Favorite Medifast foods to reorder??

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I am just curious what others like to reorder. I am finding myself drawn to most of the drinks, whether it be chai latte, raspberry iced tea, shakes, etc. I of course like to take advantage of the monthly specials, even though it took me several months to realize these specials existed (I was really overwhelmed at first). For me, it is all about convenience, and the drinks seem to really be the easiest thing to deal with while at work. I love most everything Medifast has to offer, except for the minestrone soup and the lemon bars I bought on special. Eek.

I am just in a chatty mood, so I thought I'd ask...

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I am like you with the drinks. I re-order hot cocoa, choc shakes both the appetite suppresant and heart healthy versions, and for work I really like the redi-made. I buy those by the case. I do love the bars but like other folks have found that they are a trigger food for me so I can't have them all the time...

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I love the cappucino, and the chili. Also the cream of brocolli soup. I know not too many people life it, but I adore it for some reason. I love brocoli, maybe thats why? LOL.

And I love the chocolate shakes. Go figure cuz I dont like chocolate...well I guess I do now!.


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I love the eggs! I have an omelet every morning made with them and 1 tbls of salsa. So I always get eggs. I never order the bars nor the snacks. And on the drinks, I tend to go heavy on the chocolate flavors...

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Just placed a small order for 4 boxes of eggs..........I go thru those like crzy!..

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Gotta have my creamy soups, I use em for cooking!!..

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I loved the eggs when they first came out. Now, eh, I still have some left over so I think I will pass on those this month. I ALWAYS order the bars. GOTTA HAVE MY BARS!!!! I only order 4 boxes and when I open the last box I know it's time to reorder. I buy a case of the ready to drink chocolate shakes just for the convenience. A few boxes of the cold drinks so that I can have something to rehydrate with after dance class (3x/week).

I have the hot drinks daily at work so bunch of them. The puddings monthly. And then I just restock for extras on the chili and the shakes. And, yes, whatever is the monthly special that I like I usually stock up. I tend to stock pile since I will be here for 6 more months I think so I'm not worried about the product going to waste.

With the warm weather coming I may go down on the oatmeals and up on the shakes...

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Cocoa, Chocolate shakes, Chocolate bars, Blueberry and Apple Cinn Oatmeals, the Scrambled Eggs....I think that was it for the last order. I like the Beef Veggie Stew and the Chicken Noodle Soup but...ehh...I'd reather have the sweet stuff...

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I am finding that I like having a cappuccino for breakfast every morning (put in about 8 oz of water and 4 oz of coffee). Now, I counted and only have three left, but have enough other food for almost a month. I will have to make sure I get a lot of those. For mid-morning, I usually have either oatmeal or eggs, soup for lunch (tried the minnestrone today - 1st thing I really didn't care for - kind of a bitter taste) I like having pudding or cocoa in the evening when the others here are having their dessert. The rest of the time, I will try recipes, drink shakes or eat a bar if I'm out - doesn't really matter, but I can't live without my cappuccino fix when I get up...

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Great thread!.

I go through different food "jags" so it differs for me, but oatmeal is always a staple for me!.

Another stock-piler here too!.

Think I've got enough for 4 months withour ordering, but I like to get the specials and might as well make it a $200 order so you have the free shipping.

Last order, I got a ton of puddings for dbbthreads famous ice cream recipe which I have every evening!.

Plus, I'm in a crepe mood, so I got more eggs and shakes for those!.

Getting warmer here in Texas, so not as many hot drinks, which I love also..

Only think I won't ever re-order is the chili, other than that, I love it all!!!..

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I have so far ordered the same stuff....

Apple & Cinnamon Oatmeal.

Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal.

Choc. Pudding.


Dutch Choc. Shake.

Van. Shake.

Scrambled Eggs..

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Dutch chocolate shakes are always at the top of my list. I have much more of them then ANY other Medifast food at all times. So quick and painless to make.

Other then that here's my other top three:.

Chicken noodle soup (add bullion).

Chile (add much spices).

Scrambled eggs..

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Okay, how did you find out about these monthly specials??..

Comment #12

Could you post that ice cream recipe again for us newcomers?.

Thanks bunches,.


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My favorite medifast foods:.

*Diabetic chocolate shake- I am not diabetic.

Diabetic PNB Bars.

70 Orange Cream Shake.

Hot Cocoa.


Tomato Cream Soup add some boullion.

Soy Crisps-white cheddar..

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At the top of this page - click on "Shop Online" and then scroll down - on the bottom left you will see "Specials"..


The "Ice Cream" is AWESOME! Put one Medifast Pudding packet, 1 tsp fat free Cream cheese, 1 cup of ice, 1/2 cup water (and Splenda if you want - I don't) into a blender and "vwa-la!".

Hope this helps!..

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