Help for Medifast Diet banana pudding?

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I need help with the banana pudding. I made it and partial froze it and well.......I could not finish it. YUK! What great ideas do you guys have? I searched around but did not find hints on this Medifast product.Thanks!..

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I've used Capella drops - marshmallow and caramel - in my banana pudding. I've also added 1 tsp. of FF instant banana pudding which adds flavor and helps it to set up better. The next time I make it, I'm going to add a little bit of PB2 (I just received my shipment and wow, is is GOOD!!). For the most part, I like banana pudding so I've used these things to enhance the flavor. Good luck with this!..

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My friend Barb- Locarbbarb made the yummiest looking banana bread muffins. She sent me a pix.... Ohhhhh Yummmmm..

That is the recipe she IM'd me... I cannot wait to try them... They looked like they came from a bake shop and Barb said they were very good. Soooo. HTH's...

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How many muffins equals a meal since there are six Medifast meals in there? I would love to make those. Thanks-Jen..

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Hi, I have to admit I like the banana pudding. I make it better with Chocolate syrup from Walden Farms and / or PB2 Yum!!!..

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I was not a fan of the banana pudding either and I found that if I put more water and used a crystal light lemonade single packet in it and shake/blend it up it definately takes on the lemon taste and it's thick and frothy. Actually I am not a big pudding fan, so I make shakes out of the puddings all the time...

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I let it sit in the fridge until it's really cold. Then I take a tsp. of peanut butter and "frost" the top. That way I get a little peanut butter with each bite of pudding. A little Cool Whip Free is also nice on top!!..

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Jen-I think Barb made 6 muffins total = one large muffin per meal. You could make smaller one's and make 12-18 = 2-3 per meal but hers looked like that HUGE muffin you see at bake shops. Oh man, I cannot wait to make these this morning..


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I just made some banana muffins, very close to the recipe above, but I ordered some SF Banana Da Vinci Syrup and used it for some of the liquid and boy are they good!..

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I hated the banana pudding until I tried it with some PB2 and a little squirt of whipped cream on top. Yum!!..

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