Eggs v/s Medifast Eggs?

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I was wondering, does anyone know how the exchange works? How many real eggs or egg whites do I use to replace the Medifast eggs in Banana Bread recipe? I know that Medifast eggs are not part of L&G and real eggs are. Will this even work? How would I count each bar then, as Medifast meal or L&G? A bit confusing?.

I can't wait to make it!.



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I'm not sure on that ....I do know from the heart doctors that egg beaters are basically egg whites w/coloring and maybe 1 yolk to quite a few whites.....You can maybe see a recipe for egg beaters w/banana bread...think it was on that thread. Likewise you are allowed 14 egg whites a day, that's alot!!!!..

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I think someone said that you could sub 2 Tbsp for Medifast eggs in a recipe and then subtract a little of the water. Of course, it then becomes 1 less Medifast meal and a wee bit of lean...

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I like to use some powdered egg whites in some recipes. It lightens things up and doesn't use any of my Medifast meals..




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Thank you all for your does help to know there are people out there who are ready, willing and able to lend a hand. Good luck to you all!.



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Here are the egg substitution amounts:.

MF eggs = 1/2 c.Eggbeaters = 1/2 c.2 eggs = ~1/2 c.4 egg whites = ~1/2c.When substituting a regular egg product for Medifast eggs in recipes it is often more difficult to count the items properly. For example, the Banana Bread or Bread Bar recipes call for 3 oatmeals, 2 puddings, 1 Medifast scrambled egg to make 6 Medifast meals. Using regular egg products would be 5 Medifast meals & a fractional portion of your Lean. As there is a weekly limit on real eggs, it makes it difficult to measure how many you've eaten..

So, it is just easier to split up a recipe into Medifast meals when you use all Medifast products. Either way you choose, it's good to enter the recipe into Private Foods to keep track when you log your meals.

Hope this helps...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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