Has anyone tried Medifast is it worth the money to get it?

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First question I have is Has anyone tried Medifast is it worth the money to get it? Thanks for any answer. Second question.. Im having of course my fav..boca burgers with mashed cauliflower and yummo LC herb cheese in the mix..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

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H2Orat - Congrats on the 60 lbs!!.

Sneaky - what do you do to the cauliflower? Everybody raves about the mashed cauli so I will have to try it but what all do you do with it?..

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I think I am going to have boca burgers too.... With Mashed Turnips. I have never tried the mashed turnips. We we shall see...

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Im not a fan of under sea creatures LOL, but hope you enjoy your celebration din dins!..

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Ok this is what I do....since I take it with me at work mainly I use frozen cauliflower and pop it in the mic then take out and take a knife and cut it into little little pieces then take three LC wedges and mix in there while it's still HOT and it melts YUMMO way.....

At home I make like veryone else usually!..

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Mashed turnips? How is that made?.

Also did you try the "baked turnip chips or fries" I guess they are??..

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Krista - I had these a couple days ago. Yummy! I'm so glad I've discovered turnips!..

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Tonight I'm going to try Boca burgers for the first time.

Not sure what I'm doing as a veggie side, probably clear out whatever I've got in my fridge since I'm going to be on vacation for the next couple of days...

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Sounds yummy, thanks, I am going to give it a try..

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I'm also trying to Boca Burgers for the first time. Can anyone tell me how many healthy fats I get with it? I didn't see them listed under any of the meatless options..

Another question (can you tell I'm a newbie), how many laughing cow cheese wedges make up one fat? I have the light swiss and the light blue cheese. I don't see them listed as food options. Maybe I'm missing them..

The cauliflower mashers sound yummy! Now do you take 1.5 cups of whole cauliflower and then mash it or do you actually get 1.5 cups of them mashed?.

I have cauliflower and LC at home so am contimplating having it with my boca burgers...

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Oh, yum, lobster! I think I may treat myself for Easter! I LOVE it!.

We are heading out to a ballgame tonight, I'll bring my Chili Nacho Cheese Puffs and get a diet coke while DS and DH eat hot dogs and popcorn! Oh, well! I'm making myself a salad with chicken breast strips and lite dressing before I leave... maybe I'll treat myself to something other than WF dressing, LOL! I've got some Newman's Own Lighten Up Sesame Ginger, YUM!.

I felt great today, resisted popcorn at the movies (took little DS and two buddies to see RIO, very cute!) Again, enjoyed my trusty and yummy puffs!.


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Hi, Steph! I love cauliflower too! I love making it into rice and tricking myself, LOL!..

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They are under the leanest section, so you get to have 2 HF with it. If you look under the success tools tab you'll find a lot of handy printouts for what is allowed. Here is the link for the meatless options:.


I love love love mashed cauliflower, it is my favorite green of the L&G.

It's 1.5 cups of how you are planning on eating them, so 1.5 cups of them mashed!.

L&C isn't entirely allowed or condemmed on MF, it just really depends on how you personally react to them. Some people like Steph have them EVERY DAY lol and are just fine, others it stalls them or may cause triggers. So try it out and just be very concious of your reactions with it..

Welcome to Medifast and good luck with your weight loss journey!!..

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LOL, you bet your bott0m dollar I do...almost everyday heehee!..

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You get two healthy fats with the boca burgers..(they are bland thats why I eat them with LC on top)..also.

Light LC= 2 wedges -counts a one fat.

Regular=1 wedge-1 fat!.

I USE THE Light..all the time!..

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I just bought a head of cauliflower this week as it was on super sale at the grocery store. I have been hankering for the mashed cauli for so long - tonight it is mine!!! :-D Have some LC too, woo-hoo!!!.

Now what to have as the lean....hmm...?..

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LOL, You will ENJOY it!!! This will always be a STAPLE food for me even once off mf...heehee!.

Who said eating healthier wasnt good?..

Comment #17

Salad and chicken for me tonight. Fast and easy!..

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The Boca Burgers are my favorite! Though, I.


It depends on which ones you have as to what category they fall under. The Meatless Sheet shows the All American FLame Grilled as a Lean - BUT! When I sent my meal to Nutrition Support, and told them I had the All American Flame Grilled - she told me it was considered a Leanest. So, a little contradictory there! I am going with NS, and taking the Leanest option so I can have my two healthy fats!.

I need to know how to make the mashed cauli. I will search the recipes thread..

Tonight for my L&G I am having grilled chicken on a salad. As much as I love the Boca Burgers (and I had them the last two nights) I think they are pretty high in sodium and I am sure I was retaining more water this morning..

Have a good night all!..

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Thank you guys so much! You've been super helpful. I am stoked that light LC two wedges = 1 fat. I was thinking it would only be one. Sooooo glad. Also good to know that I get two fats with boca burgers. I'm expecting one yummy dinner tonight! Can't wait......

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Tonight is Talapia on the George Foreman Grill and summer squash...with lots of water, of course...

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7 ounces of This is a LOT of fish. Can't wait to have 2 healthy fats on that salad later tonight, because I can't even eat one bite more at the moment.....

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The mashed turnips were good. Tasted just like mashed Cauliflower. I cubes it up. Boiled till soft. And mashed. I love the boca burgers.

You're missing out on the lobster tails and crab. You are missing out. Lol...

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Can you hook up a newbie with a similiar list for meat options? I sure would appreciate it...

Comment #24

How does LC fit into MF? I love that stuff!..

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Cheezy Cauliflower sounds yummy, but is it ok to have 3 wedges? With a Boca? My mouth is watering.....

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Ok, so I just read the thread about 2 wedges equalling a fat. That just sounds to decadent, so you can have 4 wedges a day to equal your healthy fat??? I have been enjoying the blue cheese one spread on a celery stick.....

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