Girls, are you insulted by those Medifast commercials?

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Quick question: Girls, are you insulted by those Medifast commercials? Thanks for any answer or 2. Another question I got... I just read on FB that Medifast has reformulated the eggs and added southwest eggs..

Sooooo who is going to be the first guinea pig to try them out??..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

I can't wait to try the Southwestern eggs. They sound yummy!..

Comment #2

Yep I just ordered some my firts eggs ever..

Comment #3

According to FB they are gonna be getting rid of the regular says they are available for a limited time...

Comment #4

I too hope the new regular version of the eggs isn't messed up now, like they did to the pretzels..

The ingredients are a little bit different. The new ones have no milk or soy ingredients, and instead of just egg whites it looks like they have yolks too. New ones have 55 MG of cholesterol instead of 5 MG like the old..

New ones also have less protein, less fiber, and more salt. And a bit more fat and carbs..

Looks like the old ones are still available, but the Facebook page says for a limited time...

Comment #5

Actually, I messed up. The new eggs use egg whites and contain milk and soy..

The new ones also have less cholesterol, more protein, more fiber, less carbs, etc..

So now I gotta try em!..

Comment #6

They are now saying the old eggs will be available indefinitely..

Medifast "Good news! There was a minor miscommunication and the old eggs are available indefinitely! As long as you like them and keep ordering them, we'll keep making them.

Try both and pick your fav!"..

Comment #7


I'm looking forward to trying out the new ones since they are a bit healthier, but I sure do love the old ones...

Comment #8

Glad to hear this. They have so few soy-free options. I would have hated to have them take one away...

Comment #9

They sound really good! I'm not a big fan of the normal eggs and I ordered a whole box before ever trying them :[..

Comment #10

I couldnt imagine they would taste any better than the old eggs LOL..

Comment #11

Just ordered Cannot wait to tryAnything new is exciting !!!..

Comment #12

Getting my next month's worth of food in the mail today, but next month I am definitely going to try both of the new ones!.

*note to self* hide a packet of the "old" eggs so you can compare them..

Comment #13

I ordered both the scrambled eggs and the southwest eggs. The current eggs are "meh"...

Comment #14

I know that I am going to certainly try the southwest scrambled eggs. I did order the regular "old" ones when I put in my order in March and I do like those eggs...

Comment #15

I feel a pretzel fiasco coming on!!! Let the fun begin. I hope the new ones are good but I'm very thankful I'm in maintenance!..

Comment #16

Dont forget they have the SCRAMBLED eggs now too lol...but I guess they had them out before.....

Comment #17

Thank goodness. I think I've committed myself to mostly shakes, but the few recipes I want to mess with include the eggs. With that many recipes out there, it seemed odd that the eggs would go...

Comment #18

Tried the new eggs... they taste nothing like eggs. Actually have no taste at all really. Didn't care much for the texture either compared to the old eggs..

The new eggs are easier to mix (I use a whisk) as nothing really sticks to the whisk..

I'll keep on ordering the old eggs, even if they are a bit less nutritious!..

Comment #19

I really like the Southwestern eggs. Just a little kick and I don't have to use any condiments to make them edible like the plain eggs...

Comment #20

I tried the southwestern eggs today. Cooked them on the stove. I thought the texture was comparable to the old eggs- egg beaterish. Flavor was good- a nice mild green chili flavor. Still needed salt as the old ones did. It is nice to get some flavor without have to use condiments...

Comment #21

I'm hoping they keep the scrambled eggs because they're going to be a lifelong choice for me if they do. I'll try the new ones, and really look forward to the southwest style, but I'm not excited about fluffy eggs. The scrambled eggs were the first food that I liked. Glad to see they're staying on the menu!.

I split the L&G for lunch and add some goodies to omelets for supper and that's a hit at our house. Please don't mess up our supper, Medifast...

Comment #22

Maybe I'll try the southwestern, but definitely sticking with the old eggs for plain...

Comment #23

I tried the "new" original eggs yesterday and all I can say is ICK! They were so bland and didn't cook up as nicely as the old version. I cooked them on the stove. They certainly aren't going to be anything I will order again. I'm happy to hear they are keeping the old versionl.

We all have different tastes and I'm sure many will like the new version but not me..

Now I have to get through those last 6 packets.....sigh..


Comment #24

I think the old version is available only while supplies last..

I am going to try the southwestern with my next order and I will try one box of the new eggs...

Comment #25

According to the Medifast Facebook page, the old eggs will be available indefinitely...

Comment #26

I tried the new eggs today, it's ok. I did add a tbsp of salsa and it made it soo much better...

Comment #27

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