Has anyone had success with Medifast?

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My question is Has anyone had success with Medifast? Hoping for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind: In the spirit of improving everyone's Medifast online experience, please share how Medifast could improve the website.....

(For instance, rotate "Community Home" features, "Log Meals" favorites' drag/drop working, etc.).

Please share YOUR suggestions!..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

Comment #1

I wish the My News section had the threads I had posted on most recently and that there was a separate section for Friends' News..

I wish that instead of the featured blog (no offense to anyone who has been featured), it just had the 3 or four most recent blog posts..

I wish that the survey would change weekly and that the results would be visible without having to click..

I wish there were a little box at the bottom with names and icons for everyone who had reached goal that week..

I wish that the MyPlan section would automatically synch to the Support in Motion site, so I could use both websites simultaneously instead of having to choose. Can't we all just be friends?..

Comment #2

Oh yes, and this: HEY MEDIFAST! UPDATE THE HOME PAGE! : ) I'm a little tired of seeing the same Featured Blog, although I'm sure blondierae is a lovely person. Can you please switch them up occasionally? Good grief, I take care of my company's website, so I KNOW it's easy to do...

Comment #3

Actually, I think their tracking system is awesome. I would just love to see a couple improvements:.

1. I would love to see an option to list L&G veggies in either volume (for ex, cups) or weight (grams or oz)..

2. I would love to be able to track the number of condiments..

3. I would love to see links to vegetable conversion (if #1 is not available) and meat lean shrinkage chart...

Comment #4

I would like it if I could change the time stamp, it's always like 3 hours ahead..

I 2nd the finding an easier way to update your ticker status.

Please add condiments and optional snacks to the food logger..

Some way to view all inches lost at the same time instead of having to graph each body part would be nice...

Comment #5

I blogged about this and thank you WREN11 for starting this thread!.

I'd be happy enough if they could:.

1. rotate the success stories.

2. remove outdated stuff like the Happy Afters call for entry!.

3. rotate the survey.

I like the idea of rotating the featured blog. How about making each person's stint as featured blogger last for a month?.

AND I KNOW that it is technological feasible to set your ticker (the line art and the icon) and then have it automatically update when you enter a new weight. THIS IS WORTH Medifast FIGURING OUT, for goodness sakes! I know you can also set the comment line below it to automatically update (for example X Weeks Completed) if you use a standard versus a custom input..

This is a vibrant community that has meant the world to me on my journey. I think, in general, the website is awesome and the tools have been great. I'd just really like to see this site brought up to the level of so many other online support sites I've seen..

Methinks that there won't really be action unless we got an e-mail address and recruited everyone on the site to send an e-mail...perhaps the very same e-mail.....

Comment #6

I'll just say ditto to all of the above, and I'd be very willing to send an email if we find out where it should go, or sign something if that's how it happens..

Thanks for all your thoughts ladies!.


Comment #7

I posted this on ThinHope's blog too - go to the Help Center and fill out a Technical Support ticket. If we all do it, someone, somewhere should get the message!.

Lots of good ideas here!..

Comment #8

There is somewhere on this site where you can change it to Pacific Std time (I did!), tho I couldn't for the life of me tell you where it was just off the top of my head..

Comment #9

I want an app for my droid! I can log all my meals on my Calorie Counter app for Fat Secret on my phone, why not MF??..

Comment #10

1) Automatic update of ticker would really be nice.

2) Easier to attach tickers and whatever to your blog or board post - some kind of button you could push would automatically attach your ticker or your banner or whatever - I've been successful a couple times but it is a pain if I forget to make copies, have to recreate ticker..

3) Would really like to be able to log multiple types of greens - since we require 3 servings, I often have more than one type of vegetable especially in a salad.

4) I guess I don't know this - but for transition and maintenance, I assume I'll need to create my own tracking device?.

5) Would really like a rotating featured blog...there are some amazing people out there in Medifast land - no offense to blondierae she's great..

6) Would like some way to directly see friends' posts rather than searching for them or a notification that a friend posted - then I know if they need support or if I can tap them for support more easily. It would be great if there would be a "my friends" news...

Comment #11

I wish you could edit foods without more easily. Unless this only me I can only edit 1 item at a time and each time I have to log out then log back in!..

Comment #12

Love the suggestions in the above replies..

I'd also like to see the log meals page not check off a L&G item when only a small portion has been included that day, and would like if it recognized a L&G portion or serving was added that wasn't from the Medifast list. And I'd like if features on the pages all worked (editing meal log faves is off, adding videos doesn't work on my page). Getting an Medifast response would be an improvement, of course. I've submitted several tech help requests over several months and get no response..

I'm up for further communication with Medifast on this. UI (user interface) input is super valuable to most sites similar to MF...

Comment #13

I would really like it if when we responded to one of our messages from one of our friends, that the original message they sent would be included in the response. This way, the person who wrote the message can see it. Sometimes, there is a bit of time between message sending and response, so we can forget what was originally sent..

A little off topic, but would love it if they sold premade lean and green meals! It would be very convenient, on occasion, to take with you when you are not home...

Comment #14

Go to My Account at the top of the page. Click on change time zone..

I just figured this out recently LOL......

Comment #15

On your off topic.

I wish they had more things that were not soy based. I have medication I have to take three times a day and it is recommended that I don't take it with soy. Its difficult to find that many meals a day unless I have the same thing all day...

Comment #16

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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