many things they leave out of the variety pack...

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So true, so true....

I love the eggs. I put some salsa or ketchup, and occasionally FF cream cheese on them. Yum!..

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Hi guys, today is the start of my second week and I have lost eight pounds. Went to Costco yesterday and did not even look at any of the usual Sunday samplers. I feel so jazzed. Now having said all that, where can I find some really good Medifast egg recipes. I neeed to doctor it up, so I can eat more of it, because I really do love breakfast.

Thanks for any help..


Comment #7

Thanks for all the great feedback on the eggs. I've been considering trying them, but had a little fear as I love eggs and would hate to make a poor investment. Next order I may just take that chance......

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The eggs are great!! I microwave very carefully. You have to pull them out and stir pretty often and take out early so that they are not rubbery. I take them to work and have them every morning. Lots of Pepper and if at home a few sprinkles of cheese (logged of course)...

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I tried them this morning after reading the post yesterday and I have to say that I was very impressed. I mixed them up and let them sit for 30 min and then cooked them on the stove and they turned out exactly like scrambled eggs. I thought they were great and a really nice change of pace...

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I'm eating them as I type. Not too bad, although I don't think I'll be microwaving them at work any longer - - they kind of stunk the place up a little..

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The eggs are really good, I tried them for the first time the other day. I mixed in some spices before I cooked them. I also added a dash of egg white to them. I made a breakfast "burrito" by using romaine lettuce and it was really good..

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I just got my Medifast order in, and you should have seen me ripping through the boxes trying to get to the scrambled eggs. (I think I should log that as exercise, haha!) I did like everyone else and mixed them up and waited about ten minutes, then cooked them with a little pepper and 2t salsa. Gosh, it was the best! I could eat them every meal. I might not have ordered enough !..

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Speaking off eggs, can I have hard boiled eggs without the yolk as a snack? how do those count? I just started yesterday and wasn't sure..



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Egg whites are part of your Lean. Since you can have 14 egg whites as one lean during the day, you'd just need to decrease your lean accordingly...

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Thanks so much for the info. this plan is actually better than I thought it would be...

Comment #16

Oooooh that sounds good!! I can't wait to place my next order.. I still have tons of stuff I hate from the variety pack though lol...

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