Medifast recipe for Green Chicken Curry...Oatmeal??

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As I slurped my cream of chicken soup, it occurred to me that I might be able to use it to simulate a Thai green chicken curry. Analyzing my usual recipe, I decided that the coconut milk primarily acted as a sweetener and could probably be replaced with Splenda. Thus convinced, I grabbed two packages of cream of chicken soup and began my creation. First I heated a rounded teaspoon of green curry paste in a sauce pan and then added a cup of water and one package of cream of chicken soup. I then added a teaspoon of chicken Better Than Bouillon, some fresh basil leaves, a little fish sauce and soy sauce, and a cut up Japanese eggplant. This is the point where I should have added the second package of soup mix and another cup of water.

Maybe I shouldnt have added it to hot liquid so I check the package to see what I did wrong (yeah, like there are instructions on the package). As you all know, all the dang white packages look alike. It turns out I had grabbed a package of apple cinnamon oatmeal instead of a second package of cream of chicken soup. Not one to waste food, even diet food, I thought Id at least give it a try. You know, it wasnt bad at all.

It made two servings. I will definitely make it again in the future (without the oatmeal) when I need a Thai food fix. And if nothing else, it made for a really good laugh...

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... what fun! It is amazing what we come up with by mistake!..

Comment #1

Thanks for the idea, and the amusing picture of the surprises that come along with experimentation...

Comment #2

This is too funny! I'm going to try it with soup only when I get home LOL...

Comment #3

I do something similar with the chicken rice soup. I add 1/2 tsp green curry paste and 1 TBSP of low fat coconut milk. Let is all rehydrate for a while in the shaker and then cook in a sauce pan. I have also made it is the crockpot in 5 serving batches this way..

Here is how I store the coconut milk to keep it fresh and make it convenient....

I use ice cube trays and measure 1TBSP in each pocket and then freeze. I pop out the cubes as necessary for cooking. I learned this trick when I used to puree foods to make baby food when my daughter was an infant. It works and is very convenient...

Comment #4

Great idea about the coconut milkI never figured out how to use less than a whole can and usually threw it out. I also used to have a problem keeping fresh herbs, such as basil, until I saw a cooking show where they just throw them in the freezer in a zippy bag. Works like a charm. Smells and tastes like you just harvested it from the garden. And it's easier to prepare than fresh as you can crumble the frozen leaves in your hand. I have some cilantro in the freezer too..


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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