Food you have to buy on Medifast...looks like the only groceries you buy are snacks?

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First question I have is Food you have to buy on Medifast...looks like the only groceries you buy are snacks? Thanks for any comment. Another question on my mind: I have a father who is diabetic and will NOT stop eating food that is very bad for him. Today I give up. Tomorrow, maybe Ill work on it, but today Im finished trying to get him to eat right.

I have small pets, yet I have people who come to my house, either employees or relatives, who WILL NOT close gates, back doors or garage doors. They leave them wide open. I have begged and begged these same people so many times, I'm embarrassed to say it again..

Well, I reached inside myself and found some much needed power! I fired four people this week. I also have padlocked all the yard gates. You cant get in my yard without a key and I moved the cars from the garage to the street side, so you no longer go through the garage entry door to get in the cars. I also removed the garage door openers from the cars. Next, a lock is going on the garage entry door so you will have to have a key..

I cannot tell you how many people refuse to close doors....

Another person, who works for us sometimes, was supposed to be at my house Saturday at 10. She showed up at 12:30 saying something came up. She was hired to help me move some heavy things. I had to have an appointment with those receiving the stuff too. I could not just drop off, so I called and arranged it all beforehand so they would be there to receive. Well, I had to cancel the delivery..

Sunday this same person was supposed to help my mother at 5. She arrived at 8pm. Both times she said she was late, because a person (who asked her to work days AFTER we did) called and needed something..

In the past I shave said nothing. I just took it! Well, as you can see, I have found my power!..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

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Yeah steph whats the deal. are people changing or do I expect too m.


Comment #2

I agree. I was taught to be polite. I have always held my tongue. But there really is no such thing as customer service anymore. And lately I have been getting annoyed at people who make me wait at the grocery store. (Of course I don't show it, I just smile...).

I don't know what happened to common courtesy...

Comment #3

"Be nice" was drilled into me...and not to fight....i now realize this is no way to store up all those strong emotions. when you keep them in they WILL come out somewhere.....

When I hear "be nice" I get enraged...!!!.

And when I do show anger....i get LOTS of negative self talk about how bad I am for having done it. Im working on this big time!..

Comment #4

Wow! You've been dealing with some really sad excuses for "service" people.....I hope things start looking up!!!..

Comment #5

There really is no such thing as "customer service" any more, you would think that in the times we live in these companies and the people that work for them would realize that getting and keeping customers is not going to be that easy anymore...

Comment #6

Happy I totally understand the "be nice" issue, my father was like that, if you were a stranger or someone outside the immediate family he was a marshmellow, never make waves. So much so that when my Mom was in the hospital for the last time, she had developed leukemia and was there for a platelete transfusion, when they started the platelete IV she looked at me and said "something is wrong" then she basically seemed to pass out. What had actually happened was as soon as the iv started the plateletes started clotting and one had gone through her lungs and to her brain and she had a stroke, the nurse was sitting in a chair at the foot of the bed filling out paperwork and couldn't even be bothered to get off her &$# and look at my Mom. I did look at her and was very loudly saying SOMETHING IS WRONG! I could see where her mouth was drooping, I repeated it several times and finally said GET A DOCTOR! The entire time my father was sitting in another chair at the end of the bed telling me to be quiet. I could have easily commited homicide at that moment lol. Lucky for me, due to her health problems over the years, I was very vocal that she get the proper treatment and would NEVER have been quiet in that situation...

Comment #7

Well I hope every one is having a great day!!! My gates are closed!!!!!!!..

Comment #8

Hmmmmm, now tell us how you REALLY feel!!!.

As to you Dad,,,you can't make him do what he should for his health,,al you can do is be there and hope he comes around to doing what he needs to..

Repairmen,,,uggg,,I think this is an issue all over the country. What is even worse than a no show though, is someone who shows and does the job half azzed!.

I work with the public, so I still go for politeness,,,,but sometimes, you just have to get out what you feel!!.

Hang in there,,there will be better days!!..

Comment #9

Good for you happy; we have to be assertive and not settle for careless uncaring people. You and yours are in my prayers and thoughts; may you be blessed with increased strength to continue your caretaking responsibilities...

Comment #10

You still need the work done./, call one of the companies, ask to speak to the owner, only the owner, and if the loser that came to your house was the need to deal with larger companies. Sorry about your prob, but thrilled to see your confidence saoring with the eagles..

Comment #11

I have a problem with being to nice. The other day my hubby REALLY torqued me off. I mean SO mad that I called him a jerk. I never have called him on his behavior. He went off and took off in a huff. I didn't back down.

Today I was in such a rotten mood that I decided to stay home and take a MHD from work. The main reason is that I couldn't deal with seeing my co-worker today. She pushes my buttons and nit picks. I couldnt' deal with her...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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