Has anyone tried the Medifast Weight Loss Plan?

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First question I got is Has anyone tried the Medifast Weight Loss Plan? Many thanks for any response. Second question of mine... So... I have lost about 30 pounds and I feel great. However, for some reason I don't feel the way I should... I guess I feel like I will never make it to my goal.

Like I can't enjoy my success because I am not at what I want to look like in my head.

Maybe I am just PMSing. Have to try to find something to make me feel good about myself and how far I have come, other than the numbers, because they aren't floating my boat...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

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This week has been a really hard one for me too, especially emotionally with crazy extended family. I don't cheat on this plan, but I have wanted to...a lot. Try to focus on how you feel now. Write about it, bask in it. And then just do it, keep going. You can get to goal.

Concentrate on the victories you have already achieved. You can do it!..

Comment #2

Jess you CAN DO IT! You are halfway there!!! Wanna buddy up since our current weight and goal are so similar?.

Are you afraid of success? I know that when I did this before, I was terrified that I would sabotage myself and not get to goal. I had done that SO many times in the past that I was sure I would do it again. Then when I got to goal, I was afraid to go into transition because I thought I was one meal away from gaining weight again. I finally worked through it, but it took lots of soul searching and reading. Focus on the end goal. If you are unhappy with the way you look now, look back at some old pics from before.

Anyway, hang in there! PM me if you want to be goal buddies. I am going back down to goal and NOTHING is going to stop me..

Best of luck to you...

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There's no doubt, I felt the same way as I lost weight, started to get compliments, and said to myself, it's too early for compliments, I have so much to lose..

Well I'm almost to goal, and I can really appreciate the compliments now and even the negative ones, "don't lose much more"... :-).

It really pays off to stay on plan and work the program. I'm proof. Hang on, hang tough, stay "OP"... It's worth it, believe me!!!.

Happy "OP" Saturday to you!!.


Comment #4

I think many of us have felt that way at one point or another as we are going toward our goal. I can not stress enough how important it is to practice believing in yourself. So much of the weight loss/maintenance success depends on the mental game..

Those of us who have had many previous "failed" attempt to lose/keep it off are especially vulnerable to doubting our abilities to DO IT THIS TIME! We create a self fulfilling prophecy of yet another less than desirable result..

There are many reasons for our attitude challenges. Each of us has our our unique history. We need to believe in ourselves and ride out the discouraging episodes..

Not easy sometimes but:.


Best wishes!..

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What has helped me cope with slow losses or feeling like this process is not going quickly enough, or like I will never make it, is to focus on successes that are in no way related to the scale..

I cannot stress enough the life-changing and affirming value of NSV's. In fact, they are so powerfully motivating for me, I no longer weigh myself daily or weekly - only once a month with my trainer, and only care about body fat percentage and inches lost. Focus on all your success - how are you feeling? Are you more physically capable now? How do the clothes fit? The scale is only one number, and not even the best measure of success since it cannot tell you how much of that number is fluids, bone, muscle, etc. And it cannot measure the infinite joy of being free to move and live your life to the fullest..

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Don't get discouraged! You're doing great. Ride out the mental storm. I had many a day where I just felt it wasn't going to work and/or it wasn't worth the effort. Don't succumb to these thoughts! That's all I can add except that I cheer your success! Ohand one other thingmaybe read something like the Beck Diet Solution. I know it helped me during bad times...

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Thanks so much for all of your replies! I am still in that "funk" but I know I need to stick it out. I have to convince myself that it's not IF I make it to goal then... but rather WHEN I make it to goal. I just think self doubt is surrounding me and making me feel like I will fail, when there is really NO reason to think that. After all, I am half way there already! THanks everyone!..

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Yeah, I feel like you and I'm in the whole "funk" today but I will have lost roughly 200 pounds when I'm dont my weightloss journey and tell me thats a LOT LOL..but take one day at a did good thus far...keep on swimming!..

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