Medifast recipe for Dreamfields Pasta?

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Ok, so I know that pasta is not technically allowed on the plan. I tried the Shirataki Noodles, and did not care for them at all, and I was in the grocery store, and I came across Dreamfields low carb pasta. Their website said that, according to clinical testing, their pasta only has 5 grams of digestible carbs (which IS different from "net carbs"). I was just wondering if anyone else has tried incorperating Dreamfields pasta into their eating plan. Thanks!..

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No, I've written off pasta until T&M - if then. I believe the shiritake 'noodles' are the only ones technically allowed.


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Same here! used to love Dreamfields but sadly, I don't think I will EVER be able to add it back...pasta is an addiction!..

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Here's what Nutrition Support has said about Dreamfields Pasta:.

(I've tried to correct it. Maybe this link will work.)..

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Jim, that link isn't working for me.....

I posed the question earlier (was told no by NS) and also did my own research... it seems the "digestible carbs" effect works on some people but not others. People have tested it by measuring hteir blood sugar rise after eating it and have gotten mixed results.

So I am saving it for maintenance.... I have a bunch of boxes I already bought and will experiment with them AFTER transistion...

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Thanks. I don't know why it didn't work. I just tried to fix it..

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I'm not a huge pasta person, but if you are looking for a good substitute, try spaghetti squash!!..

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There is another pasta, made by Food for Life, called Ezekiel pasta made from sprouted whole grains - no flour. I have used their breads for a long time and plan to try the pasta when I'm in maintenance. Until then - shiratake noodles and spaghetti squash only...

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Rachel, I tried Dreamfields out back in the days of Atkins. I actually went out and bought a blood sugar monitor to see how things went. I knew gals on Atkins who were using it successfully for both the losing and maintaining portions. For me, it spiked my blood sugar, it showed in the numbers. So, for me it had more than 5 digestable carbs..

You don't know how badly I wish I could say differently!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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