Medifast recipe for Easy Chicken?

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I made a really easy chicken recipe today. All I did was to marinate my plain boneless skinless chicken breast in Walden Farms Jersey Sweet Onion salad dressing for 25 minutes and then just baked as usual. It was really good. If you are like me and tired of blah chicken this helps and it was so easy...

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Hey that's a great idea. I haven't had a lot of luck with the Walden stuff. Haven't tried this one though. Will buy it. I am so lucky that I have an amazing low carb store here in LA that has every single product we all talk about, including all the Walden products. I eat chicken a lot and worry about what to marinate it in so I don't add a lot.


Comment #1

Bettina, I love using the WF italian and Oriental dressings as marinades..

Nice to save on the carbs here and there, really adds up..

I got to try the Sweet Onion though. Thanks sunset!.

WF has some pretty good products and then there are some that I had to pour down the sink! LOL..

Comment #2

BT PLEASE tell me what WF products you like. I can get all of them here but the few I tried UGH. I would love to save the calories and carbs (how DO they make this stuff with zero everything?). Did you try the fruit spreads? I am hesitant but would really love to find something to put on the muffins and miss jellies and jams...

Comment #3

I have the strawberry spread and it has more of a jellied cranberry sauce texture and is a tad difficult to spread, but does do the trick for filling in that void. I like to treat myself to using that with the blueberry scones. Very good!.

As for the rest of the WF stuff, I stick to the dressings I listed above and I do like the travel packets of Italian and ranch. Ranch is OK, sorta bland, but then again, it fills the void nicely..

AVOID the honey dijon like the plague, it is horrible!.

The chocolate syrup is good..

Pancake syrup is good but really thin and I don't make pancakes or waffles much as I love the oatmeals as they are for the morning. Just love to use the oatmeals to bake as that makes it so much easier for my work..

Stay away from the scampi and alfredo sauces. Ended up pouring those down the drain. Yuk! Used the alfredo to thicken up the broccoli soup, but then I just started to add a half cup of pureed broccoli or zucchini and that did the trick....and it tasted better than adding the alfredo sauce..

I do not know what makes their products "carb free, calorie free" but I think Judy O emailed them and is waiting for their response.

Hope this helps!..

Comment #4

I haven't tried alot of Walden Farms yet. I have the creamy Italian and the Jersey Sweet Onion. I have ordered the raspberry jelly, Orangeblood said it would work as a substitute for cranberry sauce for thanksgiving. I also ordered the caramel dip, onion dip, a couple salad dressings, pancake syrup, and their blueberry and strawberry syrups. They should be coming this week. I order from they only charge a flat S/H of $4.99. A few years ago there were all kinds of low carb stuff including Walden Farms now I can't find anything where I live...

Comment #5

The Raspberry Spread is just yums, in my opinion. I love it on scones and muffins. It is also rather jelly-like, but it spreads just fine for me...

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