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What do you all suggest - when I run low on my 4-week kit, should I .....

A) order another 4 week kit.

B) custom order individual boxes.

I know the kit is cheaper, but there are some foods I would rather do without, and others I want more of. I think more shakes and less other stuff will help with weight loss?.

What do you think or what have you done??..

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Actually, if you order any combo of four weeks of food, you still get the free shipping deal and 1 free week of food (if you have a coupon code)..

I have custom ordered my own combo of stuff that sounded good to me from the beginning. So I would say, go for it! Get the stuff you like or want to try!..

Comment #1

I prefer to pick and choose my food, so I order individual boxes. I didn't know the free week of food offer was applicable past the first order. Pretty cool!..

Comment #2

It sounds like you prefer some foods over others, so I would definitely custom order individual boxes...

Comment #3

I always just get what I like or what I might want to try........there aren't a lot I dont' care for, but a few..and I know one comes in that free week pack. I think it is worth it to get what you like..


Comment #4

I do the $55 off coupon code with an order of $200 or more. Then I order $255 and get the free shipping for an order over $200. I get to pick all my food as there are some foods I can't have due to allergies..


Comment #5

Could you please tell me about the $55 coupon code? I'm new to the Medifast program. I've only been on it for six days but think it's great...

Comment #6

Do a google search for the discount codes. There are a bunch of them varying in amounts. We are not allowed to post the codes here...

Comment #7

I haven't tried everything yet so I'm not sure what I will do. I think I need to try some of the soups in a crockpot because I really liked the Maryland crab but didn't care for the chicken and wild rice. I also thought the banana shake is kind of gross and the orange creme one is kind of gross but also kind of good, very strange..

Comment #8

Remember, you can only use codes one time.

This thread will more than likely have some deletions soon, as code posting is a no-no here!..

Comment #9

When I first ordered.. I didn't buy the 4 week but a 2 week program. I found out what was included in it from Medifast Chat and then I ordered the other 2 weeks on my own - giving me 4 weeks and my free week. I got almost EVERYTHING that way to try and I got a bit of a discount buying the pre pack 2 week. The free shipping I found was not a biggie as I just ordered another 2 weeks and to me shipping was just under 6 bucks. NOT LIKE OTHER PLACES WHERE SHIPPING IS 14.95 !!! lol..

I like varity and some products you dont get with the pre pack deal LIKE EGGS.. GOTTA HAVE THE EGGS !!!.

Enjoy your Medifast adventure! and have fun!..

Comment #10

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