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Hello. I just started Medifast today and I had the chili. It was awful. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make it taste better. I almost couldn't get past the smell, but I had to make myself do it...I kept thinking 80lbs coming wardrobe after I meet my goal...those things alone helped me choke it down...but any suggestions to make it taste better would help. Thanks alot!!!..

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It does have a vitamin smell but I love the chili! I add cumin, chili powder & garlic powder. It's great with the Medifast crackers crushed in it. Sometimes I add salsa or an oz. or so of ground turkey breast. Some recommend cooking it on the stove for better results!~..

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I make it with FF beef stock, add some canned tomatoes, red pepper, chilli pepper (i like spicy) and just a little chopped onion. It has become one of my favorite meals...

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Don't forget to let it stand for awhile so the beans soften. I didn't know this trick until I read it on this board...

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If you like it spicy I add Frank's Red Hot Sauce. It's fantastic and that along makes it taste better. It really does make a difference to let it sit for a while...

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Cruise the recipe boards, people have some awesome ideas. I like it with some FF Kraft cheddar cheese melted on top, with a dollop of FF sour cream, lots of hot sauce on a bed of finely chooped lettuce. Makes a "taco" salad...

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I think I may just order some chili with my next batch after reading about all these recipes...

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I hate the chili so I did the best thing I could do with it....gave it away to someone who likes it! LOL..

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I absolutely hated it when I first started!!!! The bean and the meat crunchy and blank. I had to force myself to eat it. Now I have it weekly and reorder it every month. I cook it according to the directions when I first wake up (about 5:30). This means to cook it with 4 ounces of water in the microwave for 3 minutes, let it sit for 1 minute, then season and cook again for 1 minute. I add about a Tbsp of chili seasoning (think generously but I just sprinkle until it looks right), maybe a tsp of cayenne pepper and today I added an ounce of cheese (just subtract from lean alotments).

Lunch is usually about noon or so. So it has been stewing in hot water for 6 hours or more. Add a spit of water and nuke it again for 1-2 minutes. Stir and eat! Granted it is not going to win any chili bake-offs but this makes it SOOO much more palatable. And it's easy.

Play with it until you like it. But not all of the foods are for all of the people. Chili may not be for you. Only you can decide...

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I like the chili, and my tip is to make the soups the night before you plan to eat them, stick them in the frig, and when ready to eat, pull them out and microwave or stove heat. I add the tomatoes and chili powder and spices, with a pinch of beef boullion. I find all of the soups much improved with the long soak before, as all the beans, etc get 'real'.


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I hated the chili at first, as well, but now it's one of my favorite lunches. I make three packs at once and divide it into containers to take to work and reheat. I add the water plus and extra cup the night before and leave it in the fridge to soak then I cook it on the stove with some cumin, oregano, beef bullion, salsa and hot sauce. A sprinkling of fat free cheese on top and it's yummy...

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Oh well they said it all..I put the water in and let it sit over the fridg..then I cook it on the stove..adding a bit more water and do it slow...add some salsa.....and a bit of hot sauce...and I like it....Later Prez(Patty)....

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