Help with Medifast Diet orange shake?

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Hi, I tried doing a search but came up with everything but what I was looking for.

I had heard of Orange creme shake with adding Crystal light on the go to it. I did this and it was way too strong and had to add a lot more water.

How much crystal lite do you add? Half of an on the go packet?.

Any help would be appreciated. I can't bake so this is my only option. Thanks =)..

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If I use a Crystal Light, I always use 16 - 20 oz of water. It dilutes the shake but you are still getting it all in...

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I add a half of the lemonade on the go packet. But my first time trying it I started with 1/8 tsp at a time until it tasted they way I like it. I use 8oz of water and 7 - 8 ice cubes...

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Don't know about the Crystal Lite but I use about 8 oz. of diet Orange Crush...

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I just blended an orange shake w/ a vanilla pudding.. yummy!!!..

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I Blend The Orange Shake With 6 Oz Diet Cream Soda And 1/2 Oz Of Ff Cream Cheese- So Creamy & Smooth! Hope You Like It! - I Also Do The Same With All Of The Shakes & Puddings- Linda..

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I add sugar free raspberry gelatin powder to the orange really helps it out. I add only a tbsp or so and 8 oz of pretty good...

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Have you tried to mix the Orange Medifast with the Vanilla Medifast and counting 2 meals. Put one away for another meal time? That would cut thru some of the strong-ness of the orange???.

If you whipped it up with lots of ice and some extra water you could make it like an orange creamsicle and eat it or put it in in a bunch of popsicle trays??? or ice cubes and eat them like popsicles???.

OH YUM... Now you got me hungry!!! LOL.

Just some ideas off the top of my head. I dont drinks the shakesSoy intolerance.


Hugs, Sharon..

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For breakfast I normally have 6 oz of diet orange soda with an orange shake mix and 5-6 icecubes in a blender. But I do mix the raspberry ice tea with crystal lite raspberry ice in 24ounces of COLD water for dance classes. Otherwise, you're right, the crystal lite and Medifast tastes are just too strong for me. YUCK! BUT...those strong tastes are perfect for ice pops. With the warm weather coming on I have a serving freezing for every weekend. I think I only use 12 ouncees of water, with an entire crystal lite 2 go pouch and the fruit punch MF.

Each of my forms holds 3 ounces so ONE SERVING IS 4 POPS!!! It takes me a while to eat 4 of them, which is why I only have them on the weekends...

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